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Chairman MLA Eric Foster: As to that small matter of Auditor General John Doyle's starting / ending date....

By leave, the Hon. M. de Jong moved--
That the Legislative Assembly appoint Mr. Errol Price as the Acting Auditor General for the Province of British Columbia pursuant to section 7 of the Auditor General Act, effective from June 2, 2007 until the date when Mr. John Doyle is able to commence his official duties as Auditor General.
Motion agreed to.  

Chairman Foster doesn't even remember that fellow BC Liberal MLA, Mike de Jong, made the above motion.....on  Thursday, May 31, 2007
The stupidest of the stupid. A complete dumbass, one whose Intelligence Quotient does not surpass that of the average rock

As Chairman, Eric Foster would be the first to be apprised of Auditor General John Doyle's intention to seek a second term, and as such, the AG would have had to notify the "committee" at least six months before the end of his term.  There appears to be some..... discrepancy .... on that ending date that needs to be clarified.
"....the termination date. The legislature and the committee say it is in May, the anniversary of the appointment, while Doyle holds that it is October, the anniversary of when he started work. ..." - Les Leyne - Times Colonist

MLA Eric Foster won his foot race to be the MLA for his Riding on May 12, 2009, but he had to wait until June 8, 2009, when he swore his Oath.    He didn't go "to work" in the Legislature until August 25, 2009.   Over five months from when the Provincial Election was held, to taking his Seat in the Legislature.

List of all B.C. Auditors General

Auditor GeneralAppointment DateDeparture Date
John Doyle, MAcc, FCAOctober 29, 2007--
Errol Price, FCA, CMCJune 4, 2007October 28, 2007
Arn Van Iersel, FCGAJune 7, 2006June 1, 2007
Wayne Strelioff, FCAMarch 1, 2000May 2, 2006
George L. Morfitt, FCAJanuary 1, 1988January 1, 2000
Robert J. Hayward, CAJanuary 1, 1986January 1, 1988
Erma P. Morrison, FCASeptember 1, 1977,January 1, 1986
William AllisonApril 1, 1913January 1, 1917
John A. AndersonDecember 1, 1900April 1, 1913
James McBride SmithJanuary 1, 1880January 1, 1900
John J. Austin^January 1, 1879January 1, 1880
W.C. Berkely^^March 4, 1973January 1, 1878
Thomas R. Holmes^September 1, 1871February 1, 1873
Robert KerAugust 31, 1861September 1, 187

That's been the part of the BC Liberals' buffoonery that is being circulated by Chairman Eric Foster.

On one hand Chairman Eric Foster, or one of his two outgoing, not standing for re-election, cohorts, wants to terminate AG John Doyle in May, whereas AG John Doyle sees the end of the Six Year Term in October....... with the difference being FIVE Months.  

Did Chairman Eric Foster receive the Application for reconsideration of a second term of six years from AG John Doyle six months before May, or will Chairman Mao Foster be accepting an application six months before October?

Six months prior to May 2013 is November of 2012.

Six months prior to October 2013 is May of 2013.    .... just in time for debating the not-on-my-radar issue during an election.

It would be apparent, to anyone, that the person who presented the Oath of Office to the future Auditor General would know on which particular date that happened, and probably kept track of the mundane part of which day the AG designate would take up permanent residence in the Auditor General's office in British Columbia.

(4) The Legislative Assembly must not appoint a person under subsection (2) who has not previously been appointed Auditor General, unless the committee unanimously recommends the appointment of the person.
(5) The Legislative Assembly must not appoint an Auditor General for a second term under subsection (2) unless
(a) the Auditor General notifies the committee at least 6 months before the end of the first term that he or she wishes to be considered for reappointment, and
(b) the committee unanimously recommends the reappointment within 60 days of being notified by the Auditor General under paragraph (a).

 One dissenting vote, or three dissenting votes from the BC Liberals MLAs and John Doyle ends up being ..... the winner in popularity.  Mr. Doyle isn't doing his job to win Brownie points nor is he doing it to be Popular with the Legislature or the Public.  He's doing exactly what he swore to do, during his Oath, in August of 2007.


The BC Liberal designated Chairman of the Selection Committee to Appoint the Auditor General of British Columbia needs to read Hansard to discover the timing of the proper steps to be taken.

The AG wasn't sworn in until Late August of 2007.

He told the Legislature that he wouldn't be available until October, and the Legislature were looking FORWARD to the moment.


MONDAY, MAY 28, 2007
Afternoon Sitting

Volume 21, Number


           R. Fleming: I move:
[That the Legislative Assembly appoint Mr. John Doyle as the Auditor General for the Province of British Columbia pursuant to the Auditor General Act (SBC 2003 c. 2).]
           Motion approved.


 Oath of office

3  Before assuming office, the Auditor General or acting Auditor General must take an oath before the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly to exercise the powers and perform the duties of the Auditor General faithfully and impartially.

 August 27, 2007
VICTORIA – This morning, John Doyle was sworn in as Auditor General of British Columbia. The oath of office was administered by E. George MacMinn, QC, Clerk of the House.

On May 28, 2007, the Legislative Assembly approved the unanimous choice of the all-party Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts to appoint Mr. Doyle, currently Deputy Auditor General for the State of Western Australia.

Following the brief swearing-in ceremony, Mr. Doyle said: “It is an enormous privilege to be appointed the province's new Auditor General, and I look forward to taking up my duties in October.”  “We are delighted that John will be assuming his duties soon and have every confidence that he will work collaboratively with the public accounts committee,” added committee chair Rob Fleming, who attended the ceremony on behalf of committee members.

The Auditor General is an independent statutory officer of the Legislative Assembly, with the responsibility for ensuring financial accountability within the provincial public sector.

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