Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rich Coleman may be remembered for being a Prophet of his own Destruction, as an MLA.

 Quite the fuss, eh, being made by the Public over Rich Coleman's Only KNOWN indiscretion by having gone behind closed doors to seek to advise some Surrey Councillors on the $100,000,000 Casino deal.

He probably does it all the time, but, in this one instance he should have kept far away because the Public Process was going through a Public Hearing where all Parties.... Surrey City Council and the Public get to hear the Pro's and Con's in an Open and Transparent Province.    If at any time the Process stops eg.  the Public Hearing ends; or eg. an Adjournment, the Process stops accepting, stops hearing, stops seeing, stops telegrams, stops phoning, stops flag waving semaphoring, it all comes to a stop so that:

"The general rule is that the Municipal Council cannot consider any information or material after the Public Hearing, since the consideration of new information or receipt by Council could deny other persons the opportunity to be heard in relation to the new information and material.” - page 2 of

"Coleman, has personally intervened with several councillors to pitch the virtues of his project (BC Lottery) and to caution them about the likely fallout if it were turned down.

Now he declared that B.C.’s second city could forget about the Liberals coming back to council with a revised casino proposal. “We don’t have any confidence,” he told the Province newspaper “so we won’t waste time and money.”" - Vaughn Palmer

Here's the Prophet bits, and bobbing:

 "..... B.C.’s second city could forget about the Liberals coming back"

The Liberals won't be coming back to power because of their "deals", the Tables have been turned against them, by their own hands. 

We don't have any confidence

Finally a BC Liberal Minister, speaking for the BC Liberal Party, has come to the realization that the Public doesn't have any confidence in the Government.

Been meaning to do this for a LONG TIME

One last part, when you're happy with the LINK, then Cut and Paste it over top of "Send a Letter".

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Anonymous said...

How to hide good news in plain sight? Send a Letter To The Editor.

This is especially advantageous if the letter appears in only 1 newspaper, nowhere else. And on a Friday.

On 25 Jan (page A15) the Times Colonist, not known to circulate widely off-island, published an email from Good Old Rich Coleman.

The email is not viewable on line. Under his signature is the following about Smart Meters:

"During this time, B.C. Hydro will not install any meter without the home-owner's consent and will work directly with customers to address their individual concerns."

During WHICH time?

"B.C. Hydro will be working with its customers over the next several months to help them understand the benefits of new smart meters prior to final installation."

The BC libs have 15 weeks to go before voters send them packing. The NDP has, apparently, promised a shutdown of smart meter installations.


1/ Why is the BC media reporting that BC Hydro\Corix installers can do whatever they want to change 85,000 meters?

2/ Why, only now has Rich Coleman decided that property rights matter?

Do tell...