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"Political" strain of Clostridium difficile has been discovered in Burnaby's Hospital caused by Dirty handwork of BC Liberal organizers.

Update Movember 9, 2012 In the reports by Jonathan Fowlie and Vaughn Palmer, and other news media outlets, the Three persons named as being on "the Committee" of the Burnaby General Hospital, were:  Pamela Gardner, Brian Bonney, and Mark Robertson,

It's been difficult to track down the bio's for all three, but here's one CV for Mr. Bonney...... and these Bio's have just been waiting in the wings of  Sean Holman's high-flying Public Eye-Online:  The secret lives of scoutmasters  October 30, 2004   AND if you want more ......... drum roll please:     Here's Brian!!!

Turns out that Clostridium difficile's NAP1/027 version is not more toxic than the one discovered at Burnaby's General Hospital last Summer.  There's now a "political" strain, that is outright deadly to the Government of BC which is still struggling to recover from the effects of inflammatory HST2009.

The Cause is two-fold:  It's now been reported (Jonathan Fowlie), as of October 25, 2012, via a leaked document to the BC NDP which received it from a circular filing cabinet bulletin that was sent out to BC Liberals, which supposedly included their MLA/Ministers earlier this year.   During the Spring Session, over there in the BC Legislature in Victoria where there is a Sick Culture, the NDP rose to ask questions on the C Dif outbreak at Burnaby General Hospital.   The Minister responsible rose to the challenge and stood firmly on the groundwork laid down by the BC Liberal Spin Doctors aka GCPE aka PAB.    However, what the Public was not aware of, the same may be said for the Press, was that three BC Liberals organizers used the intolerable cleaning situation at the Burnaby General  Hospital for their own (BC Liberal Party) political gain.

Forget about seeking real input from real people who are interested only in the well being of the community at large, no, the BC Liberal organizers were only interested in using the C Dif incident to steam roll their way into winning two MLA Ridings in Burnaby.

The Health Minister rattled on about the steps that he, and his predecessor had implemented in their programs, their government accomplishments on the file, their spending of our hard earned money, and of course one mustn't leave out an example of Harry Belafonte's rendition of Man Piaba, where he sings about "... the famous grandy scratch scratch PPP3's, which have not proven to be beneficial to the general public at large.   Think TOLLS and our continuing slide into a larger, and larger Provincial Debt, stretching out to the year 2055.

After the next election in 2013, the following year's Debt owed, will jump SIX times the height of 2013, and it doesn't get any better.
BBC take on the Port Mann Tolls and other Sundry Items
 That's right..... Where were the BC Liberals going to find the funds to build a NEW Burnaby General Hospital, to win two election seats in 2013, AND build it?   A promise, an Election Promise, which have been broken, several times as in BC Rail is not for sale.

Today there are two fine articles written on Burnaby General Hospital.......

The B.C. Liberal government's drive to make over Burnaby Hospital was concocted by a trio of party operatives in an effort to unseat an NDP MLA, prop up a potential B.C. Liberal candidate and win votes in other key ridings, a newly leaked document reveals.

The three B.C. Liberal Party organizers sent a letter to government staff late last year outlining a step-by-step strategy on how to use the hospital issue in Burnaby for maximum political gain. Jonathan Fowlie   Vancouver Sun  November 9, 2012   Video clip

The paper, leaked to my colleague Fowlie and reported elsewhere in The Sun today, leaves no doubt that this whole bogus consultation was concocted from the outset to help the Liberals gain the upper hand politically in Burnaby and adjacent ridings.

One should note too that the politician at the centre of this preposterous exercise was Liberal MLA Harry Bloy, the Typhoid Harry of the government caucus in that everything he touches is soon coughing up blood in political terms.

But he can be counted on to supply a mean paper trail and not just in this episode. When he was dumped from cabinet earlier this year, his sin was relaying a tell-all email about a Province newspaper investigation to the very company that the paper was investigating. - Vaughn Palmer Vancouver Sun  November 9, 2012

Going back to the Spring Session:

Page 11115
S. Hammell: I think it is important that we are mindful of some facts. After an outbreak at Burnaby the health authority ordered a spring cleaning, calling on staff from other hospitals to accomplish this. Immediately after the spring cleaning Burnaby Hospital again failed its cleaning audit. This confirmed what the department head said in January — that systemic problems with cleaning were a factor in the C. difficile outbreak in Burnaby.

