Tuesday, November 6, 2012

There's a fly in the BC government Open Information grease: "Did you mean chhina?"

China is spelled China, or it may be spelled "china", however Premier Christy Clark has insisted that the GCPE, aka PAB,  IT guys that she has set in place to do the job on Open Information has included a Google-like bonus like this:  

Did you mean: christy clark chhina september 2012

  Result ONE hit.  That one result is for a Gentleman called Paul Chhina.   We kid you not.   Open Information comes up with this:
1 Results found for 'christy clark chhina september 2012'

... Last sum- mer Premier Clark challenged us to ... Post-Production Team Leader
Christine Fedoruk ... Editors Kim Christie, Aaron Ellingsen, Deirdre Gotto ...
D. Hayer: Good evening. My name is Dave Hayer. I live in Surrey-Tynehead. That's where the new Port Mann Bridge is, the widest bridge in the world. I was just talking here to Paul Chhina, who has lived here for 40 years.   He said this is one of the best places to live, in Kitimat.
Note to D. Hayer: It could be argued that the New Port Mann Bridge is nowhere near Surrey-Tynehead.  Fact is that Riding is 9.4 Kilometers away, to the East, from the Bridge, that's nine minutes driving time.   As to the New Port Mann Bridge being in Surrey, well that's a bald face lie.  All that can truly be said is that one half eighth of the New Bridge is in Surrey, the other half one eighth is in Coquitlam!  Three Quarter of the Bridge is sitting over the Fraser River which is owned by ... Canada, or the British Columbia, unless it's been sold to a foreign Nation via an omnibus bill, without debate........

Which goes a long to explain why there isn't single shred of FOI that shows the departure of Christy Clark's Chief of Staff.  And it will probably explain in the future why there isn't a shred of evidence that Christy Clark and her entourage even went to China, THREE times!  The Premier says she has been to China, but HER Open Information doesn't have a Single instance of her being linked to China... it's just not in their vocabulary..... if you go down her path to downtown Chhina!

We stood our ground and corrected Open Information, the Correct spelling of China, like this:

christy clark china september 2012  with 735 Results.

This is but one example of Open Information, which goes out of it's way to muddy the waters as if it were the Dobell Doctrine being applied to it.

If Christy Clark is truly sincere about her Open Information website, then she should have her IT guys fix it, sure, offer a correction type program like Goolge's, but at least Google provides the CORRECT spelling whereas Clark's only offers INCORRECT spellings.  Gibberish.

All that hard work that Gordon Campbell put in place on November 3, 2010, in his plea deal of "I want to be your Premier for the rest of my mandate" included making young British Columbians to be literate.... and here we have the Government of the BC Liberals doing a 180 degree turn and now want our young people to be illiterate.

 christy clark china september 2012 boessenkool     ZERO Results

Then there is this search:  Chief of Staff  is automatically reduced to lower case.

8260 Results, NOT presented in chronological order either

"chief of staff" in quotes nets 1970 results

First one up is Dan Doyle, Second up is Paul Taylor?????? what the hell happened to Ken Boessenkool or Mike McDonald?   If Ken left under a cloud, what of Mike?

It's as if public records have been shredded, electronically.  ..... and of course, the BC Liberals have imposed the Dobell Doctrine.

As to the oft stated dodge that Premier Christy Clark uses to hide the facts on why her Chief of Staff tendered his resignation:  Page 13 of 14

The requirements of PIPA are clear that an employer may only collect, use or disclose employee personal information without consent where that collection, use or disclosure is reasonable for the purposes of establishing, managing or terminating an employment relationship. If this requirement is met, and the employer notifies the employee in advance, the employer may collect, use or disclose the information without the employee’s consent.

Where's the reasons Premier, for terminating your Chief of Staff?

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