Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Dumb Dora" Clark comes to mind for Comedy Acts: Cheech & Chong, Chin & Clark, MacIntyre & Clark, Olson & Clark; "Burns and Allen"

XXI Mens (Latin), 21 months, TWENTY - ONE MONTHS, and Premier Clark hasn't found a Press Secretary that she can team up with that doesn't have a Best Before Date!

MacIntyre seemed “blindsided and bereft” at her firing after eight months in the job, Palmer notes. - Paul Willcocks - Paying attention

 Maybe all these hirings and firings has more to do with Photo Ops, than it is to show that the Premier is unable to work with anyone longer than seven months.  Of course it might just be a ploy to show that Canada Jobs Starts Here.

Genuine Comedy routines, First and Last, everything in the middle is a FARCE:

Cheech and Chong 
   Richard Cheech Marin  bio  
            "Tin Cup" Caddy (Romeo Posar) for Kevin Costner (Roy McAvoy)

  Tommy Chong lives lived in West Vancouver, still has the house.

Chin and Clark
      Ben Chin lives in Vernon (now) and Chris Clark  lives........... 
Vancouver, maybe

Macintyre and Clark
    Sarah  MacIntyre lives in Victoria???, and Christy Clark lives.... in a plane

Olson and Clark
     Chris Olson is ....? and Christy Clark "lives "with an RCMP secret service agent according to FOI

Burns and Allen 

Cheech and Chong comedy act was absolutely marvelous;

As for the Premier's comedy act of 21 months, and counting, will Chin and Clark last?

MacIntyre and Clark should have had their "partnership" annulled;

Olson and Clark ......  Olson should have been the level-headed-Cigar-smoking "Burns" because Clark has "Allen's" character nailed, which is "often attributed to the "Dumb Dora" stereotype common in early 20th-century vaudeville comedy." Wikipedia

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