Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BC Cabinet Appointments, and Recindments, of two Adversaries in the sale of the Choo Choo thing (BC Rail)

Just imagine, going into your first Cabinet meeting in Victoria where no notes are to be taken, no Minutes are recorded and anything that is scribbled down is quickly shredded.  Oh, and one other minor detail, you're sworn to Secrecy not to reveal anything to an outsider. What would you do, as a Minister, to be able to Scrum with the Press?  Or, is it a one off thing, where the MA's (Ministerial Assistants) are constantly tugging at the elbows of their pin-striped Ministers who are ALL answerable to the Premier (Gordon and Christy)?

What if you, as a BC Liberal Minister, is forced to be grilled by the Press later?  Your story-line would have to remain constant, without one piece of extraneous material being thrown at you.  Do the MA's have a secret filing cabinet that they can refer back to, or have they truly shredded every document like in the Dobell Doctrine theory as proposed by The Gazetteer.

..... The Liberals, headed by Mr. Campbell, had promised not to sell the railway during the election campaign in 2001. But in February 2003, the Campbell government followed the board's recommendation and announced a plan to sell the Crown-owned railway. The sale was announced in November 2003. One month later, an unprecedented raid on the provincial legislature was triggered in relation to the transaction. CP Rail publicly dropped out of the auction, complaining the process was unfair.  Source:  Globe and Mail

.... A former BC Rail board member has strongly rejected allegations from the railway's fired president that he was let go in 2001 because of opposition to a "failure strategy" by other executives to run the operation into the ground in order to strengthen the case for selling it.

"That's just absurd," Brian Kenning testified Wednesday, under cross-examination at the political corruption trial of three former ministerial aides. "He was terminated by the board for his personal conduct."  Source:  Globe and Mail

 van Dongen's Appointment and Rescinding is straight forward, just as simple as 1, 2, 3 etc.

Whereas Clark's are double entries..... like this:

 Deputy Premier Christy Clark was there from the birth of the sale of BC Rail, and to the bitter end where the deal was accepted by the Federal Government Competition Bureau of Canada.  BC Rail's arranged marriage to CN Rail, was consummated April of 2004.

If you didn't take our advise last year, on visiting van Dongen's website, now's your chance, because the file has much, much more substance to it:

Briefs from van Dongen which includes a Glossary of code names used by the participants, for example, BC Rail was referred to the "Choo Choo thing":

 If you're looking for Christy Clark's Appointments

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