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Open Information allows the BC Government's to air their opinion-editorials, all 406 of them. One Minister says they've planted 6 billion trees by 2008!

For instance, all of the George Abbott's Letters to the Editors while he has been the Minister of Health and/or Education, during these trying times of negotiations.  Most times, negotiations are kept away from the public's prying eyes, but not this year.

Gordon Campbell has a couple of pages on Opinion-Editorials.... Why the HST, why the HST now

Christy Clark, why of course.... Personnel changes in the Premier's Office, but then John Les steps in for her in these Op-Ed pieces, just like when she's in the Legislature, which is a carry-over from her refusing to participate in discussions when she was running as an MLA in Vancouver-Point Grey.

Ninth one down is her stint as the Education Minister..... where she introduced this:
Starting this fall, the legislation gives every child in our public education system the right to choose which school he or she will attend. Students in a catchment area will have first priority, but students will have the right to attend whichever school best meets their needs, as long as space is available.
And now parents drive their children to school instead of encouraging their children to walk to the nearest school.  Exercise, exercise......

Rich Coleman on Mountain Pine Beetle Emergency, and on the topic of Reforestation...... MLA Coleman claimed that in 2008 his government had planted their  SIX BILLIONTH TREE now where did the Auditor General leave his report on Forestry?   In Man days, and BC's terrain, it would take Four Million of those Man days to plant six billion trees.  That means, if, the planters worked 365 days a year it would keep close to 11,000 workers busy, but of course the weather plays a major factor and a need for the ideal planting season too.....  Six billion eh, back in 2008, its now three years later which means the BC Government must have planted.....close to Three billion more.

First, we do have a green plan for our forests.  Each year in British Columbia, less than one per cent of our forests are harvested.  For 20 years, forest companies have had a legal obligation to reforest what they cut.  And in 2008, we’ll be celebrating the planting of our six billionth tree – that’s almost one tree for every person on this earth.

Kevin Falcon Minister of State for Deregulation



Bill Bennett but the silly search engine in Open Information found something quite different.

 It is hard to believe how much the world has changed since this time last year. A year ago the price of gas was between $1.05-1.10. Today it’s 80 to 85 cents. - Gordon Campbell 2008

And the price of gas three years later is $1.41!

Monday, February 27, 2012

BC Government's Open Information website only needs an "OpenRoad" to find this

Looking for selective information in the BC Government's haystack is like trying to find that needle.

For instance, its far easier to search for one magical word, but just what is it?   Multiple of words used in Google works just fine, but in the Open Information format, forget it.. eg "other supplies for the fiscal year ended march 31" results in ONE hit.  In all the data, that is ours' to look at, "other supplies" shows up once under Christy Clark's steady hand...... or rather Kevin Falcon's steady hand.

I went for OpenRoad because they stated quite clearly on their website who they have worked for.  The result is four hits, I went with the last one:

[text/plain] "Other Supplies for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2011" ...
... LTD.,"557,896.00", OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS,"115,880.00", OPEN TEXT

There are 4968 lines in the Excel Spread Sheet that total $7,625,997,652.00 for one Fiscal year

Other Supplies????  What's squirreled away that Covers just SUPPLIES!

I decided to sort the above Excel info via the MOST expensive bills that Finance Minister Kevin Falcon spent on our behalf for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2011.  Can't really lay the blame for all this spending at the feet of former Finance Minister Colin Hansen because we know that his answer would be...."Not on my Radar".

Under the former Finance Minister control though, Colin Hansen constantly stood up in the Legislature and crowed about how the Sea to Sky Highway was only going to cost taxpayers $600 million, and then in this Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2011 the public gets nailed with a $63 MILLION dollar bill, AND we will get nailed $63 Million dollars every year, for the next Twenty-Five years, until the total cost ...... sounds like another one of those DEFERRAL bookkeeping accounts.... that the BC Liberals like to use all of the time, to make their accounts look OH-SO Good.

I could have used any "Supplier" to search the database, but I'd never really considered other phrases like    RIGHT OF WAY COMPENSATION or SEA TO SKY HIGHWAY INVESTMENT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP or SEVERANCE SETTLEMENTS as being listed, or simply typing in FUNERAL.

Or about this one   PUBLIC DEBT SERVICING COSTS..... over $2 Billion.   The Severance Settlements during Gordon Campbell's watch.... over $18 Million.   Christy Clark takes over and her tally for a new regime of foot soldiers to tend to her needs $2.4 Millon and climbing almost monthly with the loss of Chris Olsen and replaced with two from the Conservative Government.

As to Right of Way Compensation, is that for the lucky property owners that stood in the way of the new South Fraser Connector?

Premier Christy Clark constantly talks that under her watch taxes will not go up.  Just who does she think has been paying the taxes during the past year while Victoria is burning through our tax dollars?

The end of the next Fiscal years is just over a Month away........ will it take till JUST before the next Provincial election to discover just how badly the BC Liberals have been working AND will it be even more difficult to discover?

Laila Yuile last year gave us the heads up on the Shadow Toll on the Sea to Sky Highway. Now we know its costing us over $63 million per year. The Road Counters embedded in the road are not visible to British Columbians, but every other highway is....... and now we know why.
Post Script:  For the Fiscal Year ending 2010


The debt servicing costs has gone UP in 2011 by close to $18 million

To access this Excel file you need to have the latest in software.... its almost like the BC Government really want Families First  to spend their hard earned monies not on keeping tabs on the BC Liberals.



Compare the above to this Earlier Post of mine.

 BC Government has (future) Contractual Obligations on the Sea to Sky Highway. We were told it wasn't a penny more than $600 million, but its actually $1.016 Billion and counting!

  Public Accounts 2008/2009 stated that 2010 would cost British Columbians $76 million, 2011 = $51 million, 2012 = $ 52 million

The numbers are way out of whack and if Teachers and other Public Sector contracts are supposed to be held at Net Zero why are private contractors, the pet projects of the BC Liberals P3 agreements not hindered by the same iron fisted rule?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Now that you mention it, I did receive two early morning phone calls from the USA on May 2, 2011

MPs on both sides of the House are asking the public to check their telephone bills for any odd phone calls.

