Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"The worst traffic bottleneck in BC" is still happening at the Port Mann Bridge and it could have been prevented.....

If the BC Liberals Campaign Director thought that The New Port Mann Bridge would be the icing on the cake, a vote-getter for Christy Clark, he can kiss that idea Good-Bye!  If anything, the Public should be calling out for an immediate Provincial election.  No need to wait till May, January wouldn't be soon enough.


We did a search this afternoon via Google for this:   suspension bridges ice falling

Just shy of 11,000,000 results, but it's the third result, and more, a lot more, that made us go AHHHHHH.... shit!

Eleven years ago, New York had just spent a bundle of money using a "latticework of 700 suspension cables"........ to find:

Ice Falling From Bridges Delays Traffic for Hours


Published: March 08, 2001
The warm sun that winter-weary New Yorkers were waiting for created a traffic nightmare yesterday, as thawing ice fell from the cables of five local suspension bridges, forcing lane closures and hours of delays that lasted into the evening rush.

Traffic flowed with relative ease during a two-day snowstorm, which walloped parts of the region and spared others. But yesterday morning -- with the sky clear, the sun bright and the temperature well above freezing -- heavy daggers of ice began falling from the George Washington, Bronx-Whitestone, Throgs Neck, Verrazano-Narrows and Triborough Bridges. The heavy shards hit cars, shattered windshields and caused one injury.

To safeguard commuters, parts of the bridges were closed, beginning around 9 a.m., causing hours of gridlock at some toll plazas and cascading traffic jams onto highways in New Jersey, Connecticut, the five boroughs and on Long Island. ''Even though it inconvenienced people greatly, safety is our primary concern,'' said Alan Hicks, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees the George Washington Bridge.........

As to the Source for the Title of   "worst traffic bottlenecks in British Columbia", there are two sources, both from the hot lips of Premier Christy Clark:

Government of BC NewsRoom

The Press
This is the largest transportation project in B.C. history and government is delivering on its commitment to reduce congestion along the province's busiest transportation corridor. These improvements will remove the traffic bottleneck and eliminate the 14 hours a day of congestion currently plaguing bridge users.

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