Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Christy's New Years 2013 Resolution: Hockey, Cookies for the Media, Skiing with Branson

It's now one month after Christy Clark made three promises to herself, but addressed it to the Public at large.

Are her promises, true or false, offered in jest or serious?   Was it a photo op without any visible consequences.   Don't forget, it was paid for on Taxpayers dime.

Three New Years Resolutions... ...... the last one is comical, or maybe it's someone trying to be funny.  Christy is now agreeing to go water skiing with Virgin's Branson, and then thirty seconds later, breaks her promise.  No surprise about the latter.

Has she broken the first two?

The first is a family matter and therefore off limits, although, if the New Director of Communications wanted to score a few points.... he would provide a clip or two of a Shut-Out.

The Second indicates, possibly, that the BC Liberals' boss has been bribing the Press.   "Hugs and Cookies"  .......  code words?   The Premier just wants to set the record straight, right, by making sure she isn't leaving any journalist out of the mix.
  1. New Year's message from the Premier by ProvinceofBC 

Who would have guessed that Christy would be promoting a  Trillion Dollars in Natural Glass 20:43 Bark Mark

  1. Liquid Natural Gas -- Seizing a once in a life... by Province of BC 
Funny, the videos are best viewed with the Sound turned OFF. because you can spend more time realizing that her eyes are looking over you left shoulder.... cue cards????? ..... and the way she likes to create a smile, a hint of a squint of mischievousness   and then the big WHEW of another video, 23 per day.

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Anonymous said...

The F.N. have run out of money for their lawsuit, against the Enbridge pipeline. Harper will now force, the dirty Bitumen Enbridge pipeline into BC.

BC citizens are up against some very powerful enemies. Shepard, Harper, big business, Alberta raising money for the BC Liberals. We are up against, Christy's lies and deceitful TV ads. Shepard has, $1 million to keep Christy and the evil Liberals in office.

I would never have thought of saying this? We have to get BC out of, Harper's evil dictatorship. This country isn't Canada anymore anyhow. BC separates or gets swallowed up by Red China.