I checked mine and there were two phone calls seven minutes apart.... I betcha the first one was to check to see if I was home, the second was to send me a FAX.  Damn those advertising blurbs that Telus can't stop because they're from across the border.

Do check your phone bills.  We'll nail these guys who have messed with our democratic rights!

CIMS has been around for ages...... it started here at Chesapeake IMS

Google Search criteria    chesapeake information management system metadata September 1998

In 1996, the Chesapeake Executive Council adopted the
Chesapeake Bay Program’s “Strategy for Increasing Basin-widePublic Access to Chesapeake Bay Information.” The strategy calls
for development of a shared resource of information, that is
available through the Internet, based on standards and protocols
that facilitate access to information and data across agency and
jurisdictional boundaries.
The Chesapeake Information Management System (CIMS) is being
created to implement this strategy. CIMS will be a coordinated,
user-friendly system designed as a distributed network among
participating organizations throughout the watershed and
nationwide. The online address is
Call it what you want to, because its original name keeps changing, but basically the Acronym remains the same with the first word being modified but the first letter remain as a C.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

From a Cache file that's been deleted CIMS was around in 2004, and in 2007 when it created havoc for Harper

Why is it that when I did a search via Google, using these keywords   CIMS (Constituent Information Management System) BC Liberals     I found a "hit" that has been deleted, but, the cache version is still intact.   A click on the title "Surrey North Conservative Association" gives an error message of "404 Not Found".

If I don't include "BC Liberals", this Conservative Association hit doesn't show up.  Its because Google found the wrong Liberal party, Federal, not Provincial, which is the way it should be.  But with the power of Google I just waited for the "full version" to show up on my monitor which produced the Cache version, and offered me the option of Similar......nope... no joy there.... however changing the Google search to this: CIMS ("Constituent Information Management System") Donna Cadman  ...... to include the quotes created TWO hits... the first being the same AND the second something unexpected!  and did it by looking at the Current and Cached version again.  This document lists not 18 Ridings, but 45 Ridings that were targeted by the Conservatives!

Crisis of Canada's Electoral System - Anna Di Carlo -
16 Jul 2011 – Harper Conservatives' Micro-Targeting and CIMS Database ... purchased the CIMS (Constituent Information Management System) database in 2004. ..... but in 2008 Conservative Dona Cadman reversed that result to win by a ...
In the run-up to the 2011 Federal Election, the Conservatives targeted 45 ridings using their database and used micro-targeting to reach definite segments of electors including those "very ethnic" Canadians. These ridings included 18 in the Greater Toronto Area that were snatched from the Liberals, enabling Harper to form a majority government.

British Columbia
 36. Burnaby-Douglas Bill Siksay (NDP) by 798 votes Kennedy Stewart (NDP) defeated Ronald Leung (C) by 1,011 votes

37. Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca Keith Martin (L) by 68 votes Randall Garrison(NDP) defeated Troy DeSouza (C) by 406 votes

38. Nanaimo-Cowichan Jean Crowder (NDP) by 4,610 votes over Green Party candidate Jean Crowder (NDP) defeated John Koury (C) by 775 votes

39. New Westminister Coquitlam Fin Donnelly (NDP) by 1,488 votes Fin Donnelly (NDP) defeated Diana Dilworth (C)by 2,847 votes

40. Skeena-Bulkley Valley Nathan Cullen (NDP) by 4,658 votes Nathan Cullen (NDP defeated Clay Harmon (C) by 7,314 votes

41. Vancouver Centre Hedy Fry (L) by 5,318 votes Hedy Fry (L) defeated Jennifer Clark (C)by 2,937 votes.

42. Vancouver Quadra Joyce Murray (L) by 4,832 votes Joyce Murray (L) defeated Deborah Meredith (C) by 1,919 votes.

43. Vancouver South Ujjal Dosanjh (L) by 20 votes Wai Young (C) defeated incumbent Ujjal Dosanjh (L)by 3900 votes

......Political parties, however, have no privacy restrictions. Their self-serving domination of the Parliament has enabled them to adopt electoral laws that exempt them from privacy legislation. There is only a stipulation that the voters' list cannot be used for purposes other than political ones and this is interpreted to mean that any means, fair or foul, can be used to get elected so long as electoral laws and financing rules can be interpreted in a manner which is self-serving. In this regard there is nothing even remotely democratic about this electoral process. It is all about circumventing codes of conduct which would render a clear and coherent expression of the political will so as to turn the political will into the legal will in a manner which gives the legal will the consent of the governed. - Anna Di Carlo  .....

Surrey North Conservative Association
Canada's immigration system has a reputation of being the most fair and generous in ... In comparison, between 2004 and 2011, the Liberals have only raised more ... it launched its Constituent Information Management System, known as CIMS. .... Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (Saanich-Gulf Islands, B.C.) told The Hill ...

.......The potential of the CIMS system to identify and target specific communities has caused some controversy, including back in 2007 when a Rosh Hashanah greeting from Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) was sent to Jewish households and households with Jewish-sounding names.

.....Summa Strategies vice-president Tim Powers, a former Conservative political Hill staffer who has worked on several election campaigns, said money will be the key factor in winning elections and the Tories will not let down their guard.
Despite having a tremendous advantage over the other parties when it comes to fundraising at the grassroots level, the Conservatives “are moving full steam ahead of any future changes,” Mr. Powers told The Hill Times in an email.
“They are exceptionally diligent and determined to have regular contact with supporters or potential  supporters on issues that might elicit financial support. That is the way that business works. It is a case of sell, sell, sell. They’ll just kick it up as it appears they have to address any potential shortfall brought on by the phasing out of the per-vote subsidy,” Mr. Powers said. “You need money to win campaigns in this era. There are no ifs, ands or buts about that. Parties who don’t find ways to make up the difference will have trouble.”
Back in 2004, the Conservative Party made its own transition into a modern information database system, facilitating its successful fundraising techniques, when it launched its Constituent Information Management System, known as CIMS.
CIMS is a single, large-scale database with the names, addresses, voting trends, policy leanings, and other relevant information of millions of constituents across the country, gathered over years through modern outreach and fundraising calls.
Unlike the NDP and Liberal systems, CIMS isn’t separated between partisan and constituent data systems.

