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Christy Clark to impose "Head Taxes" on German, Italian and Japanese students, so too Student accommodation suppliers

2 UPDATEs:  December 6, 2012, near Bottom

During the 2009 provincial election, a few BC Liberal Party members took it upon themselves to use tactics designed to scare the pants off the Chinese Community by suggesting that the BC NDP would implement a Head Tax, if they were elected.   The BC NDP had NO opportunity to combat that intentional misinformation, nor did Elections BC have a chance during the election process to stop all of the Chinese language brochures from being distributed by Canada Post.  The RCMP became involved, but only after a formal complaint was made, and then it took a whole year before the matter was settled before the Courts.  Bill Tieleman has all the background info.

Not really settled, because the poor MLA who was elected by a slim margin, has suffered greatly because of the actions of the FEW from within his own BC Liberal Party.  He had no knowledge of how his election was being run, he had no chance to review the actions of those FEW rogues, and because of their illegal activities, they assaulted our rights to unfettered Democratic elections. The MLA has been the subjected to many injustices against him, through no fault of his own.  The MLA was once, twice, the Solicitor General of British Columbia under Gordon Campbell's half mandate. The MLA was never given the chance to be a Minister again, Harry Bloy was, during Christy Clark's last half of the Mandate "won" in the 2009 election.  Go figure.

During Clark's run for the Leadership of the BC Liberal Party, she made a promise to the Press, and therefore the Public.   Her Trademark, her Stamp, her Hallmark of her Administration started out with a PROMISE of a SNAP election.   The only thing that the Public has heard is Snapping of Fingers:  "You're Fired, no, I'll except your Resignation, no Audit Trail"


Head taxes were thought to have left the Canadian Scene in 2006, officially, with an Apology, but Christy Clark's government, as of today, the Premier is overhauling the international student programs.  However, with the ever changing Press Secretaries to the Premier going in and out the revolving door, third one in 21 months, it seems that someone forgot to tell her of the speech she made from a downtown Kamloops podium earlier this year on the value of International Students:

 "International students who study in B.C. create thousands of jobs and bring millions of dollars into local economies," said Clark. "Our universities are job creators. We are setting clear targets to dramatically increase the number of international students coming to B.C. These students will also help build strong relationships between B.C., Canada and the rest of the world." - Christy Clark

Christy Clark's one time Minister for Advance Education came out with this gem in the same Posting on the BC Liberal Party's Website:

"Our educational institutions are renowned for their quality, which is what drives nearly 94,000 students a year to B.C. to further their education," said Advanced Education Minister Naomi Yamamoto. "We are currently engaging with institutions and communities on a more targeted, co-ordinated and strategic approach that takes advantage of the growth opportunities and maximizes the economic, social and cultural benefits for B.C. communities to remain successful in what is a hugely competitive environment."
The BC Liberal Party Website doesn't say When the 94,000 number was published, but it's no later than September 5, 2012..... because....of this, from the BC Legislative Library:
"Minister Yamamoto, Naomi,  was the Advanced Education Minister which Started:  2011-03-14 Ended:  2012-09-05"
From the desk of Janet Steffenhagen, for the  Vancouver Sun this morning, she writes....

A proposed overhaul of B.C. international education programs calls for sweeping reforms, including a surcharge on every foreign student attending a K-12 school, better services for those who can't speak English and tough new rules for families who offer student accommodation. 

With 94,000 students a year coming to British Columbia, and many more, supposedly, via Christy Clark's promise in Kamloops, will the BC Liberal Government be applying a $50 a Head on foreigners 1871 dollars..... or will Christy Clark be inflating the Head Tax into 2013 dollars?

 Using a Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator, which doesn't include 1891, but does start at 1921, .... we've used the 94,000 students times the 1891 value of $50......=   $4.7 million

The $50 from 1921, converted to 2013 Dollars.....  is.....$629.90 times 94,000 Students

$59,210,600...... per year

Would the Premier care to clarify how much her Tax will generate?  Will the new tax have a domino effect, a negatively on lost jobs, Families First going to Third or Fourth Placing,  along with the loss of millions from our local economies?
UPDATE December 6, 2012    We couldn't wait around:

The 94,000 figure that Minister Yamamoto used, possibly, is NOT attributable to international foreign Students..... but rather to BC's current enrollment in 25 Post-secondary institutions.

The SurTax that Clark's government is looking at, Will be applied to K to Grade 12 international Students.

Twenty-three out of 25 public post-secondary institutions provided a cohort-data file for 18,052 international students eligible to participate in this project. Source: Page 6
Which leaves the door wide open to try and GUESS, how many International students there are... really,   because they Didn't participate in the survey.

UPDATE 2    Surprise planWe have heard nothing. Zero,” said Patti Bacchus

"And Tough New Rules For Families Who Offer Student Accommodation"

This is Christy Clark's helping hand to Families First?

As a North Shore MLA wrote, gushingly:

I am excited to have been appointed by Premier Christy Clark to the Cabinet's new "Families First" Committee. The creation of this Committee is a result of our new Premier's leadership campaign commitment to ensure that the impact on BC families of every cabinet decision is given careful consideration. Before our first Committee meeting, I'd like to hear what "Families First" means to you. I request your input, so please contact me by email or phone to offer your ideas.  - Public Eye Online - Sean Holman

Mary McNeil (Chair)                           Vancouver-False Creek
Margaret MacDiarmid (Vice Chair)  Vancouver-Fairview
George Abbott                                     Shuswap
Harry Bloy                                            Burnaby-Lougheed
Marc Dalton                                        Maple Ridge-Mission
Michael de Jong                                Abbotsford-West
Dave Hayer                                        Surrey-Tynehead
Gordon Hogg                                    Surrey-White Rock
Joan McIntyre                                 West Vancouver-Sea to Sky
Jane Thornthwaite                         North Vancouver-Seymour
Naomi Yamamoto                          North Vancouver-Lonsdale

 The above, and this Post at the BBC needs some tweaking along the lines of Humpty Dumpty..



How about his, something that BC Minister Ida Chong has written, and we have written into a previous post here.

".......As well, the Ministry will help attract immigrants, temporary foreign workers and international students to live, study and work in B.C., which will help us to meet current and future workforce needs."

Christy Clark has proposed to slapping a tax on those international students who live, study and work in British Columbia ..... Work???? with a Permit,.... Working without a Permit means they get shown the door and sent back to the Mother Country.


Grant G said...

Thanks for that post, the Kash(Free-the-Hash)Heed stuff is priceless, as well as the brochure sent out by Barinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna claiming the NDP would levy head taxes, make prostitution legal, it also claimed the dreaded dippers were legalizing drugs..

Now that`s funny, because Kash Heed is BC`s most well-known proponent in the fight to legalize and decriminalize drugs..

No worries, Ben the spin Chin will alleviate all those Asian concerns over Christy Clark giving HEAD...

Eer, I mean grabbing "head" taxes

Anonymous said...

Once again it is Lower mainland first while us second class citizens{ie the rest of BC} don't count. However as a Vancover Island separatist I feel the lower mainland should separate from the rest of BC as they keep giving us the worst Premiers because as was said by the lieberal cheer;eaders, unless you are from gods part of Bc you can't be prem. Families first ,what a joke.