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February 11, 2014: North Van Court Room to "catch" a glimpse of a Surrey resident's Best Personation of YOU.

Personate:  Having the throat of a bilabiate corolla nearly closed by a projection of the base of the lower lip; masked, as in the flower of the snapdragon

Personate:  Criminal Code bans "personation", but it might not snare Vancouver police officer who pretended he was a scribe - the Straight May 21, 2007

Personate: is a term used in law for the specific kind of voter fraud where an individual votes in an election, whilst pretending to be a different elector.  - Wikipedia (WE CALL IT ROBOCALL)  (Guelph, Ontario et al)
UPDATE February 11th, 2014:  Best Scheduled appearance, a No Show at North Vancouver Court
Not North Vancouver (Captured), Not Surrey (Residence), Not Richmond (Offender)

Vancouver's Downtown East Side Jail House Rock (YES)(but Why). Maybe we should be asking Barinder Sall how he felt, in the limelight with the Media, but not the Public spotlight.  Still thinking of going, then take your bare necessities because the Sheriffs will steal everything, for safe keeping.  Paper, Pen, Person.  That's all.

The Honourable Judge F Howard
Session begins at 9:30am in Vancouver Room 101
222 Main Street @ Powell Street
No Parking
Take Bus
Benjamin Best has had a few allegations lodged against him by the North Vancouver RCMP, File # 2014-1227, not proven in court, but will, in three days time, the day after British Columbia's Family Day holiday.
Charged is 27 year-old Surrey resident, Benjamin Best, with ‘Personation’ under Section 403 of the Criminal Code.

Abbotsford, Coquitlam and Poco, Langley, Surrey, Vancouver, New Westminister, Burnaby, North Vancouver
 If you go to the original source of the image, and zoom in, the images, the printing on the documents, are visible??? recognizable?????
Criminal Code Section 403.(1) Everyone commits an offence who fraudulently personates another person, living or dead, with intent to gain advantage for themselves or another person; with intent to obtain any property or an interest in any property; with intent to cause disadvantage to the person being personated or another person; or with intent to avoid arrest or prosecution or to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice.

There's the small matter of a traffic violation, Rob Ford would know how expensive that can be: Jay-Walking ($109), that raised the concerns of local police which warranted a demand for some identification to be produced.   Best  did, but didn't realize????? that a person's Driver's License is linked into the PRIME BC database where ...... 8 out of 10 adults are listed.    "His" Driver's License didn't match the rented vehicle's ownership records.   Of course it's easy to understand Best's problem, he had over 500 different choices to select from within the Van.

We, the BBC, have had two first hand experiences of facing the Judge:  BC Rail Trial and a Wedding in West Vancouver  and now Tuesday, February 11th is marked as an Alert on our phone so that we may attend to the North Vancouver Court House. - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC- .   There's won't be any Publication Ban, Please no Publication Ban, ...... but there is the common flaw to all Court Houses, the Scheduling is not made public until the day of the main "event".   The Police and the Press know when, where and who of the date, but the timing is way off for the Public to be kept informed.   (Just look back to October 24th of 2010 when the surprise change in Plea by Basi and Virk (now FREE) was known to the Police and Press, but not the Public.  The Police were BANNED from attending the proceedings by the Judge, so why did they show up on the change of Plea day?)

The BC Supreme Court's Schedule of the time at which the Public should be present is posted on the DAY of the proceedings.  You have to be an early bird, a SuperPerson, to make the connections, leaving home to be in Court, to find a seat in the Empty chambers, as a bystander, curious person(s), Press, seeking a way to pass the working/retired days..... to find out if they have had someone practicing Personation against them.   500????, known, current, should be easy.

Today's schedule February 7, 2014 (the IT guys are smart, they use the same file name which overwrites the preceding file name) had 19 individuals ranging from Whistler to North Vancouver (where the offenses took place).   Today, Saturday, the schedule is blank accept for the note from the Sheriff that the Court House is not in session on Friday.   The Tuesday schedule will not be Posted On-Line until the very First minute at which point the court room kicks into operation: 9:00am sharp.

The daily schedule is up for ONE DAY only, then the slate is wiped clean and goes into hibernation until the following morning at 9:00am sharp, except for Friday as noted above.

Still interested in the daily happenings of our Court Services? check out Daily Court List for all of British Columbia.    Note:  Not all communities have a Court House eg.  West Vancouver and Whistler, Squamish, .....

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