The potential of the CIMS system to identify and target specific communities has caused some controversy, including back in 2007 when a Rosh Hashanah greeting from Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) was sent to Jewish households and households with Jewish-sounding names. But despite such incidents, the CIMS system has been credited for giving the Conservatives a strategic, grassroots advantage over other parties.....

FII BC Forest Innovation Investment Image Library 10 times greater, now

I heard during this past week, during the BC Provincial Legislature's Question Period, of several questions posed to the Minister of Forest, something largely to do with the Auditor General's count on just how many trees are not being replaced.  One MLA said that if you took telephone poles, end to end, they would circle one and half times around the globe.... at the equator.... which would then represent the amount of RAW logs that the BC Liberal government has shipped overseas without being processed here in British Columbia.

Turns out, this morning, I came across a company that has done several projects for the BC Government.  At the click of a mouse the Minister can see all of the standing trees in the whole province because he has images galore, or should have via something called FII.

Forestry Innovation Investment’s (FII) mandate is to support an environmentally sustainable and prosperous forest economy in British Columbia. One service FII provides is curating a large collection of BC forest industry images that it makes available to BC forest companies, the Province of BC, the media, and the university community. FII allows these stakeholders to browse the collection online and submit requests for permission to use the images. FII asked OpenRoad to improve on its previous Image Library application which was time consuming to manage, restrictive in the way images were categorized, and presented some usability challenges to users.

It's not clear why the Auditor General was not included as a Stakeholder by the Minister of Forests.  Could it be that it's a standard practice on the part of all entities, created by the BC Liberal Government, to leave the Auditor General off of the Stakeholder lists on all fronts that he is investigating?

But really, how can the Minister of Forest stand up in the Legislature and say that there is an environmentally sustainable and prosperous forest economy in British Columbia when mills are being shut down, jobs are being lost?

Full summary of resources 


“British Columbia forests cover 60 million hectares (149 million acres), an area bigger than France. The forest industry is the heart of the provincial economy, yet a fraction of one percent of its immense forests is logged each year.” (

“China is increasingly becoming an important player in the traded component of global forest products’ markets. China will be the main focus of global wood markets in the future. Forest Industry producers from around the world cannot afford to ignore the manufacturing and market potential China offers.” (

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UPDATE: Journalist Court undertakings are foiled by "Editing Errors" and something called "Backlog Fiction 2006" Bumped and Heard

The “Backlog Fiction”      2006 Annual Report Page 16/17

Without waiting Five months, it would appear that its the Appeal cases that are the problem.  45% increase over 2010 hours.  Source: B.C. Court Hours.  Click on the photo below to see the Big Picture, the one Christy refuses to look at.

 The Public Affairs Committee chaired by Mr. Justice Williamson has revised the Accreditation Process for Journalists which allows accredited journalists to bring recording devices into the Supreme Court’s courtrooms for the purpose of verifying their notes. The revised process creates a three year accreditation term. At the end of the term, those journalists wishing to continue to bring recording devices into the courtroom must renew their accreditation."
 In the Province this morning, on page A15 (bottom left corner), there's another one of those: "For the record."  In this PARTICULAR instance, the Newspaper is blaming it all on "Editing Error".

Journalist are required to sign an undertaking (with the Courts) that they will not share their tape recordings with anyone else.  The Journalist recordings are only to be used for the purpose of verification of the facts, as they heard presented in Court, or for the Courts pleasure in the future ....curiously the EDITORS haven't signed a similar document with the Courts, but then again, they aren't in the Court Room to record the activities in the first place....... they're there to ensure that the public is over awed with their capabilities.......of Editing.

For Example, in 2006, there was this publication, by the Courts, and in light of those same Courts now being up in arms about the MANY cases being thrown out for lack of funding by the BC Liberal Government, back then, in 2006, the Backlog was Fiction!

The “Backlog Fiction”      2006 Annual Report – Page 16

Supreme Court of British Columbia

There persists a belief that our court is struggling under a backlog of cases that is preventing litigants from having their cases heard in a timely way. It just isn’t so. With respect to long chambers matters, of the 930 that were heard in Vancouver, 12 were bumped (Appendix A, Figure 5). This experience mirrors that of the trial bumping rates: the Court rarely bumps scheduled matters. Of the long chambers matters that were bumped, the majority were rescheduled within 1-2 months of the original hearing date.
The Court has eliminated the lengthy backlog of cases which used to mean that parties were routinely advised that they would have to wait 18 months for a trial date or, even worse, on the day their trial was scheduled, would be told that a judge was not available and that their trial would have to be “bumped” over to a later date.
Trial dates can be obtained in our court as soon as the pleadings are closed. Trial dates are now readily available across the province, and, in our experience, often sooner than counsel or the litigants can be ready for trial. In most registries, as of the end of the 2006, a party wanting to schedule a trial with an estimated length of 5 days or less could obtain a trial date within 5-6 months for a civil (including family) matter; an in custody accused could obtain a date for a criminal trial within 4 months; and an out of custody accused could obtain a date for a criminal trial within 6-8 months. These numbers illustrate that for the majority of the parties coming before the Court, it is possible to obtain timely trial dates in a relatively short period of time. The bumping rates also indicate that once a date is obtained for a trial or a long chambers matter, it is extremely unlikely that it will not go ahead.
In an effort to dispel the myth of the “backlog fiction”, the Court began posting trial scheduling information on its website on May 1, 2006. This information is available for family, civil and criminal trials for each registry of the Court and is updated quarterly to ensure accuracy. This information about the time required to book trials of varying lengths at various locations is published to ensure that accurate trial scheduling information is readily available to the profession and to the public.

In 2006 there were 1132 Heard cases
In 2006 there were 17 Bumped cases.........

