Sunday, December 16, 2012

Early Christmas presents from Christy, again?

The closer we get to the provincial election in May of 2013, the more difficult it's becoming to keep track of who's in Premier Christy Clark's Office and who has left for greener pastures.... like the BC Liberal Party campaign office in Downtown Vancouver.

In an earlier Post, December 20, 2011, we reported on an FOI request:

Athana Mentzelopoulos and John Dyble and Dimitri Pantazopoulos and Sandy Wharf and Jennifer Chalmers and Mike McDonald with iPads at $953.33 each and a Monthly service fee of  $22.40, while Gabe Garfinkel's iPad cost  $986.93 and a monthly service fee of $22.40.

Now we know that Mike McDonald did a cut and run from the position of Chief of Staff to make way for Ken Boessenkool's Grand entrance and Dimitri Pantazopoulos was the Principal Secretary who was then replaced by Mike McDonald.  Then Dimitri Pantazopoulos was sent down to the minors as a Senior Advisor position, right field ..... and finally he left Christy's office altogether to run roughshod over the BC Liberal Party Campaign headquarters in Downtown Vancouver..... Mike McDonald ended up being the DIRECTOR Campaign Chief for the BC Liberals..... one big happy family.

We're getting real curious here as to what happened to those iPads of Mike McDonald and Dimitri Pantazopoulos.   They were "gifted" the iPads because McDonald's was part of the e-Binder program and the other iPad was "Required for flexibility to access and work on documents outside of the office".... and it was part of a pilot program called SSBC

Do they both still have their iPads?  Were the iPads Returned?   Why isn't there an audit trail of what happened to them, .... the iPads that is?   Who has the two iPads now because they were purchased solely because of the Pilot program.

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RossK said...


And contrast that with a whole bunch of folks who will NOT, apparently, be getting Christmas presents this year thanks to Ms. Clark and Co....

Have to balance that budget don't you know.

More on that coming soon on the next installment of 'The Sixty-Four Million Dollar Question'.....