Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BC "Borrowing Activity" Eye Test, a perfect 20/12 and 20/13?

Ever wonder,
 if the BC Finance Minister(s),
  ever thinks/thought,
   about using,
     BC Lottery's,
         Billion Dollar,
           Wheel of  Fortune,
             & Roulette,
              Spin .....colour,
               to explain,
                the benefits of,
                 pie charts?
BC Lottery Wheel of Fortune
How to play the Game:

Ignore the "Bankrupt" (white on black) sign.  NOT a Winner

Ignore the "TURN" (black on green).   You want MONEY

Look for the highest dollar amount and take note of it's unique background colour.
You want    Beige  =  4000

Look for the lowest dollar value  and take note of the background colour.
You don't want      Orange/ Purple/Turquoise/Red/Green = 1000


1000 (Orange) shares the same background colour with 2750;   you could get lucky, doubtful

2000 and 3250 same background colour.

This is getting confusing!

To keep everyone on a level playing field, this next part is important.  It is illegal, anywhere in the world, to bait and switch the background colours once the Spin (doctoring) begins.    The highest winning number with it's certified background colour can not be shifted by any means, electronic or otherwise, onto a different colour background which started out at the lowest amount that could be won, other than Bankrupt or Turn.   It's all about chance, isn't it.  The "game" may appear, for all intents and purposes, easy, by using unique colours to keep track of financial information from one Spin to the Next.  ...... year.

The BC Liberals GCPE officers for the Finance Ministry, late of the BC Lottery Corp, and BC Government Caucus office, have started using the discarded Wheel of Fortune for the Government's pie chart displays.

This all makes perfect sense to us.  or as Spock would say... LOGICAL

The GCPE officers may not have intended to use the Wheel of Fortune for their Pie Charts, it just might be that one or two, or more, suffer from Colour Blindness!


Here's two different, but consecutive years of Borrowing Activities, March 31, 2012 and September 30, 2013, the same time frame as the Ten Billion Debt Post.

The Wheel of Fortune... .. these two Pie Charts, 2012 and 2013, appear to use the same colours for each unique Long Term Borrowing by Terms in yrs, but in fact, 1  -  3 yrs have been deleted from 2012 as the lowest Term, while the Spin is happening between the two years to then converting the 4 - 7 yrs category to take over the background colour of the  1  -  3 yrs category that's gone.  The second graph of each year is Long Term Borrowing by Market.  Pac Man style .....   Adds a bit of colour, changes a little colour, delete colours.....  We can hardly wait for 2014 Eye Test!

March 31, 2012

September 30, 2013
How about looking at them side by side?
The background colours are still wrong.
2012 to the Left                       to the Right 2013


Hugh said...

They borrowed $10 billion from 2011 to 2013. At 3% interest, that's $300 million per year in interest. That doesn't include older debt.

North Van's Grumps said...

probably explains why they've never been able to balance their budgets AND have always leaned towards selling off BC Real estate and assets.