In 2011 there were XX Heard cases
In 2011 there were XXXX Bumped Cases

Why does the public have to wait five months for a report when something was being done right in 2006?

As to the "For the Record"... the original story was last year, including the GAFF, was Front Page NEWS.  Today its 15 pages in, and it was only yesterday that the target of the newspaper was front and centre for the cameras and journalists to dispell their incorrect reporting. You'd think that there would be more.

Backlog growing   

'Abysmal' B.C. courts see more cases tossed  CBC 

The backlog of cases is still growing.

Search Criteria:  bc long chamber applications heard and bumped

Third hit down:

Supreme Court 2010 Annual Report - The Courts of British Columbia
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Registrars of the Supreme Court of British Columbia . ..... inherent jurisdiction which means that it has jurisdiction to hear and decide any matter that comes .... scheduled long chambers applications were bumped which is a decrease of 15% ...

Ahhhh.... these Bumps and Heard statistics are from FEDERALLY appointed Judges

The BC Snapshot
In 2010 there was a decrease from 2009 in the number of trials and long chambers hearings that were bumped. This is a continuation of a trend that began in 2009. The trend is due, in part, to judicial appointments that were made from 2008 to 2010. The Court remains thankful that the commitment of the federal government to promptly fill judicial vacancies is being met.


The Supreme Court in British Columbia consists of over 100 judges and presides in 29 locations throughout the province. For the majority of the court’s history, the scheduling of cases and hearings for each of the 29 locations was managed independently, via a manual system of Word documents, paper diaries, and an older DOS-based system in the high volume locations of Vancouver and New Westminster. The goal of the Supreme Court Scheduling System (SCSS) was to move to an integrated scheduling method and system, shared by all locations for scheduling hearings and assigning Judges and courtrooms.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christy's Crystal Ball gazing government decision making process....

If you missed it, Christy Clark did appoint someone to the BC Jobs and Investment Board, or has Harper taken over appointments in British Columbia?

Member Biographies

Raymond Castelli

Ray Castelli is Chief Executive Officer of Weatherhaven, which is one of the world's leading suppliers of redeployable camps and shelter systems, specializing in remote areas and difficult climatic conditions. Previously, Mr. Castelli was the Chief Executive Officer of Naikun Wind Energy Group Inc., and before that, he was the Senior Vice-President of Quadrem Inc., a global procurement services company which was a joint venture formed by 19 of the world's largest mining and metals companies' based in Dallas, Texas. He also previously served in the Canadian government as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Chief of Staff to the Minister of National Defence as well as Chief of Staff to the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Active in his community, Mr. Castelli is a member of the Board of Directors of Avcorp Aviation, Global Cobalt, the Prince Rupert Port Authority and the Working Opportunity Fund. Mr. Castelli holds his Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, and his Executive Master of Business Administration from l'Institut Europeen d'Administration des Affaires, more commonly known as INSEAD.


Just who is running BC?  Who's loading up the Premier Christy Clark's Office to ensure that the BC Liberals win in 2013?   Who's telling Christy Clark whom to drop from her inner Office?

Business in Vancouver - Govenment Liquor Distribution, on the Rocks

Here's a web site that has several different opinions on the BC Liberal Government, other than what has been reported by the Main Stream Media on say ..... Budget 2012 and the selling off of our Assets because Falcon and the wrecking crew's only answer to being prudent is SELL, SELL, SELL eg. BC Rail

DHL could cash in on B.C. decision to privatize liquor distribution

According to its Tuesday-released service plan, the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch is forecasting $2.9 billion in sales in 2012-13 and $906.1 million in net income.

Vancouver Public Library  Newspaper Clippings



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We can all relax now, BC Hydro is in safer hands as of January 26, 2012, no more Deferral Accounts beyond the existing 23

Recent Appointments   By Christy Clark as Premier

BC Hydro and Power Authority
OIC#31/12, January 26, 2012:
Mr. W. J. Brad Bennett appointed as Director for a term expiring January 26, 2015.

Directors are stewards of the corporation and are responsible for overseeing the conduct of business, supervising management and ensuring that all major issues affecting the business affairs of the corporation are given proper consideration. The Board delegates responsibility for the day-to-day leadership and management of the corporation to the President and Chief executive Officer. Under the Hydro Power and Authority Act, BC Hydro's legislated mandate includes:
  • generation and distribution of power;
  • development of power sites and projects;
  • property acquisition, management and disposal;
  • buying and selling power; and,
  • entering into agreements for others to engage in activities that BC Hydro is empowered to do.
BC Hydro has translated this mandate into a long-term vision "Reliable Power, at Low Cost, for Generations."
What's Involved
Eight regular business meetings are scheduled in advance of the coming year and additional meetings arranged as business demands necessitate. Directors will also be requested to serve on one or more of the four standing committees of the Board, and on the Boards of Directors of BC Hydro's four active subsidiaries, all of which meet quarterly. BC Hydro's Director and Employee Code of Conduct describes the Corporation's conduct expectations and provides guidelines with respect to conflict of interest. Directors are requested on appointment, and annually thereafter, to sign a Form of Declaration signifying their understanding and compliance with the Code.

Check out this one which is under the heading of Recent Appointments:
Supreme Court Rules Revision Committee

Down at the bottom of the Supreme Court Rules Revision Committee is this:

 For More Information...

Supreme Court Rules Revision Committee
The Law Courts
800 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC V8Z 2E1

Fax: 604 660-1723

The more information is LESS information, it dead ends.   Will the Attorney General attend to this or has the Public Servants responsible for this, been fired since the BC 2012 Budget speech yesterday?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

VPD nails 14 employees for inappropriate surfing, but what about the Engineering Staff from 1971?

Vancouver City Hall (Vancouver Archives) has hundreds of Silent movies (circa 1971), one in particular called "Vancouver Low Cost Curbing" which has been uploaded to YouTube.

