Thursday, January 24, 2013

Port Mann Bridge naming rights goes to Mr. Freezee "Ice Bombers"

News1130 suggested that Christy's provincial government consider using public structures, like the Port Mann Bridge, to earn Royalties, which would go towards reducing the Tolls, by a nickel.

News1130 Recommended names:
    "New Taco Bell Bridge" (NTBB)
    "Jim Pattison Group Bridge" (JPGB) 

Concerned Citizens Four BeeCee:
    "Main Island Liquified Freon"  (MILF)

However, We have a better idea, based on the short history of the bridge's encounter with two sessions of frozen slush..... in one Winter....   First Place finisher:

Mr. Freezee Ice Bombs Bridge


If you are believers that the BC Liberals have been past champions of sound financial judgements of our resources, and tax dollars, where on one hand (Campbell's) told us the BC Liberals would weather the 2008 storm of Sub Prime Mortgages, which DID affect all other governments world wide.....  and "it didn't happen here in British Columbia......" LOL!    Then you must be the same ones who are thinking of converting to Christy Clark's Party....BC Liberal is so passe`.

The recent batch of advertising that is saying any downturn in the economy for North America will be stopped dead in it's tracks before it tries to encroach on BC soil.     The symbol being used is a Dominoe where it mysteriously comes to a complete STOP as though it hit a concrete wall.

Is that how you remember playing Dominoes, or did you call your fellow players CHEATS?

The BC Liberals are CHEATS, twice over.  One because they are using Taxpayers money to bankroll the BC Liberal Party.   Two, Dominoe Advertising is nothing more than a subliminal message taking advantage of Seniors.   As children they were "bombarded" with the first tooth paste commercials on tooth decay.  A tall, squeaky clean, WHITE tooth...(as if it were a BC Liberal Dominoe), stops the bad guys from ruining their White Knight pristine teeth.....     The toothpaste company's Secret weapon was Pepsodent's Irium:

 It was advertised for its purported properties fighting tooth decay, attributed in advertisements to the supposed ingredient Irium. Irium is another word for sodium lauryl sulfate, an inexpensive ionic surfactant. However, in a 1994 speech, then-FCC chairman Reed Hundt claimed that the "Irium" mentioned in Pepsodent advertisements "didn't exist".

This Graph source is the handiwork of Three Four BC Liberal Finance Ministers:

Taylor, Hansen, Falcon and de Jong

If you think that the BC Liberal Deficit for this coming Fiscal Year (2013/2014) is about to disappear naturally..... , guess again because (2014/2015) is going to be four times worse, and worse.  If the BC Liberals can't control spending (think bogus partisan advertising) for this coming Fiscal Year, how do they expect to do if for the NEXT four years?

NVG's BBC & Laila 

If public property, buildings, bridges, tunnels, highways, BC Ferries, Legislature is up for grabs, whats next, Mount Robson!


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