Saturday, January 19, 2013

Press Release: "It's a secret." - Liberal Government Caucus office shreds Ben James Directive Memo.

If you haven't read "Long Gone" Vaughn Palmer column today, he's back, reporting on what the NDP plans are for logs (exports).  In the fourth paragraph's last line, there's this nugget:

...trumpeted the Friday morning's press release from the Liberal (government) caucus office: "It's a Secret."

Palmer then leaves that quote lingering in our minds, moves on, without further ado.   We expected that "the Dean" would have jumped all over the source of the Secret press release.   The "Secret" that the Government Caucus is telling Christy Clark to use in her speeches isn't about what the NDP would do with log exports, the "Secret" is why the hell is the Ben James' memo being ignored by the Liberal (Government) Caucus!..... again.   And that's the Secret that the Press should be screaming about, and so should you!

"I take the situation quite seriously," added Ben James, director for government caucus communications. "We're here to represent the B.C. Liberal MLAs, and this is something I don't practise. And it's not something that's happening while I'm here. This is a very serious situation for me."  -  Cassidy Olivier  -  the Province  November 18, 2012

"Standards of Conduct Policy Statement" ....... "Where Ideas Work" on company time for partisan politics

The Attack Ads that have been going on for the past year, were set up by the Government Caucus Research Team with the assistance of a non-OIC-appointee-@-$10,000-a-Month contractor paid from Taxpayers Treasury.  The groupie has proven once again that they apparently don't have a whole brain between them.

They are NOT permitted to use Taxpayers  time to participate in partisan politics.
They are NOT permitted to use Taxpayers Resources to participate in partisan politics.
They are NOT permitted to use Taxpayers Equipment to participate in PARTISAN politics.

And yet.... they do.

Over to Ben James, or has he left already.... because that's what he promised if this nonsense happened again on his watch.     (LegB4Wicket) on Twitter

Liberal Government Caucus Secret
This sort of "presentation", the image above, by the BC Liberals is typically found on THEIR own Website, not on a Government paid website like

Risky Dix website fallout prompts B.C. government memo

B.C. Liberal caucus workers who are paid to spend their days highlighting the efforts of Liberal members of the legislature are being told to keep their noses out of Liberal Party attack ads while on government time.

Liberal caucus spokesman Ben James says caucus workers were reminded Monday their caucus duties do not include doing party work during their day jobs.

James says a caucus-wide note was issued after emails surfaced indicating some members of the Liberal caucus helped produce a Liberal Party website criticizing New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix. - CBC
A suggestion from a Reader......

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Grant G said...

Very lazy by Vaughn Palmer, actually, it was a very purposeful tact Palmer took..

His last 3 columns have been wishy, and washy, and dismissive..

He softly critiques BC Liberal Government ads, he silently muses that the AG can`t be removed that easily..

And as for his log rolling column..

Sheesh, we have mills and specialty builders(read local) crying for logs, exporting whole logs IS a problem and Vaughn pulls a NDP critique.

Thanks for the info