Friday, October 26, 2012

Chinanization of Canadianization Oil and Gas Industry

The NEP, which some of our critics have described as socialistic, will turn out to be one of the most  powerful spurs to Canadian capitalist endeavors in the history of this country.

Canadian Energy Minister
Marc Lalonde
Financial Post, Feb. 7, 1981

Just so you know, we don't make up the titles for our Posts here at the BBC, on a random basis.  There is a scientific, method to our madness.   What better way to get your attention than mentioning Chinanization over Canadianization?

The deal that the Conservatives have signed with China is DONE.  No recourse for the next 40 years and that Northern Gateway Pipeline will be boosted up to twice the size that is currently being proposed.   China will bleed Canada DRY, with the help of Harper's Conservatives.

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Energy: The Roots of National Policy - Toronto Working Papers in ...
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by L Pratt - 1982 - Cited by 11 - Related articles
The principal object of our enquiry will be the second of these aims - the Liberal program for Canadianizing the oil and gas industries. Although. Canadianization ...

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Anonymous said...

Right. When I said, get BC the hell out of Harper's Canada, everyone jumped down my neck.

Canada is gone. Harper thieved and sold our resources to Red China. They also own all the jobs.

Red China owns all of BC's resources, plus all of the jobs.

CSIS even warned about, China's huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically named. Campbell sold BC out to red China too. Christy just solidified, her part of sell out to China.

The only politician that isn't in on this take over of China, is Elizabeth May.

All of the jobs are being taken by China. The stupid people, ranted and raved at those who said, there are no jobs from the tar sands for Canadians. The Enbridge pipeline, has no jobs for Canadians. Good grief, do they see it now?

Even the BC NDP, has said one damned word, about this crap that is going on in BC.

Well, we were warned, if Harper got his, so called majority, we could kiss Canada good-bye.

Welcome to, Communist Canada.