Thursday, January 31, 2013

Every BC Riding that voted for the abolition of the HST, is a lost Riding for the BC Liberals,

From an earlier Post on the Results of the HST

What appears to have happened, is that voters split the BC Liberals' support, right down the middle!.....on the topic of the HST.

24 BC Liberal Ridings voted FOR the HST

25 BC Liberal Ridings voted Against the HST

34  NDP Ridings out of 34 Ridings voted  Against HST

Every Riding during the HST Initiative, had to have 10%, which in turn generated the Referendum on the Harmonized Sales Tax.

Premier Gordon Campbell, without the advice of the Executive Council, without polling his Caucus MLA's, decided on his own, that "50% +1"would be sufficient to kill the HST.

If the BC Liberals are still thinking that they have a chance of winning the upcoming election, they just might have forgotten about the oft quoted Finance Hansen take on the HST:  "Not On My Radar"

Voters of British Columbia haven't forgotten about the HST, the anger against the BC Liberals is there.   It doesn't take rocket science to realize that Half of the BC Liberal Ridings are up for grabs just by looking at the Voter Turn-out to kill the HST!

Somehow the CC4BC folk think that those who voted to get rid of the HST have now changed their minds.   CC4BC also believe that the majority of the Public has forgiven the BC Liberals for their indiscretions of the past.   The BC Liberals have learned their lesson not to break promises.

CC4BC is the 1%, and they don't have the majority in every Riding because the "other" Ridings are reserved for the 99%.

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Anonymous said...

The citizens of BC, did say no to the HST, in no uncertain terms.

That we would save bundles of money, promised by big businesses and Campbell, for their HST savings? I'm still waiting for that money? Businesses, jacked up their prices even higher.

We knew Campbell the corrupt, thieving, lying, deceiver far too well for that. BC people saving by the HST, my @$$. This was an out and out blatant lie, right from day one, as we knew and said it would be. We know, who else was drooling at the mouth, for BC's HST too.

The sellout of Canada to China, began in BC, with Campbell and Harper. Christy Clark also supports Harper's, bringing cheap Chines labor, to take the BC mining jobs.

All of that and, the HST? The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, will have a hell of a hard time, winning this upcoming election. Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too. BC citizens will be watching. There are already, lies and dirty tactics at work.