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Going to the Heart of the Rot in the BC Legislative Assembly expense scandals: Craig James

It's best to let our Google search responses do the writing and talking with an ever so brief starting point of who does control the purse strings if it isn't Finance Minister Mike de Jong.

Who is it that's above all, even you and me; Who tells Speaker Linda Reid that what she is doing is acceptable, what is NOT acceptable.  Who better it to be than one who has traveled far and wide, around the world on HIS own questionable junkets, all done so in the name of KNOWLEDGE.   Should we even delve into his predecessor's spending habits who offered a repayment upon his DEATH......   
"I'm (George MacMinn) not disclosing my basic salary," he said in an interview, though he noted he is paid less than he was when he was clerk. "The remuneration aspect of the thing, as you know, is personal. We don't disclose those things." -  Andrew MacLeod  - The Tyee

How did our last Auditor General, John Doyle, describe the accounting habits of the BC Legislative Assembly.... a shambles... something much stronger.... no way to discover if monies are missing....
"It's supposed to be all off-the-record," he said. (Craig James)

But James said he understands that comments broadcast throughout the building are public and could be reported.

B.C.'s Speaker of the Legislature Bill Barisoff was overheard in the legislature saying Doyle's audit unfairly criticized B.C. politicians.

He said Doyle's audit found that MLAs were not submitting receipts for their expenses, but the receipts were being submitted at later dates.

"We got tagged with a brush here and got painted with, 'no impropriety, couldn't find any,' but the impression was all the members in the B.C. legislature are getting paid all these expenses without receipts and that wasn't the case," said Barisoff.
Rich Coleman???? goes after PHS, went after DERA before.    Millions of taxpayers dollars are being squandered by those who make the rules in British Columbia's Precinct, without an overseer of this guy who controls the EFO aka EXECUTIVE FINANCIAL OFFICER.

Craig James
 Note 10  Speaker Approved Travel

Certain travel expenses require the approval of the Speaker.  Examples include out-of-country travel in connection with specific duties (e.g. Commonwealth Parliamentary Association functions)  and attendance at conferences and other meetings.  Out-of-province / Out-of-country travel expenses incurred by the Speaker are approved by the Executive Financial Officer.



G. Hogg: In terms of the assignment of Bob Faulkner, are we assuming that Bob's review on this and Bob's sign-off on this constitute delegated approval from the Auditor General, or will it go back to the Auditor General as well for a sign-off?

C. James (Clerk of the House): Well, no. The process is this. Bob Faulkner is here as the executive financial officer to oversee the implementation of these recommendations and to report back to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee on the status at each and every meeting that the Legislative Assembly Management Committee has.

So at the end of September there will be another progress report. There will also be a financial report based on the quarterly financial statements that have been published. So this is an internal working document in relation to all of this.

Now, you need to know as well that any material that we're preparing or that I'm preparing, I am sharing with the Auditor General so that he can actually see the progress that is being made. If he is not satisfied with that progress, I want to hear from him so that we can expedite our correct measures.

And of Course AG John Doyle's contract for renewal was .... not settled



Clerk Consultant is George MacMinn

The EFO, aka Executive Financial Officer oversees the spending habits of all MLAs, including the Speaker.  The Speaker doles out perks, free trips in lieu of salaries???? to those who assist as a token of appreciation of their hard work AND Spouses. 

The EFO is a member of the Clerks in the BC Legislative Assembly.

Those Black Robe, white collar, beehive workers, for the Queen, the Speaker, who demand a better quality of life in their business of conveying of information, collecting of data, even going so far to authorized $48,000 being spent on a computer for the Speaker ??? so that they can be kept in the loop of a swirling mass of untraceable (until now) expenses.

Craig James was the go-to-guy to stir up enough controversy in the past four years to last a lifetime.  Why he even went so far as to reject an application to stop the HST by insisting that the document  counting of words included spaces and the elimination of abbreviations, acronyms, just to stall the HST vote, eh.

Now James sits atop, living the high life, the author of Culture of Entitlement at no Expense regulations.

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ron wilton said...

James will pay dearly for his past and present indiscretions.

Hopefully sooner than later before much more damage to the public purse is done.