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BCR Properties aren't listed "For Sale" in Annual Finance statements to Stone-wall-Todd.

Before rookie Minister of Education Fassbender implements his latest edict, shuttering schools because of low capacity, and mounting Hydro bills, perhaps he should bend the ear of a fellow rookie, Transportation Minister Stone who has proven he knows how to skirt issues on behalf of BC Ferries Executives.  His CEO, Corrigan, was able to justify to the Minister that free-tickets-to-ride on the Fleet in no way compromises the bottom line for the bankrupt system... because the ships are going to their destinations, and back to their home berth, anyway......

"Because we sail at 50 percent capacity, there is really no cost to BC Ferries."  Corrigan

Using zest to cover their mistakes in finances, the BC Liberals are selling off land near the BC Legislature so as to create the image of a real Balance Budget for the first time in four years.  They would  best set aside enough money ($200 million), to fix the sagging, leaking, roof of a building that they attend to for 29 days in a year.  The Legislative Precinct may be running at 1% capacity, but .... to quote Stone's CEO Corrigan   ..... there is really no cost to BC.

There is though, these GREAT quotes from the WayBackMachine on the Fraser Institute's advice to the BC Liberals in early 2001. 

Specific legislation needs to be enacted to ensure that one-time asset
sales are not used to help balance the government's accounts or
undertake new spending initiatives.


Harmonize the Provincial Sales Tax with the GST


Rescind announced increases to the minimum wage and ensure that minimum wages maintain an appropriate relationship with per capita GDP.

Another domain that the Transportation Minister rides herd over is......
BCR Properties.   BCR P, a subsidiary of BC Railway, is playing with what appears to be a "shaved" deck of cards, they're cheating on the Financial statements in their Annual reports to the Government, or, perhaps the BC Liberal has shown BC Railway how to cheat on their Financial Statements to the Public, after all, the politicians are the experts on "Balanced Budgeting".

If, ...... if it wasn't for the interfering, curiousity seeking, Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm looking for answers on the "Why?" to a Constituent(s) concerns, we would have never heard or known about Fort St. John.  We did, and we looked closer and found this:

BCR Properties Ltd. was originally created as an internal department of BC Rail Ltd. to acquire and manage land for railway operating purposes and for use by railway shippers. As the railway grew the real estate operation evolved to have a significant property management and administration function including administration of regulatory compliance on behalf of the railway.

On July 14, 2004 the Provincial Government entered into a long-term partnership for the BC Rail operation with CN Railway Company. As a result, the BCR Properties mandate was changed. The current mandate is to effectively and efficiently dispose of the non-railway related real estate owned by BCR Properties and the British Columbia Railway Company. The strategy is to sell commercial properties at market value through competitive processes. See "Property Search" page.

When BCR Properties say that they are "to effectively and efficiently dispose of Non-Railway related Real Estate" why is it that they are STILL trying to sell off Railway related real estate, owned by the British Columbia Railway Company, through a third party?

Fort St. John has prime real estate complete with railway sidings, and in another instance, a fully functional grain elevator with a five year lease.  No one wants to buy into the deals.  Must be the taint of lawsuits like in Prince George where BCR Properties didn't properly inform a prospective purchaser, so they claimed.   Laila Yuile, has the story (2009) covered regarding an undisclosed  Environmental issue, not proven in Court, that needed to be dealt with.   It's still before the Courts.  Willow Cale Industrial Park??????

Do your remember the name of the Premier who promised British Columbians that we would OWN the Right-of-Way, the Rail beds?   How is has BCR Properties managed to skirt those "God" Given rights?   How does the BC Liberal government manage to separate the rail beds that CN Rail is using from the former rail related property that is posted FOR Sale?   The answer is mere metres.  100 metres to be exact.  If a siding, or other such entity once used by BC Railway is distanced 100 metres from a "continuous line" it's no longer a Right-of-Way.

Honest to "God"!  It's the law, written by the BC Liberals so they COULD sell our rail beds, "legally".

Going back to the Pat Pimm problem.... why has the City of Fort St. John endorsed proposal that would remove a working farm from the ALR when BCR Properties have the perfect property?

BCR Properties:  Property Listings (Non-railway related)

» Industrial Site from 1.98 - 4.01 Acres, Dawson Creek, BC
» Willow Cale Industrial Park , Prince George, BC
» High Exposure Retail/Office , Squamish, BC
» Manufacturing Warehouse Buildings  , Squamish, BC

Dawson Creek, Prince George, Squamish and Squamish (non-railway related)

Fort St. John's Railway related property is being handled by ReMax FOR BCR Properties!

How many unlisted property does  BCR Properties have that the Public can't see on the books but are listed with Real Estate agents with REAL signs:  For Sale?

eg.   BCR Properties Fort St. John Lona Hirtz BCP39567
 LOT 25 Elevator Road PLAN BCP39567 SE Fort St John - RE/MAX ...‎


MLS® 4503628
Area SE Fort St John
Land Size  1.159 acres
Zone M2
Year Built  0000
Legal One LOT 25 S33 T83 R18 W6M BCP39567
Service City water at lot line, Sewer storm, Sanitary sewer, Paved streets, Electricity at lot line
Site Influence Visual Exposure, Rail/Trackage, No Fence, Level Land, Cleared, Airport Nearby

Plan's View

* Above information is from sources believed to be reliable, but should not be relied upon without verification.
RE/MAX Action Realty assumes no responsibility for its accuracy.

BCR Properties Commerical
7.141 acres heavy industrial lot in BCR Subdvision. Storm & sanitary sewer, water to lot line, paved streets, street lights, hydro, natural gas available. A good gravel base on this lot. Schedule B-Enviromental Release and Indemnity Agreement and The Contract of Purchase and Sale Addendum to form part of Contract of Purchase and Sale

Question: Why does BC Railway Company have this expense:  SDM Realty Advisors Ltd. in trust  $475,846.02

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cfvua said...

Large tracts of the other properties owned by BCRail in Fort St John were subdivided and developed by a " friendly" contractor and then sold below cost by local realtors. Under advisement of the highly paid remaining staff at BCRAILproperties. Prior to the giveaway to CN the surrounding proprties were leased to customers to generate rail traffic. Now that most is sold to interests with no rail interest or requirement, large project costs will soar with no marshaling areas available. Ironic in that CN now has a very limited customer base and nowhere to work or expand unless they get the good Mr. Pimm working on the ALR file on their behalf.