Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christy Clarks Job Plan: Use of percentages is Misleading

Thanks goes to a visitor to our blog from Japan, who took a trip down memory lane "with" Christy Clark and Jim Shepard (CC4BC).   The visitor was looking at TWO Posts: The more important one of TWO Posts is about Christy Clark's Trip to China with a link to her Jobs Plan.... which to say the least, is MISLEADING when it comes to comparing various regions in British Columbia on the topic of jobs being created. (Source for more data).

The Link that we asked the GCPE aka PAB to fix was/is here.

Populations for the Northeast and the North Coast and Nechako are much smaller than that of Metro Vancouver.....   It could be said that the population of the Lower Mainland exceeds all other regions if they were combined into one.

According to Christy Clark and her various Finance Minister(s), the Northeast, supposedly, is to increase by 1.5% (Google Search for populations in BC's North East)

1,006 new jobs!!!!!!!!

Northeast was home to 67,100 British Columbians in 2008.


32,028 new jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lower Mainland was home to 2,463,700 increasing by 1.3% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

"Demand for workers will grow faster than the labour force in all other regions of British Columbia"  which is fine to say, but there will be more jobs created in the Lower Mainland than any other region.  

Do you want to take your family First, to Vancouver or Surrey or Richmond or Kelowna to live ..... or to you want to leave your family in those communities, and other places, for six to eight months.  Or would you rather spend your time with your young family and Work and Drive (via the Port Mann Bridge)?

There is, of course the factor that was reported recently that Vancouver is the SECOND least affordable place in the WORLD... Hong Kong is the winner.    But, we're being told of the hardships of trying to find a place to put a roof over your head IF you go to the Far North, alone.  What would be like for a family of four?

To quote Christy Clark about her BC Jobs Plan...... it doesn't Work!!!! 
Unfortunately, the link that you've followed doesn't work.

If you're looking to read the BC Jobs Plan – click here

If you're looking to read the stories of British Columbians (like Hailey) who are moving ahead – click here

If you're looking to contribute to a discussion on International Education, Mining, or to offer advice to British Columbians looking for work, please click here or the link in the text.

If you have any concerns please contact the BC Jobs Plan Moderation team.

Google Search Criteria:   demand for workers is growing faster than the labour force
 Christy Clark is right, sort of, the jobs in the North East will grow faster than any other region, but ..... by way of an example, using a car dealership:

If Jim were to sell ONE car in 2011 and in 2012 he sold TWO, he could say he's doubled his sales from the previous year.  He could say that his business is doing great! ...... and this is what the BC Liberals are doing too.  It's known as Spin Doctoring.

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