Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cape Horn Interchange, GPS or MAP, in a NEW ERA of Belt Tightening

For all those folks out there, who trust their GPS completely, you might want, will have to upgrade your North American map database even though you're only interested in the changes being made in Metro Vancouver.

Some GPS manufacturers provide the service for FREE, others for a FEE.

For those who prefer not being told, during the construction of the Port Mann Bridge and it's Ancillaries, where to Go by some English Lady (Garmin), there's an inexpensive method...... It's called    a    MAP.


We've all been complaining about Christy Clark and her BC Liberals spending $64 million of OUR money to promote themselves (BC Liberals), we have to say this.....

For once they've done the right thing and it's going to cost us pennies per person (until Harper kills the penny) but there's a catch imposed by Christy.  You may have heard Finance Minister Mike de Jong's latest Update on the economy for BC, in preparation for Budget 2013, there's an inclusion of a past promise from his predecessor, Finance Minister Kevin Falcon.  Both Finance Ministers have promised that they will be tightening their belts.  We've seen how on one hand they say they're tightening their belts, when in fact they haven't.   Maybe they just don't have the fortitude to keep themselves on their self-imposed "Diet".  Turns out that as of December 12th, 2012, someone else will be enforcing belt tightening upon the current Minister of Finance, and it won't be Christy, never has.

The "credit rating on B.C.'s debt has been downgraded to AAA-negative from AAA-stable by Moody's Investors Service".


Here at the BBC, we have an old family tradition on "belt tightening", a left over from our Parents experience of the Dirty Thirties......   and just so you know, up front, other means to hold pants up, Suspenders, is no different than the oft claimed BC Liberal promises of  "temporarily" Suspending-the-spending of our TAX DOLLARS.

Chapter ONE  ................... Belt Tightening:

Take one belt.

For a  Homeless person ($2), a Commoner a "Banana Republic Embossed Leather Belt" ( $46) and for the Elite of our society, eg. BC Liberal MLAs, a "Burberry Check Print Belt" ($275) and of course there are the MLA travelers to Asia or MPs to UK:

Blackhawk CQB Emergency Rescue Rigger Belt ($30 and up)

Channel your inner law enforcement professional courtesy of this field-tested belt, which is made with parachute-quality buckles and adaptors and constructed with webbing so strong it can support 7,000 lbs. (Jesus, go on a diet, buddy.) You can even use the V-ring for emergency rappelling. Available in black, tan, olive, and desert brown, and in sizes small through large.

Chapter TWO .......... Belt Tightening:

Leaving the "tail long" (Six holes) allows far too much latitude to forgo the New Year pledge to tighten one's belt.   For someone who is somewhat determined to get things under control, but can't, he needs a "minder" .... like an Auditor General....  .

Solution?  Allow three holes to be visible in the "tail" end, not the customary "BC Liberal" all purpose Six.

Three, possibly more, major Dinners in the month of December, last one New Years Eve, way too many.

By the time the appetizers are done with, the normal three holes have been reduced to TWO.  Main Course arrives, consumed with much laughter and talking about BC Economy doing just FINE ,......... belt hole position is down to ONE.

Dessert, mustn't forget dessert, the icing on the cake from a "perfectly healthy life style" of living off the fat of the land, pork barreling all year long; almost four years long; almost twelve years long; and the BC Liberals want MORE at the trough.

Chapter Three ... Belt Tightening:

There's no more holes to release the pressure from within.  The Finance Minister of British Columbia looks to the dessert, looks to his waste, .......... waist, and almost decides .... not to have that dessert.  To solve the problem of no more room to expand, the Finance Minister is advised by his Premier, his Leader, to buy a new belt, to spend his way out of his self imposed dilemma ...... by always leaving six holes's all about the Leader having the right kind of optics.


As to that Cheap Chart, that MAP for pennies-a-person, the BC Liberals have reached back and Deferred, as always, to the BC Minister of Energy, Rich Coleman who came with this MAP from 1981.

Wouldn't it be a nice surprise to have the image above updated to reflect our current ins and outs.....

NEB has their version of the Cape Horn Interchange (2007):

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