Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why did Christy Clark delay the firing of Graham Whitmarsh until AFTER the Election... OPTICS!

Back in May of 2012 we wrote a Post based on comparing Adrian Dix's backdating memo to help Glen Clark's government to that of Graham Whitmarsh's assistance to Gordon Campbell on two fronts.    The HST was Whitmarsh's bailout idea for the BC Liberals and the co-author of the bailout for the BC Rail Trial ending so quickly... the infamous Indemnity loop hole.

22 seconds after One O'clock yesterday, someone from OUTSIDE of government asked the Internet to come up with anything related to Graham Whitmarsh.

And of course there was......

22 seconds after Two O'clock the second hit arrived, and kept on arriving.

Google Search Criteria   Graham Whitmarsh News

The BC Liberals gained a lot of ground by reminding the public of Adrian Dix back dating a memo, and the BC NDP neglected to remind the public of an equally damaging Deputy Minister Graham Whitmarsh's HST and the secret key to the Indemnity locked closet which the BC Liberals escaped from, unscathed then and two years later.

If the BC Liberals, Christy Clark, had fired Whitmarsh when she first became Premier in April of 2011, Whitmarsh would have been her, their, Albatross.... but they didn't, they paid Whitmarsh for another years, TWO years of salary, when he should have been thrown out for causing so much Disdain to the "ruling" BC Liberals.

Bad optics, real bad optics.... a sure sign that the majority of the public was right, the BC Liberals were Wrong and the Public only knows NOW that if Whitmarsh was turfed before May 14, 2013 it would be the key to the BC Liberals downfall.

Nice Going Christy!


And for those Conspiracy Blogger Theorists:  (Pacific Gazetteer et al)

Who will do an FOI to determine When Whitmarsh got his Marching orders?

Was he given Three months, Two months, One month notice, or Zero.  He's an OIC appointee.

When was his replacement (Stephen Brown) informed?  Another reason to do a FOI?



Anonymous said...

Your post is simply confusing. It would be useful if you gave readers some information about what you're writing about, other than some insider reference.

Where is the link to confirm and give details about the firing of Whitmarsh?

Please don't be so obscure. It's not clever, it's just bad journalistic form. This kind of writing is very annoying and gives blogging a bad name.

North Van's Grumps said...

Anon, you're new here. Thanks for the tip on how to include Links to current topics.

How long do you think it will take before an FOI is done on Whitmarsh to find out WHEN he was given his Marching orders... in March, perhaps... but no mention of his dismissal before, or during the election. Typical for a guy who was the mastermind behind the intro of the HST. Whitmarsh was told by his Boss, Gordon Campbell, to not update the Finances, or Welfare rates, during the 2009 election.

Whitmarsh KNEW that the Budget for 2009 had tanked, BIG time....and being a faithful soldier, he carried on. That's a first class display of obedience ... forget about TRUTH in government.

All that matters is to get elected... Right