Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"It's Blueberry Time" at Onnink's, with a twist ...... we use a salad spinner

We have this Italian friend in West Vancouver who enjoys Onnink's Blueberries just as much as we do.   Every other week we make the trek to Premier Christy Clark's most recent Riding... taking Onnink's Blueberries (30151 Downes Road, Abbotsford @ 604-856-1465) up to Kelowna for the family, and friends, and on the return trip buying more Blueberries for the coast folks.   It's on our way, both times, and petrol for our vehicle is oh so much less expensive in the Fraser Valley than Metro Vancouver .... .

Look on the bright side, ....You get to fill up Twice, once in gas, once in Blueberries.

The West Vancouverite, like us, prefers to rinse the fresh blueberries before zipping them into plastic bags ... and then the freezer.  It's his way of giving them the once over first, allows him to .... sample...... and check for stems, two or three stems in a ten pound box ....... and Sample a few more.......    We don't know if his method of rinsing and drying blueberries is better than ours, but from our point of view, his way is much more tedious than our method.   Maybe it's the Italian thing or because he lives in West Vancouver or because he enjoys making his own bread from dough, grapes caught between his toes for wine...... , but one thing is for sure, he loves taking his time...... it's as if every day is in preparation for retirement, and he's been practicing for the past forty-three years.  No short cuts for him, make each project last all day, if not, then a week.

He takes one large pan that will just about fit into one side of his kitchen double sink, puts one small pan upside down under it so it raise the larger pan flush with the counter top.....fills the pan (the larger one) with water, takes the box of Blueberries out of the Refrigerator and then gently tips the blueberries into the pan..... He then swishes the Blueberries back and forth for two minutes, and finally, drains the water off.

He then looks Left, then Right, goes into the hall bathroom and take's out his Wife's best blue shower towel and dries the blueberries, rolling them back and forth.  He zips them into the freezer bags and it's off to the freezer.

Whereas we, prefer, to use a more sophistic - mechanical method.   Same large pan filled with water with the smaller pan upside down below, same method of placing the box of blueberries in the pan, same swishing of the Blueberries in the pan and THEN we use a Sepp Ritschel strainer or something similar as a measurement of volume of Blueberries destined for the Salad Spinner.   Eight twists of the wrists on the Spinner handle ...... No toweling required.     Done.  Freezer bags, here they come.


The Salad Spinner, works for Okanagan Cherries as well.  Haven't tried the salad spinner with Apricots, definitely not for Peaches, they need slicing.

We can't stress it enough, we prefer to buy locally!


Last year we did a Post on "Blueberries, Blueberries, Blueberries harvested all Summer long" at Onnink's Blueberry Farm.  They have updated their website with a new product, and of course which blueberries are ready.

If you "hover" over their home page at http://onninksblueberryfarm.com/  and wait, not long, you'll see something new that they just introduced two weeks ago:

Blueberry Iced Tea

Our new blueberry iced tea is finally here! After a lot of planning and dedication, we have created a special beverage that is surprisingly, amazingly good. Our super healthy antioxidant drink is refreshingly delicious choice for a warm summers day. Brewed and bottled right here on the farm. Come by the farm and we will have a sample ready for you!

Google Search Criteria:  antioxidant drink Blueberry Iced Tea 

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