Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nigel Wright:Master; Stephen Harper:Puppet; Wright's accomplishments: Duffy, CETA, FIPA; Harper: the Mouth that talks

Thank goodness Nigel Wright was outed by Mike Duffy, otherwise the Canadian public would still be in the dark, but not as much as the sleepy hollow that prime minister of Canada wallows in.

The Public has been looking for believable answers to questions put to the prime minister of Canada of why he was never told about the $90,000 deal.   The many facets of the deal were known to many in the prime minister Office (pmO), by Senators who chose to take directions from Nigel Wright to willingly cover up the expenses, the repayment scheme too.

Nigel Wright!   No wonder prime minister has always seemed aloof, unsafe on major shift changes in the Conservative's election planks, acting???? as though he was the last person on earth to find out about Duffy.   Did he come up with the idea of CETA and  FIPA.

Could it be that the over budgeted F-35 file was orchestrated by Nigel Wright? 

The supersonic stealth snow mobiles.....

Piloted his way through the labyrinth of proper protocols so that Peter MacKay's fishing trip could be extended for two days by using a Canada Arm Forces helicopter?  $16,000

The Two shipyards contracts to build a fictitious fleet of vessels for the Navy and Coast Guard? $38 Billion?

Suggestion of other plots, subterfuge by Nigel Wright and the pmO?
Andrew Coyne:   If only the czar knew.- Vancouver Sun

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Harper mulling China a, massive resource project in our High Arctic? If this is so, why would Harper need a military up there?

Did not Harper sign a deal with, the Communist China Army? Harper wants to force the Enbridge pipeline through as well. Harper knows he is despised. He knows we will fight the Enbridge, right to the last ditch. Perhaps China will guard their pipeline? Petro China did bid to help build the pipeline. China sued for the 200 BC mine jobs. So Communist China is also not welcome in BC.

With Harper's FIPA deal with China? I had read China wants the timber and mines on, Vancouver Island. Didn't Coleman pull treed land out of the ALR on Vancouver Island?

Communist China paid for, 800 hectares at Prince Rupert. Isn't that where China wants to build their LNG plants?

Christy is pulling a Harper. She prorogued Legislature, the same time Harper prorogued Parliament. However, the BC Liberals belong to Harper.

Harper made it *clear*. Harper made it *absolutely* clear. Harper made it *crystal* clear. He had no part in his PMO, paying Duffy's expenses.

Anyone knowing Harper's earlier political days? Harper is pathetically easy to see through if, anyone bothers to look.