Friday, June 28, 2013

Reporter Mike Duffy was treated like a conquering Caesar: "Senator! Greetings"

If we were being paid  $500,000 for three years of reporting.... $166,666.66 per year... plus expenses ... wouldn't we have enough in the bank today to cover an overdrawn red carpet account of $90,000 and change .... even before becoming a Senator.  

The tag of "Senator" Mike Duffy started happening 25 years ago (1988), ..... and then four years ago Duffy did become a permanent Senator in 2009, with no reprieve for the taxpayers.  But we have been promised that it will all be explained.

However, it's hard to fathom what with all that money rolling in from the hard work of being a Journalist...., how Nigel thought he would have to ... intercede.

...... Duffy is reporting to work for the first day of his new job as host of Sunday Edition, a Sunday morning newsmagazine produced at CJOH for CTV affiliates. Sunday Edition will debut on several CTV stations, including Kitchener's CKCO-TV (Channel 42, cable 13), on Oct. 2.

There at the door are Douglas Bassett, president and chief executive officer of Baton Broadcasting, the man who OK'd a rumored $500,000 for Duffy's services for the next three years (search for 'Duffy' 1990), (until 1999, the amount ????) and Max Keeping, an old Parliament Hill crony and executive producer of Sunday Edition. A television cameraman and a couple of still photographers are recording the event for posterity.

It's like a receiving line at Rideau Hall, the Governor General's residence.

"Senator! Greetings," Bassett bellows, thrusting out his hand for a shake. "I want you to know we've gone to no trouble to get you here."

DUFFY SMILES , maybe at Bassett's grandstanding in the glow of camera lights; maybe in the knowledge he has achieved something he has dreamed about; maybe at the nickname, The Senator, which veterans of the national press corps have hung on him as much in awe as in jest.  - The Windsor Star [Windsor, Ont] 27 Aug 1988: C1 .......

"I don't know what I'm going for," he told The Star last night. "I hired Peter Mansbridge's accountant and he said 'go for it' ." Rumors put the sum at half a million dollars over three years. - Toronto Star [Toronto, Ont] 21 July 1988: F1.......

If you've grown tired of finding the same results on Duffy.... here's something new, this as of June 27, 2013:

Sources say the search warrants would allow the Mounties to search Duffy's Ottawa-area home and his cottage in P.E.I.

The RCMP is also expected to get a production order to search Duffy's Senate office.

When asked if the RCMP had met with him Thursday, Duffy said: "It would be inappropriate for me to offer any comment."

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