Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BC Liberal Minister Ida Chong is promoting Temporary Foreign Workers

Ida Chong's boss (her "employer", the same "employer" who accepted her Chief of Staff's resignation)   christy clark says yes to temporary foreign workers

Ministry of Regional Economic and Skills Development

On Page 3: Ida Chong:

The Ministry’s role is to identify the needs of our present and future economies so we can focus the energies and expertise of our training partners to deliver high quality post-secondary education and skills training. As well, the Ministry will help attract immigrants, temporary foreign workers and international students to live, study and work in B.C., which will help us to meet current and future workforce needs. The Ministry will support new immigrants to successfully settle and integrate into
welcoming and inclusive communities, supporting multiculturalism in our diverse society. We will also continue to help expand regional economies by increasing regional economic development by diversifying economies, and helping B.C.’s communities respond to the social, economic and environmental effects that can impact their future success.  
 And Chong goes on:

The Ministry of Regional Economic and Skills Development 2011/12 – 2013/14 Service Plan was prepared under my direction in accordance with the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act. I am accountable for the basis on which the plan has been prepared and for achieving the specific objectives in that plan.

Honourable Ida Chong, FCGA
Minister of Regional Economic and Skills Development
Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism
February 3, 2011 

Immigrants and newcomers are critical to the economic and social prosperity of our province. The Ministry actively attracts and recruits immigrants and temporary foreign workers with in-demand skills and entrepreneurial potential. The Ministry supports new immigrants once they arrive through English as a Second Language training, skills upgrading, qualifications recognition and settlement assistance programs.  Source:  Page 6 of

Page 20

Immigration is critical to sustaining B.C.’s population and economic growth. From now until 2019, immigrants are needed to fill one third of 1.126 million job openings in B.C..

Immigrants and newcomers do more than increase workforce numbers, they add to community renewal and innovation by contributing their ideas and energy to the social, civic and cultural fabric of the province’s communities and workplaces.

WelcomeBC, (FREE ENGLISH CLASSES) supported cut by Harper, the Canada-BC Immigration Agreement, brings together provincial policies, programs and services needed to attract, select and ultimately integrate immigrants and newcomers to B.C.. Integration is a two-way process: it involves commitment on the part of immigrants and newcomers to adapt to life in British Columbia, and on the part of British Columbians to welcome and adapt to new people and cultures.

With responsibility for multiculturalism, the Ministry, through EmbraceBC, inspires all community members, residents and sector leaders to welcome, accept and embrace difference, on both personal and institutional levels. The Ministry’s leadership towards inclusiveness and cultural diversity makes British Columbia a desirable place to live and a premier destination for new immigrants.

The province welcomes over 40,000 immigrants per year from 182 countries speaking 150 languages, one-third of whom are children and youth. Two-thirds come from the Asia Pacific Region. In addition, each year B.C. is a destination of choice for 120,000 temporary workers and international students.

By supporting immigrants and newcomers’ successful settlement and integration into communities, B.C. increases the economic, social and cultural contribution of immigrants and secures our reputation as an attractive and welcoming destination for all.

At any given point on the immigration pathway – from pre-arrival to full integration – WelcomeBC’s policies, programs and services touches all aspects of an immigrant’s life: education, literacy, health, justice, employment and all social services.

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Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell sold our resources out to Communist China too. We knew way back in Campbell's time....The Chinese were going to school to learn 100 English words, so they could take the BC mining jobs. Campbell had already shipped BC mills to China, along with our raw logs. Even when CSIS warned about Communist China's huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. No-one would listen.

We knew Christy was lying in her teeth, about Chinese miners taking BC jobs. We knew that, a very long time ago.

Now, Justin Trudeau has approved of the Nexen-China deal, he reneged on his words. Some time back, Mulcair agreed, Canada needed the oil sales.

They are bringing American oil workers over. They are bringing American war vets to work here.

China is taking the tar pit jobs. Harper has given Communist China permission to sue, anyone blocking China on anything, such as the Enbridge pipeline.

They know Harper cheated to win the election. The robo-calls were spoken of, before the Federal election. So, Harper lied in his teeth.

Elizabeth May, was the only one who spoke up about Harper's Treason. The rest of them, were useless, gutless wonders.

However, I feel the opposition knew all about Harper dividing Canada between the U.S. and Red China. Canadians are not getting the resource jobs. We have thousands of University and College grads, with huge student loans. They really need good paying jobs. However, they are not getting those jobs. The U.S. and Red China are.

Flaherty said. Harper is going to do something stupid. Could it be this. Harper gave a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept 25/2007.

I'm sure they were just waiting for the American election, to be over with and done. Now they have made their move.

I have felt for so long. Get BC the hell out of Harper's Canada.