Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Corruption in Quebec's crumbling Infrastructures: Has the rest of Canada been paying too much in Equalization Payments?

Sometimes it's difficult to keep track of the goings on in other provinces, Quebec is the one exception to the rule.   We've seen plenty of news clips of the padding and kickback on bids (iPolitics), shared with City officials and others, but there's this little .... question that we would ask:

 "Have Canadians, not living in Quebec, been contributing to that Province's Mafia's, and others well being?"

We should be saying NO, to any more equalization payments to Quebec, until they've opened up their financial records........ to the other Provinces..., or as Parliamentary Bureau writes:

.... Equalization isn't the only federal transfer program to the provinces, of course. Ottawa hands out about $30 billion a year through the Canada Health Transfer and another $12 billion through the Canada Social Transfer to help provinces with various social programs, plus universities and colleges, plus a program to subsidize the territories and other weird side deals. But equalization is the main source of free money for the provinces to spend any way they like. And Quebec is pocketing the biggest share of it and still snarls.
.....This year alone, Quebec will take $7.4 billion from equalization while paying in just $2.9 billion. The $4.5 billion it gets free and clear certainly helps the provincial government spend $62.5 billion a year to buy votes with things like subsidized daycare and tuition. Without it, the deficit of debt-ridden Quebec would more than double.  - Toronto Sun August 20, 2012

Wikipedia   has a few words to say about equalization as well:

Quebec will receive the most from equalization payments in the 2012-2013 year.[4]
However, per capita, PEI benefits the most. In the 2012-2013 year, the following provinces will receive equalization payments:[4]
  • Quebec ($7.391 billion)
  • Ontario ($3.261 billion)
  • Manitoba ($1.671 billion)
  • New Brunswick ($1.495 billion)
  • Nova Scotia ($1.268 billion)
  • Prince Edward Island ($337 million)
The following provinces will not qualify for equalization payments in 2012-2013:[4]
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • British Columbia
Huff Post has a "nice" take on Quebec's Scandal too.....   and it's from today, November 14  2012

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