Monday, August 19, 2013

Conservative "F-35" Supersonic Stealth Snowmobile, $620,000 Max! Does that include Maintenance fees?

Always on the prowl for a new way to spend Canadian tax dollars, the Stephen Hapless Harperite Conservative Government have virtually self ejected themselves from the Air Force F- 35 Stealth Fighter Jet quagmire program, then dived into the deep end of IceBreaking news for small shipyards in Canada (there was a consideration to have China's Shipyards (proven track record, inexpensive labour) build the hulls and then have armament outfitting in house, in Canada) have re-invented themselves by starting down a new path (two years ago), a deep-powder-military-snow-job-TAKE-II.

The F-35 Stealth Fighter jet was a conglomeration of nine countries, Canada, United States, Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Denmark and Turkey... all fine fellow countries YES, but our's was found to be way over our budget, once the Auditor General took a look at the fine print and noticed the absence, obscene absence of maintenance costs, spread over the short life of each aircraft.

Now, the strategists in the Military Bunkers working in conjunction with Canadian corporations are going after the "F-35" Supersonic Stealth Snowmobile market, targeting the other nine eight seven countries, ..... willing participants all, except Australia.  The money is there, it's just a matter of shifting priorities, defend from the Land, Sea or the ever shifting Ice Land.

A Basic Snowmobile, for example for you and me could be a 2012 Arctic Cat ProCross™ XF1100 Sno Pro with a price tag of   $11,099, with a 12 year Warranty.

Canada, on the other hand, is paying $620,000 for each Prototype from an unnamed source, but their estimating, guesstimating, for a final product line will be costing $500,000, EACH.

The Canadian flag flies proudly from the back of a snowmobile of a Canadian Ranger from the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (1 CRPG) near Eureka, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut in 2008.
 ("flag flies proudly?????".  If  "cottages proudly fly the Canadian flag" or  Fly Your Flag Proudly”, then .....  "$620,000 Supersonic Stealth Snowmobile proudly fly the Canadian flag" ??????)   A "limp" flag would be called a "flagged flag"

How about the question of Maintenance, for this "F-35" Supersonic Stealth Snowmobile?

General qualities of finely tuned military machine:
In general anything in the military that's quieter is going to be advantageous - Noel Paine, Spokesman for Defense Research and Development Canada
Fitting Winter Climatic First name for the Spokesman... Noel, Noel, Noel..... and a Royal Canadian Paine, Paine, Paine

Whether it flies or goes on the sea or anywhere else, if it's quieter it's advantageous to any military.  - Noel Paine

What we have here, and which goes a long way to explain the high cost of just not the Prototype, but the Finish product as well, is a Snowmobile that will fly, go on water, travel over Ice/Snow or anywhere else.

Mud??? and Tundra??? not mentioned.

No Comment from Minister Peter MacKay, he's on a phishing trip.



the salamander said...

.. is it not obvious .. ?

The snow machine has a muffler .. !
P'raps purchased from Canadian Tire.. or Midas
though surely at 5,000 or 50,000 thou a pop

And without a doubt eh ..
along with a Canadian flag.. or flange ..
it bears an Economic Action logo
and the Harper Government brand on its arse end
and runs on diluted bitumen or LNG ..
or driftwood.. or musk ox dung

Ideally it is painted white..
and the true blue loser Harper logos are wee..
and the damn thing can float.. for ten minutes
for North Pole service
or for searching for the North West Passage..
to China ..

(Uh .. in case Stevie and the Royal PMO aint aware
that a walrus already discovered the route ..
and is tweeting the coordinates)

North Van's Grumps said...

Salamnader, poetry, pure poetry. It took me a few times but now I've got it memorized. Are you a relation to Robert Service?

the salamander said...

.. arghh ..

but a fumbly country bumpkin is me ..
compared to the wondrous Robert Service ..

I wish .. for a tich .. of what he had in droves

A simple opinionation I am.. nuttin more
n I swim aginst the current..
of stark n ugly political events,
way far over my head

Eyes wide open seeing ..
Intellect is disbelieving ..

We have a runaway government..
Lac Ottawa .. on fire ..
all of Canada burning...

911 .. 911 ... 911 ..
Is anybody listening .. ?