Explains the program and shows the low-cost method developed for adding curbs to Vancouver's streets, with before and after shots of improved streets. 1971. Silent. Item #MI-27
Snip --------->
At the 2:36 mark Title page is "Before Improvement"
At the 2:53 mark Title page is "After Improvements"
At the 3:18 mark Title page is "Effects of the Appearance of adjacent property"
At the 4:03 mark Title page is "After Improvement" .....inappropriateness here....

4:57 overall length of movie.   502 views as of February 19, 2012

"Now that we have your attention.....", isn't that a line from  The Right Stuff????

The source for these Silent movies is The Vancouver Archives - available on-line

We have over two thousand linear metres of textual records; 1.5 million photographic images; hundreds of audio recordings and moving images; a library of books and videos; over six thousand maps; thousands of plans of built heritage and landscape
architecture; over two thousand works of documentary art; electronic records; and City publications.

Our film and video holdings include works created by the City to document its activities, home movies, and documentaries. For more films, see

City of Vancouver Archives

Parking is available at the Archives, but you need to sign in at the desk and receive a warrant for your car's dash, good for the one day only.   Walk-in traffic......... is free.   However everything you see in the Archives is available online, except, you can get full size reproductions of the original documents at the Archives retrieved from the bunkers.

Oh, and when looking for "Vancouver", don't forget there are TWO Vancouvers, one in Clark County and one in British Columbia.

Search Criteria:  Vancouver BC silent movies

Vancouver 1907  this footage is interesting, it was discovered in Australia.   Something to do with tourism for Australians to see.   Conversely here in Vancouver, if we scrounged around we would find 1907 films of Australia     ...... have you checked your attics?

"Hale's Tours which was a (tourism) chain around the world of atmospheric rides, where people would go into a fake streetcar which would rattle around while a film played in the front "wondow" and the "conductor" gave a guided tour of some foreign city." - Source: Tom Carter Gallery

Saturday, February 18, 2012

VPD turned down ICBC's offer of photo recognition software to match their database of names to faces of drivers/rioters. Now, do you want to know why the VPD went south of the border? The Patriot Act!

In 2004, the BC Liberals farmed out MSP record keeping to a company called Maximus, in the United States of America.  There was an outcry from British Columbians that the Americans, the FBI, would implement their Patriot Act........

"....The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requires the B.C. Government to protect the privacy of personal information provided by British Columbia residents to the government. The Union's allegation is that the FBI could under the U.S.A. Patriot Act secretly demand that the American corporations provide it with access to the MSP records [Full text of U.S. Patriot Act (pdf)]. These records include personal information about health treatment, pharmacy, income tax, mental health and criminal records, as well as from Ministries of Children, Family Development and Human Resources."

Snip     (Above and Below paragraphs from

".....To date, the B.C. Government's position, provided by Health Minister, Colin Hansen, has simply been that U.S. laws don't apply to Canadians on Canadian soil. However, on May 28, 2004, B.C. Privacy Commissioner, David Loukidelis, announced that he would examine the implications of the Patriot Act for British Columbians' personal information which is outsourced by the B.C. Government to U.S. linked service providers. The Privacy Commissioner requested public input by July 23, 2004 and anticipates publishing a report by August 13, 2004. The "Request for Submissions" can be found on his website. On May 31, 2004, Mr. Loukidelis announced that he was requesting U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft, and F.B.I. Chief, Robert Mueller, to contribute to the British Columbia study........." Snip

With me so far?  Its now 2011 and In steps the BC Privacy Commissioner:

"......In the aftermath of the Stanley Cup riots, ICBC offered the use of its facial recognition technology to police for the purposes of identifying the alleged rioters. The proposed process was that police would supply photographs to ICBC. ICBC would then apply the FR software to those photographs and then compare the resulting FR templates to all of the templates stored in the ICBC database. ICBC would advise the police if a match was found and that a warrant or court order would be required before any disclosure of personal information occurred....."OIPC Page 25

When the Vancouver Police Department turned their face-finding-name recognition attention to a software company in the USA, were the privacy rights of Canadians, captured on film, overlooked by the Vancouver Police Department?   And the Americans, caught on film, what fate is in store for them?  Do we care?  Should we care?  Will future border crossings of being refused entry, either way, north or south, be based on allegations not proven in a Court of Law?

"A decision was made to use the video processing in Indianapolis," Insp. Les Yeo said Friday in a statement. "The LEVA lab's technology was much more superior for our investigative needs." - Calgary Herald

ICBC photo identification sharing....with the police. No, NO, NO Way!

And then there's this from December 18, 2010:

The latest news from the Vancouver Police Department is that they will be implementing license plate reader technology so that they'll know where the bad guys are, however, in that sweeping scan they'll also be picking up the good guys plates, and hanging on to all the information, indefinitely.

Sounds like Harper's Bill C-30

If,  ICBC can't share photos which are part and parcel of a Driver's license, which are covered by the Motor Vehicle Act and FOI, what about the license plates themselves?  Are they too now off limits to the Police, without a warrant, they certainly are when Google was forced to remove all indication on cars, and people, in their StreetView program.

Is this one of the reasons that users of the new Port Mann Bridge will be offered FREE Decals to count their many trips?

Friday, February 17, 2012

BC Solicitor General Kash Heed brought in Hands Free Driving

B.C. Solicitor General Kash Heed has introduced a bill that would prohibit drivers from using cellphones while driving, unless the phones are connected to hands-free devices. snip  October 21, 2009  CBC

Proposed B.C. Motor Vehicle Act changes
Prohibited actions and devices while driving:
  • No operating or holding hand-held cellphones or other electronic devices.
  • No sending or reading emails and/or texting (e.g., BlackBerry, PDA, cellphone).
  • No operating or holding hand-held music or portable gaming devices (e.g., MP3 players, iPods). snip  October 21, 2009  CBC
What could be more handheld than a Camera?   In the Vancouver Sun today, in the Driving section, there's an article called "Tunnel vision can put drivers at risk" with a subtitle called "When going underground, make a conscious effort to leave enough room between you and the car ahead - and take off those sunglasses".  There are several great examples of How-To-Drive-Safely by the writer.  The newspaper has bolstered the article by including two photos.  One appears to be a file photo with two side-by-side lanes chalk a block stopped and the other two oncoming lanes are empty, save for an ambulance leaving the scene of an accident from within the George Massey Tunnel.

