Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Missing in Action" Rich Coleman should forgo his BC Family Day, he took 3 in January.

Little Jack Horner Rich Coleman
Sat in the corner Pullman (BC Rail),
Eating a Christmas pie;
He put in his thumb,
And pulled out a plum,
And said 'What a good boy am I
What's with the sudden disappearance this past week of "five" of Premier Christy Clark's most Trusted  Ministers?   In one great swoop, Rich Coleman abandons his Post and refuses to give out any interviews.  Coleman left without the BC Liberals typical Friday-night-take-out-the-garbage announcement that he wouldn't be available for the "Long" weekend.  No explanation as to his   hiatus  .... hiatuses (plural) to "cloister themselves" for three days, away from the baying Press hounds, and the Public questions.

MLA Rich Coleman took HIS three day weekend celebration of "February 11th", two weeks earlier than anyone else.

Christy Clark's FIRST Family Day is NOT recognized by her buddy Stephen Harper.  His Federal employees have to Work, while others relax.  .......BC Ministers get to relax on Maui Beach.   Cheers!

Typically this type of Missing In Action (MIA) on the part of an individual is associated with too much Stress in one's life...... often caused by the distressed individual himself.   Can we even begin to imagine the pain that he must be suffering at the Executive Council Level (BC Liberal Cabinet)?

One saving grace for Coleman, he has at his fingertips the full weight of the BC Liberal Government Caucus Research department who are particularly fond of creating mischievous partisan websites on BC Taxpayers dimes.... without any Supervision from a Minister.... fancy that.....

Why is it though, that Christy Clark having looked around the MLAs that Gordon Muir Campbell left behind to deal with the fall-out about the HST implementation-without-consultation, only ONE man stepped forward to endorse Christy's Leadership, Race?  Good Old Harry (Bloy)!

Why is it that She couldn't find four other strong voices from the Elected MLAs capable of expressing their own opinions, their own points of view,.......... is that why she had to give Coleman FIVE titles, FIVE seats, at the Executive Council.
Energy Minister Rich Coleman
Gaming Minister Rich Coleman
Housing Minister Rich Coleman
Liquor Minister Rich Coleman
Deputy Premier Rich Coleman
(should that be "Colemen")

Amazing isn't it, that Former Finance Minister Colin Hansen's Not-on-my-Radar is still functioning, because that's the only plausible explanation as to how One Man, One Person, Five Ministers rolled into One, could suddenly drop out of sight....... Must have been the infamous HST Radar, again......... a Titanic moment where all hell breaks loose.   It's either sink or swim!

Researcher: "Where's Rich?"
Boss of Researcher:   He's in a Corner
Researcher: "What's he doing, there?"
Boss of Researcher:  Sitting on a chair
Researcher:   "Which way is he facing?"
Boss of Researcher:    You need to ASK?
Researcher:  "Does he have today's Flood Gate Key!"
Boss of Researcher: Didn't you check his Christmas Pies?

Vancouver/Surrey Casino-Gates,

Was it that ONE instance where "Little Rich Coleman" opened his mouth when he should have bit his tongue on espousing the virtues of  Casino et al. (not Roy-al)?  Instead, he raised his "Plum Thumb" and shouted out loud "'What a good boy am I".

Then with a Wink to Christy, a Smile to Mikey, he turned to the world.  He had been stopped in his tracks, His goals spoiled too, all he had left was speak to the Press.  Damn abomination and inconvenience of meddling municipalities, especially the Council of Surrey.

The little people.


Anonymous said...

Weren't many of the same Liberal Ministers, that backed Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR and the HST, still here to this very day?

Campbell would call in Legislature then, bugger off to another country. Christy doesn't even call in, Legislature at all.

Coleman had to leave. He had to take time off to work on, sticking his head in the sand, much more deeply. That way Coleman can, see no evil, hear no evil nor, speak no more evil.

Gary E said...

I can't help wondering if Coleman set himself up to deflect all the other problems the Libs are having.
It's becoming almost impossible to keep up with everything and when he pulls these stunts most everything gets shuffled out of the lamestream media.
Of course that probably isn't true. It's just that 15 years of downright lying has caught up to them and they are trying everything to keep the slush fund going.

Anonymous said...

Two CBC items help us readjust the lib's image of supposed financial acumen into more of a reality-based mode.

As many expected, here comes another unneeded, whopping, economy-killing Hydro price-gouge after the May election. Just enough inflationary toxicity to suffocate any hope of a provincial recovery.

How's that for being helpful?

As too many predicted, it is now admitted that the lib\Hydro\IPP scam has cost Hydro massive losses (what a shock for lib sheeple!)

Said losses have resulted in another urgent cry for even more massive price hikes. Does anyone recall this working for BC Ferries?

In a fit of party-sanctioned pre-election generosity the libs will allow this ruinous fleecing to be curbed... very slightly. From 30% to ONLY 17%, while changing nothing in terms of underlying causes.