What the minister must find out now is whether these same problems are present at Royal Columbian and other hospitals. Will the minister tell this House what steps he's taken to ensure that our major hospitals are meeting cleaning standards and that they have effective disease controls in place?

Hon. M. de Jong: Part of what the hon. member offered is helpful and even accurate. There was an audit conducted at Burnaby Hospital. We set very high standards — 85 percent, based on the methodology employed through the cleaning audit. The hospital scored 83 percent — not good enough but hardly an indication, as the member has tried to characterize it, of abject failure.
We take the issue very, very seriously. The health authority dedicates the staff and took proactive steps to bring in Dr. Gardam and Dr. Cochrane to develop a strict set of recommendations that are in the process of being implemented.

I realize the facts don't always lend themselves to the kind of political narrative that the member may want to advance. But the facts speak for themselves that the health authority and the people working in those hospitals are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that people can attend and seek treatment in those hospitals in a clean,safe environment. Video and the Written word  Hansard
Lot's of visitors, at least by our standards, on this topic, one in particular, from Guelph, Ontario, which caught our attention only because it was from a Hospital.   Doesn't mean that it was THE Hospital that was inquiring, but rather a concerned Patient, or a visitor to the Patient.....???  We took a closer look though, because of what we've seen for Hospital Statistics here in British Columbia, which are all inside PDF files which need to be opened separately.

Ontario allows it's citizens to be kept informed:  Here's a link to Ontario's Open Information, that is OPEN to the Public.

Not related to Ontario, ONLY in BC, you say:
Political Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) is a bacterium that causes verbal diarrhea and more serious intestinal conditions such as colitis of the throat. It is the most common cause of infectious verbal diarrhea among politicians patients in hospitals and long-term care facilities.  - Page  Sec1:14  20 of 84


Grant G said...

Thank you for the info...

Anonymous said...

For an interesting bit of how to 'screw up' politically check out the 'History of Brian B." See T.E.A.M for Burnaby council background.

e.a.f. said...

Considering the "government" was going to look into the infection problems at Burnaby General, I never did expect the report to be anything but a bunch of junk. This inability to keep hospitals clean & people from dying, can be laid at the feet of one gordo campbell. He fired the HEU hospital cleaners & the dirt and bodies have piling up ever since.

To keep a hospital clean is both a difficult & easy job. It is difficult because the cleaning has to be constant, with appropriate equipment & cleaners, dedicated staff who will work, on site management reporting to the ceo of the hospital. Its easy because once you have the staff, equipment, schedule, etc. you just keep doing it on a very regular basis.

these contracts, which stipulate cleaning of a hospital room bathroom, once a day does no one any good. Some one vomits, has diahria, etc.' does the room get cleaned immediately? No, they either have to wait for authorization or the next day. In the middle of a procedure & the O.R. needs emergency cleaning, need to wait for authorization. Not from a dr. who is working but some third party, who has to be phoned.

No one except the on site representative of the cleaning company can authorize cleaning not provided for in the contract. If its not in the contract, it doesn't get done or it has to wait until the hospital contract stipulates it can be done.

HEU staff stayed in their jobs for years. The job was decently paid, with benefits. current contract staff will leave as soon as they find a better job. they haven't any interest in the job, nor can they be blamed.

The culture of cleaning in hospitals has been lost. Whether it ever comes back is not known. The contracts are awarded so that one government inherits the contracts from the former. To get rid of them is costly. For people to die from infection is only costly for those who die & their family & friends. It has to be made costly for the government before it will change. It would be nice to see a class action against the government for failure to provide adequate care in our hospitals. We pay premiums for medical care. There should be an expectation of reasonable care. Reasonable care, in my opinion, includes having a relatively decently clean hospital. At the rate things are going I'd rather have surgery at my vet's office.

The report was never meant to provide for a "fix". The "fix" has been in since gordo fired the HEU cleaners. If we want clean hospitals, go out & re hire as many of the previous cleaners & managers as possible. Then go back to cleaning the way it was done before Gordo Campbell fired all the HEU cleaners.