Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Who's in favour of Tasseographying Christy Clark's tea cup contents, for her?

We're asking for Volunteers here because Christy certainly isn't having any luck with her primal human desire .. "primal"  defined as ...

" Relating to an early stage in evolutionary development primeval."
 Tasseography, otherwise known as tasseomancy or tassology, is the art of tea leaf reading. "Tasse" or "tass" is an Arab root, meaning small cup or goblet.

Tea leaf reading is an ancient practice interpreting patterns made by tea leaves in the cup. In addition to the reading of tea leaves, the tradition of tasseography includes the reading of coffee grounds and wine sediments.

Although tasseography is commonly associated with Gypsy fortunetellers, the tradition of tea leaf reading arises independently from Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece. Modern tasseography has also been associated with the Scottish, Irish and cultures throughout Eastern Europe.

The significance of the ubiquitous, cross cultural and historical pervasiveness of tea, coffee and sediment reading may be related to the primal human desire for understanding the self...........SNIP

In a Justine Hunter column, in the Globe and Mail, entitled Clark questioned about secrecy in Boessenkool misconduct, there's a few too many inconsistencies that need answering, directly, by Premier Christy Clark.

Since when does "misconduct" by one of her political appointees, involving a female subordinate, deserve special treatment, basically via an In-Camera process that the Premier said she followed as set out by the public service agency?

The Premier says that there was an investigation done by the public service agency which handles interviews with the two parties and witnesses, and then offer advices on the Premier’s options.   What?!

The Premier's options?

May the public see those options, just to determine if she went down the right path, because denial track has failed so far?

Ms. Clark left with Mr. Boessenkool for a trade mission to China the day after the incident and spoke with him about it soon after. “I had a number of conversations with Ken as the details came to light,” she said Tuesday.- Justine Hunter - Globe and Mail link above

What about the reason as to why Mr. Boessenkool felt that there was a need to tender his resignation, but waited two weeks, while he went off on a international trade trip (China) with the Premier one day after the incident?  The Premier says that she had a number of conversations with Ken, we bet she did, but wasn't that the responsibility of the third party public service agency, who would then advise the Premier?

When was this China trade trip planned?   Was Mr. Boessenkool booked for the flight as well, or was it a just a spur of the moment decision?  Has anyone done an FOI?

The Premier said: “I am bound to respect the privacy of the individuals involved in this.” - Christy Clark

Sounds like she only spoke to one person, what about the other person, may we call her, a victim?

We're all for protecting the privacy rights of victims, especially children, but those involved in this incident, were mature adults, both working for the BC Government.  What it sounds like, thus far, is that the victim should have been interviewed by the RCMP, not a public service agency.

Why oh why, do we have the odd feeling that what we are looking at, is another BC Rail look-alike investigation?   The Chief of Staff, who has the status of a Deputy Minister to the Premier, who has all other Deputy Ministers reporting to him, takes flight, instead of standing his ground.

Statutory Authority: Public Service, ss. 14 and 15
Effective February 15, 2012,
a) the Schedule to OIC 71/2011 is amended by adding:
Kenneth Jan Boessenkool, Chief of Staff, Premier, and
Michael McDonald, Principal Secretary, Premier
b) Kenneth Jan Boessenkool, Chief of Staff, Office of the Premier is declared to have the status of a deputy minister.
c) Michael McDonald, Principal Secretary, Office of the Premier is declared to have the status of a deputy minister.

Statutory Authority: Public Service, s. 15
Various appointments to the Office of the Premier are made. Ministerial Assistant and Executive Assistant appointments to the office of the Minister are made.

Appointment by Lieutenant Governor in Council  (Christy)

15  (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may appoint persons the Lieutenant Governor in Council considers
(a) will be acting in a confidential capacity to the Lieutenant Governor, Executive Council or a member of the Executive Council, or
(b) will be appointed to a position that requires special professional, technical or administrative qualifications.
(2) A person referred to in subsection (1) (a) or (b) may be appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council on terms and conditions, including remuneration, authorized by the Lieutenant Governor in Council or set out in the regulations.
(3) This Act, other than subsections (1) and (2) and sections 21 and 25 (3), does not apply to a person appointed under this section.
Interpretation Guidelines Manual   Index
 Examples of “just cause” for termination

The degree of employee misconduct which gives an employer just cause for termination depends on the facts of each case. One thing to be considered is whether the employee behaved in a manner that was not consistent with the continuation of employment.
Sometimes a single act of misconduct may constitute just cause. The misconduct must be serious, deliberate and intentional, and fundamentally breach the employment contract.


Anonymous said...

'just cause' was met - why was he allowed to resign? should have been fired.

Looking for raw video of the whole Monday Sept. 24 press conference where CC announced the Boessenkool resignation - any links appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I think another question should be, did Boessenkool get a golden handshake on the way out. I'm betting he did.

Anonymous said...

" while he went off on a international trade trip (China) with the Premier one day after the incident? " Wow... I haven't read that in any other media story. So this guy goes out & gets plastered, makes a rude motion to a staffer & then he's off to China ? Sounds like a weekend at Bernie's. I have no respect for the Liberals but I must ask... you're sure about this?

Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

Anon 8:18

We have no idea where a video would be...
Anon 2:54

CC has so far said that there was no severance payout

Guy in Victoria

We've updated our Post to include the exact wording that Justine Hunter wrote:

"Ms. Clark left with Mr. Boessenkool for a trade mission to China the day after the incident and spoke with him about it soon after. “I had a number of conversations with Ken as the details came to light,” she said Tuesday."

Anonymous said...

Groper Boessenkool isn't Harper's only drunk degenerate. Campbell was so drunk, he drove on the wrong side of the road. Harper hired Bruce Carson, a many times convicted criminal to work for him. Harper's ranting, raving Ministers, call Canadian people many names. Harper is pretty good at the name calling as well.

Christy chose to work for Harper, as Campbell did before her. Now that Boessenkool has failed to force the Enbridge pipeline through?? What are the odds, Harper ordered Christy to go to Alberta, and sign the approval with Premier Redford, for the Enbridge pipeline? I bet. Christy will come back and say, she signed a wonderful deal for BC, with Premier Redford.

This is a wait and see, if my guess is right.

e.a.f. said...

gee his letter says he told her all about it right away so how can she say, as the details came to light". Or maybe when she refers to details came to light" actually means when the press started finding out about it.

She had talks with Ken, gee what I wuoldn't have paid to be in the room for that "little chat".

What he did is wrong. What christie clark did is worse.
She really needs to go, now.

North Van's Grumps said...


If she was gone already, maybe the BC Liberals wouldn't be suffering in the polls.