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Mike de Jong trek cancelled due to security concerns but the GCPE says it all went well....

Mike de Jong IS the Finance Minister of British Columbia looking after Billions of our Tax Dollars and yet on his Great Punjab Trek of five days length, he managed to scrape together a daily diary for each day. However there were only FOUR days, actually there were only THREE days of an actual "Trek", and that is questionable.    On the home front, here in British Columbia, the Press and the Public would rejoice if the BC Liberals took as much time and dedication to produce their FOI calendar for each month to the same degree that de Jong has put into his Great Punjab Trek 2012.

Can you possibly imagine what the BC Liberals spin doctors of Government Caucus Resource Researchers aka GCPE aka PAB would call a 365 day trek? 

It turns out that the Minister can neither count in millions of dollars, as in a deficit budget for the THIRD year in a row, nor the depth of the every increasing amount, like in $64 million being spent on advertising promoting partisan politics, nor can he count, exactly, how many days he Trekked.

In the Abbotsford News of the original story posted on November 30, 2012 there's an update on December 5, 2012  describing that the last two days of five days, was cancelled due to India's  Security forces saying that the Finance Minister's safety was at RISK.

Could it be that a convicted attempted murderer of an India Minister on British Columbia soil was seeking retribution for his being forcefully kicked out the of the Legislature while Former Finance Minister Kevin Falcon was making HIS Budget speech in 2011?   Atwal...... was invited by a BC Liberal supporter as a guest of the BC Liberal Government.

UPDATED 05/12/12. Both The Indo-Canadian Voice and Omni BC TV are reporting reported yesterday that Finance Minister and Abbotsford MLA Mike de Jong’s walk through India has had been cancelled due to security concerns.

Day 1, (December 3, 2012) of the great Punjab adventure 2012 begins at the magical Golden Temple etc.....

Day 2 (December 4, 2012)   ..... What a day, a news conference in Hoshiarpur (media really are the same wherever you go) and then transfer to Jalandhar District and a walking tour of a number of villages that form the heart of Punjab. ..... etc

Day 3 (December 5, 2012)     What could be more Punjabi then having breakfast outside in the courtyard while the sun rises and the paronta’s are brought piping hot out of the clay tandoor oven ......

Day 4  (December 6, 2012)  That was the experience that awaited us at the health center in Village of Aur (Nawanshahr District), on our continuing trek across Punjab. India. 

Day 5  (December 7, 2012)

NOTHING in the Finance Minister's Diary on the Great Punjab Trek for Day 5.

More information on how the Great Punjab Trek stopped but NOT reported by the BC Liberal Government even though the Finance Minister was acting in his official capacity for two days.  de Jong did pick up the tab for his part of the trek, airfare too..... but was he, did he, receive compensation as an Official of the BC Liberal Government?   One will never know till at least three months AFTER the travel expenses are tallied for the month of December.... let's see that's January, February, April.... which is the end of the Fiscal year for 2012/2013.


As the crow flies, Mike de Jong, was criss-crossing Punjab as if he were flying, or being driven, from one extreme to another..... and back again..... from one Photo Op to the next.   Politicians are like crows, they don't fly in straight lines, they head for the nearest feeding frenzy......

Using the Finance Minister's Diary and plotting it into Google Earth, the coloured routes in the image below shows the Minister going from one focal point to the next.   If he followed the roads, it would take a lot longer, and the population would stand in his way, not intentionally, but he would have to brave the multitudes.... and maybe that's why he headed out to the villages.

To put it into perspective, something that Lotus Land residents can relate to......... On his first day he walked between the Golden Temple to Jallianwala Baghand, a distance of less than a half a kilometre.  He then left and headed over to "the outskirts of Amritsar in the village of Manawala" which is 76 kilometres as the crow flies...... or like leaving Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver and striking out for Bellingham.... or his Home Riding, or Parksville, or get the picture.

de Jong either Didn't walk, except for photo ops stroll, or he pedalled his bike to the photo ops...... or he didn't keep track of his itinerary correctly because it had him jumping from one far point to only double back to something in between his starting point.

IF he was truly walking, trekking, he would DETOUR to the next closest point rather than...... doubling back...... as if he were in British Columbia's "West Vancouver" trekking to "Delta" to "Crescent Beach" to "Cloverdale" to then meet up with his final obligation for the day at Richmond's quayside port of "Steveston" so he could chow down on a freshly caught Crab and Salmon ......

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