Sunday, October 7, 2012

4,500 people; 30 Open Houses and over 100 Stakeholders brought about Tolls on the Port Mann Bridge

Like the HST.....       Similar to the HST, you would have thought that the common sense approach as to whether or not the public would prefer to have to pay a toll, to cross the Fraser River, via the Port Mann Bridge, when there has never been a toll within the last 49 years, should have been put to us, via that hated word, hated by the BC Liberals.........  a Referendum, to set it right.

As it turns out the BC Liberal government implemented a public consultation process to determine if they, the public, not the majority of the public, but a small group, wanted to have Tolls on the Port Mann Bridge.    And surprise surprise they did.

There's this document called "Port Mann / Highway 1 Project  Project Brief for potential bidder May 22, 2007"   Check out Page 11,

And page 13...... If you've read the not so Fine Print above, you have probably noticed that the Respondents were told that there would be a TWIN set of bridges in place.... not a singular one.   The Respondents were led to believe that there would be an ALTERNATE route they could take to circumnavigate TOLLS and they wouldn't have to drive all the way over to the Pattullo Bridge.

The BC Liberals said they heard from thousands of people via their website, and at one time there was, is, an accumulation of those individual records that backs up the right for the BC Liberals to charge.... down the path, of Tolls:

 Three thriving centres of South Western BC were consulted:

Community consultation has been integral to the PMH1 Project from its earliest stages. Since 2006, project staff have met with more than 4,500 community members, hosted over 30 open houses and more than 100 stakeholder meetings, and heard from thousands of people via the website.

Consultation participants have provided input on a variety of topics, including the design of the project, traffic management plans, tolling, how to minimize the impact of construction and what they’d like to see in terms of noise reduction measures and landscaping.

The PMH1 Improvement Project team will continue to meet with community members, local organizations and other stakeholders affected by the project as construction moves forward in each area. Local area consultations on noise mitigation are expected to be complete by early 2012.

We notify the community and other stakeholders whenever we are hosting a consultation session or asking for input on the project. This includes posting notices on the website, advertisements in the community newspaper and information mailed to local area residents and businesses as appropriate.

To receive an email about consultations in your area, please subscribe to email updates.
Results of consultations prior to 2009 are available in the Resource section of our website; while consultations since 2009 are listed in the relevant Community sections on the left-hand side of the page. 

18 questions were asked......

As it turned out, it only had to be a majority of those who participated in the questionnaire, as in 51% over 49%.... a simple majority suffices.

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