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Vancouver's Shaughnessy 447 Hectares. CPR, same fellow, received 20,000 acres per mile for building a rail line in 1898

Vancouverites know of Shaughnessy old time residences, .... and BIG... mansions.... with a hint of CPR in the midst of it all.

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Shaughnessy is an almost entirely residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, spanning about 447 hectares in a relatively central locale. It is bordered by 16th Avenue to the north, 41st Avenue to the south, Oak Street to the east, and Arbutus Street/West Boulevard to the west. Recent census estimates place its population at 9020, hailing from 2970 households. It was named after Thomas Shaughnessy, 1st Baron Shaughnessy, former president of the Canadian Pacific Railway. - Wikipedia

Then there's Thomas Shaughnessy LAND GRANT, SEC'l'ION 4, Columbia & Western Railway 1902:

BC Liberals granted 20,000 acres per Mile
Summerland and Thomas Shaughnessy

Our man Trutch again helping out Shaughnessy .....  Contract between CPR and BC Government coal harbour terminus of said Railway line with acreage being included as a perk ...... along with property, north and south of False Creek. 

350 Special Collections Historical Photographs - Vancouver Archives along with this on the CPR and upper classes residences.... Search Criteria .... Shaughnessy:
The original townsite continued to develop as the working class and industrial part of the city, while the area west of Granville Street was developed for the more prosperous middle and upper classes. In 1914, the exclusive residential neighbourhood, Shaughnessy Heights was developed from District Lot 542, which had originally been granted to the CPR at the time of the railway line expansion from Port Moody to Vancouver in 1887. - Vancouver City History CPR

Supreme court of Canada involving Thomas Shaughnessy 

Supreme Court of Canada

IDINGTON J.—This is an appeal resting upon section 41 of the "Supreme Court Act" relative to the assessment for taxation of a certain interest which the original appellant was alleged to have had, in 1913, in certain lands in British Columbia.
The original appellant, now dead and represented by present appellant, owned the entire stock of the Columbia and Western Railway Company which had earned a large land subsidy under 59 Vict., ch. 8, of the Statutes of British Columbia and also owned a number of other properties. He, in February, 1898, entered into an agreement with Messrs. Angus and Shaughnessy to sell them these other properties and said stock of said company for the price or consideration of eight hundred thousand dollars and their agreement that the moiety of said land subsidy should be conveyed to him, Heinze, when and how he should direct and the other moiety should be the property of the said company.
The agreement provided by many details for securing the payment of the liabilities of the company and the charges against the said other properties.

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