Saturday, November 3, 2012

LLBC "Add to your Wish List" "The Man Game"

"Isn't there a Public Library in Victoria that MLAs and staff may go to, to get books, on FICTION?"

Why are taxpayers dollars being spent on novels?   ..... like Deadly Politics or The Man Game  

Five blocks away from the BC Legislature, there is the Greater Victoria Public Library at 735 Broughton Street, Victoria, BC V8W 3H2

Convenient Hours too:
 Mon 9-6 | Tue 9-9 | Weds 9-9 | Thurs 9-9   Fri 9-6 | Sat 9-6 | Sun 1-5


The BC Legislative Library is somewhat more tightly run.....

Library Hours

The Library's hours are 8:30 a.m - 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.  However, when the Legislature is sitting, the Library is open only to Members of the Legislative Assembly and legislative staff.  Before coming to use the Library it is best to call (250-387-6510) to ensure that we are open.

Who Are Our Clients?

The primary purpose of the Library is to provide reference and research services to the Members of the Legislative Assembly, their staff, the Officers of the House, and legislative support staff. The Library will assist provincial government researchers and members of the public when this service does not conflict with the needs of these primary users. The Library does not provide legal advice or do legal research.


The core collection consists of political science, parliamentary procedure, public administration, economics and Canadian history. There is also a significant collection of British Columbia and Canadian federal government publications.

If you've clicked on "....provide reference and research services....." above, you know already that not all material is what you would expect to find:  eg LegLib cobwebs and RCMP   and sado-masochism

There are Hidden Gems, their words, not ours... under the heading of Featured Collections.


By Kevin Chong

The Man Game

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