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Conservative Senator Mike Duffy, et al, Proactive Disclosure???, one quarter per Senator per line per document TIMES 105

The Public's oversight Rights of taxpayers dollars being spent shouldn't be complicated by an outfit like the Senators of Canada where 105 of them prefer to give out their details, in fiscal years, INDIVIDUALLY.    Or is the optics more in line with how BC Speaker Linda Reid runs roughshod over spending spree documentation... is that how the Speaker of the Senate does it, tooooooo!?

Fourteen Quarters = 3 years and six months
105 Senators all told

Three years of data for these high spending souls where their spending habits, individually, must be clicked on each quarter, proceed to the Senator or Suspended Senator of your choice, click on the file and the same data in each flimsy is provided five different ways in two Official languages (of Canada NOT including RICHMOND BC), without being able to see, at a glance, comparison to previous or current quarters or compared to other Senators.

We know from several sources of auditing for ...... Mike Duffy leaves the reader to wonder ALOUD "is it his declared housing expenses, REAL, or the corrupted version? eh." or are we just waiting for the AUDIT hammer results on ALL Senators.  Will the documents have to be "revisited", RCMP involvement, ... will we discover other contributions made to delinquent repaying Senators to Party faithfuls coffers?   

We only stumbled into this TOPIC because of Harry Bloy being given the heads up by major Senator Supporter Yonah Martin where she lists off something called PROACTIVE DISCLOSURE.... and one is left to guess WHY these reports are prepared by each Senator's Office.  Is the data collected in the same manner as Mike Duffy interpretations / calculations?  Is the data collected in the same fashion, tweaked here, squeezed there, mixing of Senate expenses with REAL time worked for corporations here and there, skipping of direct flights from Ottawa to Home Town Province by stopping over in Toronto so as to attend to REAL Conflicts of Interests as a Director(s)?  Do they excuse themselves from Voting as a DIRECTOR because they are in a Conflict of Interest with their duties/discussions/deliberations as a SENATOR with insider information?  Is there a requirement for Corporations with Sitting Senators REQUIRED to not in their MINUTES that So-And-So Director-Senator didn't vote, didn't partake in offering insider information to the company's discussion to assist in their Triple Bottom Line?

• These reports are prepared by our office as part of the proactive disclosure objective of the national Conservative Caucus - Yonah Martin & for Mike Duffy:
Assumed Office

Fiscal Years broken into Quarterly Expense reports for the Free-Falling Senate Chamber like that of Duffy and three Named others, is helpful to the Public, but wouldn't it be simpler just to create one list, updated every quarter to show just how the spending habits of our Senators activities ties in with their respective Party-Politics-fund-raising-re-unions-babble-gaff-fests "interest"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:

eg.  Duffy

From: 2013/12/01 To: 2014/02/28 DUFFY, HON. MICHAEL 
From: 2013/09/01 To: 2013/11/30 DUFFY, HON. MICHAEL

From: 2013/06/01 To: 2013/08/31 DUFFY, HON. MICHAEL


From: 2013/03/01 To: 2013/05/31 HON. DUFFY, MICHAEL

From: 2012/12/01 To: 2013/02/28 HON. MICHAEL DUFFY
From: 2012/09/01 To: 2012/11/30 HON. MICHAEL DUFFY
From: 2012/06/01 To: 2012/08/31  HON. MICHAEL DUFFY

From: 2012/03/01 To: 2012/05/31  HON. MICHAEL DUFFY
From: 2012/12/01 To: 2012/02/29  HON. MICHAEL DUFFY

From: 2011/09/01 To: 2011/11/30  HON. MICHAEL DUFFY

Five more flimsy to go, gave up, down to                      2010-09-01 / 2010-11-30               

Senator Yonah Martin Proactive Disclosure

In viewing the expense reports published in this section, please note the following:

• These reports are prepared by our office as part of the proactive disclosure objective of the national Conservative Caucus

• For the remainder of this fiscal year: the 1st report includes travel and hospitality for the period of October 17 to November 17, 2013. Subsequent periods of reporting will be October 17 to December 31, 2013 and January 1 to March 31, 2014

• The dollar amounts in the reports will be different from the quarterly reports officially published by Senate Finance( due to the fact that the reporting periods are different from the Senate quarterly reports; and only includes travel and hospitality for that reporting period

• During sitting weeks, Senator Martin's weekly travel is as follows: departure on Sunday red-eye to begin work on Monday; return to Vancouver typically on Thursday evening after the Senate rises, but on occasion, stays until Friday as need arises
• Please note the amounts disclosed after "Other" is the fee that is paid to the travel agency.

These reports are prepared by our office as part of the proactive disclosure objective of the NATIONAL CONSERVATIVE CAUCUS.     May we, the Public expect other Parties will follow suit?   Is the data collected differently by each PARTY. 


To Anonymous 3:17pm Comment:

Andrew Coyne's Editorial broadside of April 16, 2014:
Just because no charges have been laid - against Mr. Wright: Mr. Duffy was given on such assurance - does that mean nothing happened here, or that it wasn't wrong.   The central facts, after all, are not in dispute:  The prime minister's then chief of staff paid the senator $90,000, in secret, in return for his silence about a matter of some embarressment to the government, namely his own falsely claimed expenses.

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Anonymous said...

All of that is the answer to, what the hell's the use.

The Royal Conservative Mounted Police let Wright off his charges. After all, Wright only did aid, abet, cover-up and pay the way for a Senator that was thieving the peoples tax dollars. All the PMO did was, sanitized other thieves expense claims.

There is a Liberal Senator doing time who went to prison, for a much lesser sum thieved. Let us see if these thieves will be thrown in the brig?

Wright got off scot free. I believe Duffy and Wallin will also get away with their thefts. Brazeau and Harb will be the only two, that will likely go to prison. I have already twice won, two $20.00 bets. I will win the next $20.00 bet too.