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Did Christy use the Public's Treasury to Sucker Punch the Job Training Initative for the BC LIberal Party's election team..... and Ed Mayne said "it" as it is!

In the Leadership Race for the BC Liberal Party, which Christy Clark won, would any of the other candidates be facing the same ...... challenges .... of optics today?

It would appear the BEST one for the BC Liberal Party's GOOD fortunes ..... no baggage.... had the ability to clearly foresee the future of how damaging backroom deals are, and not just during the Leadership race, but afterwards too, like in the recent "run-up" of nominations for Abbotsford.

Could it possibly be that Ed Mayne, the first Candidate to bow out,  is a prophet? Was Mayne able to see the mind-meld going on between Rich Coleman and Mike de Jong as to who would get their singular nod from the TOP down, and not from the Constituencies UP.

As Laila writes it  "the saga continues".

Here's Ed Mayne, with a straight shooting Quote from the hip: 
“People are tired of the old political systems of back room deals and from the premier’s office down, dictation of policy,” he said. “I think people want to see it from the constituencies up, and we’re not seeing that.”  -  By Yolande Cole,

Thank You Ed.


Since the "leadership race, there appears to have been a new door installed at the "sick culture" Victoria branch office, a revolving hiring and firing door which wasn't missed by the Opposition.

From BC Hansard on "Debates,  Wednesday, June 1, 2011, Afternoon Sitting,Volume 24, Number 3"

A. Dix: It's one thing to say it; it's another thing to do it — right? So the Premier had unfettered access and spent $2.7 million firing people, not giving them other places but firing them, so there's a big payout — $2.7 million. She had unfettered access to hire anyone she wanted, and she did. So the question is: how did she do? What's the report out? How did she reflect her own diversity goals when she had unfettered access to hire anyone she wanted? How did she do? 

Hon. C. Clark: As I said, we are working on it. We have a lot of progress yet to make on this. It's an issue that I'm very, very much alive to. I absolutely am committed to making sure that our public service reflects the community that we serve.........

Premier Christy Clark's inner Office hiring and firing seems to speak to the Public of her inability to keep those individuals close at hand.  They're not being paid chump change, they're being paid big bucks out of the British Columbia Treasury just so the Premier can shove her back-of-the-pack-political-party to new heights.  As it is, her only foreseeable destination is being decimated at the polls in May of 2013. 

But what if her original game plan for the top three hirings, of Mike McDonald, Dimitri Pantazopoulos and Ken Boessenkool, was planned from the outset?  That they were hired as "temporary foreign workers" first to have them hired using Treasury monies, to then move on to form an election Team, in preparation for the May 2013 Election.   How else to bring them into the fold when two of them were working in Ottawa?  It would certainly set the tone as to who was running the show, inside and out by first having them re-locating to the West coast from the East Coast. 

Her inner circle has had many tinkerings, recorded in a BBC Post from January 12, 2012:

Office of the Premier executive branch (January 2012)
 MDM Key Contact List
Victoria Office

1 Mike McDonald (chief of staff) Ken Boessenkool
2 Dimitri Pantazopoulos (principal secretary) Mike McDonald
3 Kim Haakstad (deputy chief of staff, operations)

4 Shane Mills (director of communications)Feb 2011 Sara MacIntyre
4A Shane Mills (Director of Issues Management)
Doug Brown (manager, communications and issues management)
Spencer Sproule (Senior Issues Management Coordinator)
5 Dimitri Pantazopoulos (senior advisor)
6 Trevor Halford (senior communications coordinator)
10A Rebecca Scott (communications officer and deputy press secretary)
Barindar Bhullar (Senior Outreach Coordinator)
7 Stacie Diey (communications coordinator)
8 Jessica Hodge (executive assistant to the premier) Gabe Garfunkel
9 Jennifer Chalmers (executive assistant to the chief of staff)
 Vancouver Office
10 Chris Olsen (press secretary)
11 Jim Sheppard (Senior Policy Advisor)
12 Pamela Martin (Director of Outreach)
13 May Lee (Administrative Coordinator)
14 Katherine Bergen (Events Cooridnator)
15 Virginia Bremmer (Exec. Recept. & Admin. Support)
 Another, more recent Post as of September 25, 2012 where Ken Boessenkool had to be replaced by Dan Doyle.

BC's Treasury has been footing the bill for whimsical partisan reasons for far too long, like the notorious one that Campbell and Hanson dreamed up, the lame excuse that the HST was like, you know, "NOT ON MY RADAR".  Check out Norman Farrell's Northern Insight ".... either Campbell and Hansen and support staff were thoroughly incompetent or they were flat-out liars."

Gordon Campbell wasn't the first leader of a political party to nail the lowest single-digit in the category of popularity, but he was a Double recipient of another single-digit, a salute raised by the Public in response to his failed promise that our income taxes were to be cut, which was delayed on his Exit plan and eventually ended up being still-born, which brought Campbell to bend his knee and yield to his inner ambassador charms via a call-to-arms on prime time television to keep the Socialist Horde out.

Christy steps in with a massive infusion of partisan paid advertising, by the BC Treasury .... nowhere near being restricted like that which was written into law in Ontario:

The McGuinty Liberal government's Government Advertisement Act, passed in 2004 and in force as of 2006, eliminates public funding for advertisements whose primary objective is "to promote the partisan political interests of the governing party  Page 7 of 14
 In Vaughn Palmer's column on Friday:   "Liberals' $15-million job ads campaign hidden deep in contingency funding."

All part of a dramatic spike in advertising outlays by the Liberals.  For the last year under Gordon Campbell, the government spent $17.5 million for all categories of advertising and publications.  In Clark's first year, the tally was $35.5 million, a near doubling.

The sooner Christy leaves the Office of the Premier of British Columbia........ call a snap election Christy because your political fortunes are in a tail-spin!
Today, in another Vaughn Palmer Column, there's this:

 ......What actually happened is that the party sent two emissaries to pressure Gill to vacate Abbotsford South. Coleman played the good cop, visiting Gill at his home and urging him to switch to neighbouring Abbotsford-Mission, where Liberal Randy Hawes was retiring.

When Coleman's sweet talk failed to persuade Gill, along came regional director Brian Burley, who told Gill party headquarters would not permit him to run in South and his only choice was Mission.  .....
Here's a finely honed Post by Norman Farrell correcting CBC's Stephen Smart's take on the Angus Reid poll of how the BC Liberals are now the best in the West:

Smart's 5pm news report today was egregious. He suggested the current Angus Reid poll indicates an important shift that gives new hope to BC Liberals. The claim was misleading and not backed up by fact.
Final POST-it-NOTE:  Who sits upon the Treasury Board, representing the interests of the Premier and the  BC Liberal Party?  Well, for a start, the two movers and shakers for John van Dongen's Riding of Abbotsford et al.   Outgoing MLAs Colin Hansen and John Les too.  What is interesting is that when an MLA says they are not going to be running for re-election, the Premier cuts them out..... however, in this case, Christy has left Hansen and Les in place, Pity.

Treasury Board:  Mike de Jong (Chair), Shirley Bond (Vice-Chair), Ida Chong, Rich Coleman, Pat Bell, Terry Lake, Ben Stewart, Colin Hansen, John Les, John Rustad, Doug Horne, Pat Pimm

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