Its the second photograph, one taken while the car is in motion in the left hand lane, with what appears to be another car over-taking it in the right hand lane, at speed (its blurry) or the photographer has hit his brakes and the other car is continuing at the same speed.  Its difficult to be the driver, and the photographer, and pay attention to changing road conditions as the author of the story states, which probably resulted in the poor photo quality.

"....the tunnel light -  is too dark on sunny days, and much too bright in the middle of the night." - Sandra Glendinning -

The question is this, was the Photographer, in a "Special to the Vancouver Sun", sitting in the driver's seat or was he sitting in the passenger seat, when this photo was snapped?   And before you leap to a quick answer, read on:

To give you an idea of where a camera would have to be situated, on the dash of a car, to get the angle of the road lanes markings, the further to the left, nearest the driver, the steeper the right lane markings:

Photo by shredded77 via Flickr

We've seen professional photographers at work, during Vancouver Riot, side by side with the Vancouver Police Department Horse division.  We've seen those same professional photographers "catching" the bad guys during that same riot where newspapers boxes are being thrown through store windows.  We have yet to see a professional photographer STOPPING the rioters.   Not their job.   Not their job to disperse when the Riot Act is read out either.

To the Solicitor General of BC, is there a law that .............

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two sets of statistics for an MLA when it comes to Travel Expenses? Why not just have Premier Clark's source as being dominant and then adjust all others to match her's.


We, here at the BBC, upon reflection, would much rather trust the bookkeeping data of an MLA than that of the BC Government.   There's a very limited amount of money that pass through the hands of MLAs via their Constituency offices when compared to that of Christy Clark's $40,000,000,000.

Which all brings up the question:  Just how transparent is the Open Information website?   Why doesn't the numbers for an MLA match, exactly, that of the Government?   If just one case exists where its not clear to the public on the topic of Travel Expenses, for one Minister, will the Premier of BC be as Accountable to the Public as her Health Minister has done so?


Today, during Question Period, Premier Christy Clark chimed in by saying "I know that the Health Minister, who's in Winnipeg today, by the way, is working on that."    Winnipeg?  I said to myself, better make a note of that for the next time I'm checking up on the February 2012 Travel Expenses for Health Minister, ......... three months hence.

What I found today was this: Minister of Health and this: .   Under both there is this heading of Accountable to You  there's a complete accounting starting from April up to and including September 2011 of the MLA.

In particular there's his:

Minister's Travel Expenses
April 1, 2011 to October 1, 2001 (read September 30)

Under the column on Expenses there are five lines

First line is 1Capital City Accommodations
Second line is 2Ministry Travel (Accommodation)
Third line is 3Ministry Travel
Fourth line is Business/Protocol
Fifth line is Total Expenses

As you have probably read, there are miniscule numbers, in very small print, 1, 2, 3 notations, which are explained thus, but for easier reading, normal print size:

1 Capital Accommodation: Paid direct to vendor.
2 Ministry Travel (Accommodation): Refers to travel other than Victoria.  Paid direct to vendor.
3 Ministry Travel: Refers to Airline, Ferry, Parking, Taxi.  Paid direct to vendor.

Then there's Christy Clark's Open Information "booklet" where all Ministers Travel and Expenses are declared, not on one sheet for the public to look at, oh no, the public has to go along and take each Minister's monthly declaration (which are three months behind real time) and do a tally like this:

In a perfect world the numbers would be the same, but obviously somethings have been included in one and not the other, or visa versa.  It all depends on the classifications of what expense goes where.  For now, I'm going to stick with the Premier's version at Open Information is correct.   In three months time, this had better be tuned up to have the same results, or at the very least, an explanation made to the public on what's is included in each presentation and why there's a difference.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Travel Expenses (flights) and (non-flights) for the BC Minister of Education from April to December: $31,446.66

Since being appointed Education Minister last March, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 95 schools and half of the province’s 60 school districts. I’ve met with hundreds of teachers, students, parents and administrators.  Hon. George Abbott - Vancouver Province

  32 dots connected, by no means an exact copy of just where the Minister of Education has been in eleven months, but they are in a somewhat chronological order, of his visits to "95" schools out of public system containing 1,631 and the 345 Independent Schools which he oversees as well.  As to School Districts in BC, there's 92 according to BC STATS, not 60.

On October 11th the BC Education Minister was in Fort St. John.
On October 14th the BC Education Minister was in the South Okanagan
On October 15th the BC Education Minister was in Oliver.

We can see the South Okanagan to Oliver trip being easy to do, drive, but Fort St. John to the South Okanagan... leaving early on the 12th, and arriving on 13th with a night of rest before the meetings on the 14th..... is 1,153 kilometres and taking 15 hours and 26 minutes..... and its via the Jasper National Park.

Flying would probably be better, safer too, but there's this one little problem.... and its from the Open Information online booklet for:

Travel Expenses

Welcome to B.C.'s catalogue of public information. Here is a summary of travel expenses that meet your search terms. Select any travel expense entry to view details or download information associated with it.

We selected the Travel Expenses for the Education Minister, for October, and there are NO expenses for In Province Flights, none, there are, however expenses for Other Travel in Province totaling $1550.86 which must cover things like a bus or a government issued car.  Motels, Gas and Food that's extra and not considered to be a TRAVEL EXPENSE, or is it.  The numbers for one month would make most senior citizens proud.   How the Minister arrived for the October 11th meeting, that's ten days of travelling (not by plane), we haven't found, yet, but he must have got there, somehow and from somewhere(s) after leaving Queensborough on September 14th where that Month's total Travel Expenses were $3,025.81.

The Travel Expense data provided by the Christy Clark government is SPARSE in details, just lump sum expenses, too bad.

The travel information is History now, no need for security, but knowing in advance would allow the public to be out waving their newly purchased BC flags........ after the 18 months of converting the HST back to a PST, of course.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Michael Smyth's column on "Recognition Cupboard" is on a BC Liberal Government website, open to the public

The finance ministry has a website called “The Online Recognition Cupboard” stocked with presents, and employees don’t need formal permission to use it, according to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the site.
Question: “Do I need my manager’s approval to recognize someone with the Recognition Cupboard items?”  - Vancouver Province - Michael Smyth

BC Government Website:   Look for   WHAT WE OFFER column in the link below

The BC Public Service Online Store gives our employees quick access to great gear and giftware, discounts on computer merchandise, fitness memberships and more.

Loan forgiveness

Dedicate a portion of your career to the BC Public Service after graduation and we'll show our commitment to you by forgiving your BC Student Loan at the rate of one-third of the total per year. That means after three years of service your total BC Student Loan will be forgiven. This also applies to current full-time or part-time regular employees who have a BC Student Loan in good standing.

Gee, if only ALL BC students loans were treated in this fashion, there would be monies left over to put a down payment on a HOME.    Now that would truly be a Recognition Cupboard for the masses instead of the few government employees. ..... Out of curiousity, this "forgiving", was it applied to David Basi and Bobby Virk?  Is there some sort of rider on the student loan, that if someone pleads guilty in a criminal case of Breach of Trust, say the BC Rail Trial, then there should be an onus on the part of the Special Prosecutors, and the Defense Counsel, to negotiate the repayment of the original past forgivenesses..........? Just a little incentive here to act as a niggling reminder to public servants and OIC appointees.   How much money are we talking about?   Would it start to put a dent in the $6 million?

More Perks

Finance Minister Kevin Falcon agrees with rewarding his employees..... "Finance Minister Kevin Falcon pointed out the program has been in place for many years, having been introduced by the NDP in 1999." - Victoria Times Colonist -

Falcon defends government reward program

Finance minister says the $1.5-million Online Recognition Cupboard ‘is entirely appropriate’

Since 1999, and up to the next two years, the NDP Recognition program didn't have to suffer through a CORE review done on it when the BC Liberals had their landslide victory at the polls in 2001.   For the past 10 years the Finance Department under various BC Liberals Ministers have been pumping Recognition monies into rewarding their employees, not just on the one day of reaching retirement, but incrementally "20, 25, 30 years or longer" and that was just half of the Recognition package cost.  The other half was "to a number of special events each year, including long-service awards dinners and a dinner to celebrate exceptional innovations in civil service. “It’s not people just firing around gifts to each other for fun,” Falcon said."    "firing"?   Not for "fun"

I've seen some RoadRunner magazines where awards were made for the work of the employees of the BC  Government, is this one example of Special Events?  Fact is the Minister of Highways, who is now the Minister of Finance was a huge booster of the Recognition program as outlined in this particular RoadRunner magazine, the "Special Edition":

Road Runner Special Edition


“People aren’t looking for
remuneration as much
as they are looking for
simple acknowledgement.
Recognition not only
has a great impact on
employee mental health,
it also encourages
the investment that
employees make in their
work. Recognition must be
part of an on-going,
long-term process.”

– Jean-Pierre Brun, Ph.D.
Chair in Occupational
Health and Safety
Université Laval

For mor information of past editions on the Road Runner Employee Newsletter
(indexed) from 1999 to November 2011

When the "crane" crumpled on the Port Mann Bridge the Press had trouble discerning if it was the old one or the new Bridge, turns out there's a third possibility

UPDATE Wednesday afternoon February 15, 2012  What is a Segmental Bridge     Wikipedia which has a list of 16 Notable Bridges...... PMB2 will probably not be added to the list, nor will its finished name either.  Page 6 of this document highlights a Segment of PMB2

UPDATE Sunday evening, February 12, 2012

On the day of the accident my wife and I watched CBC evening news. They interviewed a fellow who was working under the bridge at the time. He would not give his name for fear of being fired. He stated that two sections fell into the water not one? I have talked to many others and nobody can confirm this, probably because they do not watch CBC? Did anyone else hear this?  -  Anonymous
 More than one Segment, weighing in at 90 tonnes each? From this photo, try multiplying that by a factor of eight!  Google search, found on page 4.

We've seen plenty of times of how the BC Liberals have refused to show the public the contracts on P3 projects.  What was the criteria used to state just how many Segments would be, could be, carried at any one time when this Gantry was designed?  You see, the thing here is its being admitted that there was one, but no one in the Press, has asked .... How Many, like in plural!  Were there more than one?   Only way to find out is for the Press to hire some divers and go "fishing".

More photos--showing 11 segments being carried at one time---->

When the news broke on the Car radio on Friday, the first report said that a crane had collapsed on the Port Mann Bridge.... not the old one, the new one.....    Why oh why would the Press think that the Public would need to be told that it was NOT the old Port Mann Bridge, seeing as how the NEW Port Mann Bridge is still under construction.

You'd think the powers to be would tear a page out of West Coast shipbuilders manual of how they handle building Victory ships, one after another.  Shipbuilders call them Hull # ??? until just before the champagne bottle slams in against the bow, and then the named Ship so-and-so slides down the building/launch ways and into ... Burrard Inlet.    In this particular instance, on Friday, the one segment weighing in at 90 tonnes was not a ship, no champagne required, but I bet you it had a component number like PBM2-195 without the word NEW.

A NEW bridge isn't a Bridge until its complete, so why not differentiate the two distinct structures by continuing to call the OLD bridge the Port Mann Bridge and then use the acronym of PMB2 until the opening day in late May of 2013 (after the provincial election) and the TOLLS start to be applied by whomever forms the next British Columbia Government.

The real problem here in the Press reporting, specifically in the Vancouver Province this morning, that the PMB2 is a REBUILDING project, which sounds just like the Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project with its Shadow Toll, being picked via gas taxes at the pump.   So why do those citizens, on either side of the Fraser River, at the PMB2, need to have their pockets picked by the BC Liberals via an up front toll snapping  fee, twice a day if you're a commuter when the Sea to Sky highway is FREE?  Not suggesting that there should be a toll on the S2S, but there should be a hidden Toll on the PMB2, that way those Americans would end up paying for their share of both Highway improvements.

The Christy Clark's PAB Max Logan spokesperson who is looking after the file on the PMB2 improvement project, makes the fine point of correcting the Press that it wasn't a crane that bent its knee, but a GANTRY, but even with that bit of reassurance why this last bit:

"the gantry is secure and there IS risk to the public."

I'd feel a whole lot safer driving the Port Mann Bridge, knowing that the gantry on the PMB2 is NOT a risk to the public.  The fact that the gantry is leaning to the "South", doesn't necessarily mean that its leaning Down-river either.   Perhaps the PAB could explain the consequences of a Gantry, leaning to the SOUTH, could it, might it, is there a possibility, of a dominoes effect happening here, up stream and knock out the Port Mann Bridge from the Gantry's perch on the PMB2?

.........There were no injuries, said Max Logan, spokesman for the rebuilding project.
A 90-tonne slab of concrete fell into the Fraser River, according to media reports.
The piece of equipment, which weighs 725 tonnes and was custom-made for the project to install premade sections of the bridge deck, is called a gantry.
"It's leaning to the south now," said Logan. "But the gantry is secure and there is risk to the public..........."  Vancouver Province

To be absolutely clear here, the name of the reporter for this article is not included because there appears to be a conflict between the reporter and the caption writer for the photograph below of just where the Gantry is perched...."a yellow crane slipped off its blue track Friday on the OLD Port Mann Bridge.......".

Both copies, online and the hard copy, have the same story and the same photo (captioned incorrectly).

How is the public supposed to know the truth of what is happening on the IMPROVEMENT project called the Old Port Mann Bridge when ......... the Vancouver Province file name is this:

So there you have it folks, the New Bridge has always been an Old Bridge Repair.

Journal of Commerce has an article and plenty of photos.......

Saturday, February 11, 2012

1945 Comparing Apples with Oranges Hydro rates in North America to 2010

1947 Comparative Prices for Electricity in North America (VPL newspaper clippings)

 The above is "cents per kilowatt hour sold in 1942" during WORLD WAR II
The information is gathered from 56 US of A and Canadian Provinces (Newfoundland not included)

We have some world unrest, not economics alone, taking place two years after this study was done.

2010 Comparative index for Electricity in North America (Quebec Hydro)


Manitoba Hydro.... Manitoba has a Hydro

Friday, February 10, 2012

1949 West Coast Transmission came into existence and by 1955 the naturual gas "big pipeline" started

Rummaging around the VPL newspaper clippings yesterday I came across a "bonus" system that was offered to those along the Big Pipeline back in 1955.  I thought that it was the Westcoast Transmission Company but it turned out to be a different company altogether, something called Pacific Northern Gas, which as of December 31, 2011 was bought out by a company called AltaGas Ltd.

The title of the newspaper article was "Peter Pays Paul" the idea being that consumers, locally, on Canadian soil, would be paying the shot.  But now that Christy Clark has made it a Job One for her government to get the LNG plants up and running for OVERSEAS customers, its they who should be "paying the shot" for the benefit of those Northern BC communities effected by the disruption of a Natural Gas pipeline.

Browsing results matching Commissioner Inquiry on British Columbia's Requirements, Supply and Surplus of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids : submission of Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. --

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dagenais/Mentuck test bc rail trial

Dagenais/Mentuck test bc rail trial

  1. R. v. Sipes, issue of access by media to exhibits entered at a trial ...
    12 Jul 2011 – IN THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA .... The Dagenais/Mentuck test is applicable at every stage of the judicial process but must ...
  2. Sangha v. - BCJustice/Court cases/British Columbia/Supreme Court ...
    26 Jan 2012 – British Columbia, 2010 BCCA 169, 4 B.C.L.R. (5th) 22, the Court applied the Dagenais/Mentuck test in the context of an appeal from the ...
  3. ACCESS PERMITTED - R. v. Basi, Ruling on Application for ...
    2 Jun 2011 – [4] The trial of this matter ended in October 2010 when Dave Basi and Bobby ... The Dagenais/Mentuck test is applicable at every stage of the ...

Dagenais v. Canadian Broadcasting Corp., [1994] 3 S.C.R. 835, and R. v. Mentuck, 2001 SCC 76

Update March 15, 2012

[application/pdf] (I.)/~(fu1.Q(J11lfl{1~jL-
... From: Lowther, Brett GCPE:EX To: Brazier, Heather M JTI:EX; cc: Blewett, Tyann
M SG:EX; Subject: Times colonist article Date: Friday, May 7, 2010 ...

Page 5

Big questions 

The Supreme Court of Canada has clearly recognized the principle of openness in the court system in Dagenais v. Canadian Broadcasting Corp., [1994] 3 S.C.R. 835; R. v. Mentuck, [2001] 3 S.C.R. 442 and more recently in R. v. Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. 2005 SCC 41.

The Court has also recognized that there are exceptions to this principle.

The general principles are as follows:

1. Every court has a supervisory and protecting power over its own records.
2. The presumption is in favor of public access and the burden of contrary proof lies upon the person who would deny the exercise of the right.
3. Access can be denied when the ends of justice would be subverted by disclosure or the judicial documents might be used for an improper purpose. Curtailment of public accessibility can only be justified where there is present the need to protect social values of superordinate importance. One of these is the protection of the innocent.
A.G. (Nova Scotia) v. MacIntyre, [1982] 1 S.C.R. 175, at 186-189.

In summary, the public interest in open trials and in the ability of the press to provide
complete reports of what takes place in the courtroom is rooted in the need:

(1) to maintain an effective evidentiary process;
(2) to ensure a judiciary and juries that behave fairly and that are sensitive to values espoused by society;
(3) to promote a shared sense that our courts operate with integrity and dispense justice; and 

(4) to provide an ongoing opportunity for the community to learn how the justice system operates and how the law being applied daily in the courts affects them.