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The Sea To Sky Highway does have a Toll, just not like the Port Mann Bridge which doesn't even have a river to cross

Laila Yuile wrote this first part back on October 25, 2010:

The BC Liberal Government on the Sea to Sky Highway, is paying a Shadow Toll to the Concessionaire.

2002 Legislative Session: 3rd Session, 37th Parliament
Hon. J. Reid: It states in the policy document that was released with this piece of proposed legislation, which was actually introduced in the House last spring, that the business case for any toll road would have to have a calculation where the benefits to the travelling public would have to exceed the tolls. Along with that there has to be a business case that, in order to get a private sector…. Obviously, if your tolls are too high, people won’t use that route, and they can’t have a return on investment. There does have to be a reason that works.     NOTE:   In the link above Search for        Obviously 

From Laila Yuile's blog

Why Shadow Tolls versus No Tolls:  "A Shadow Toll means no driver disincentive to use road"

With Port Mann Bridge II, where there is a far greater amount of traffic, being penalized twice per day,  do they, you, feel a "driver disincentive to use road" coming on?  Do you want to use any other river crossing, for FREE.   We bet you do.

Now you may be wondering where the shadow toll money is going to, in de Jong's Ministry of Finance......or where it has been coming from since the highway opened up for speeders just before the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

All British Columbian motorists who travel in the South Western corner of the Province, except Vancouver Islanders (who get dinged in the same fashion) pay a TAX on the motor fuel.  That's one reason as to why our fuel tax is so much higher than anywhere else in North America.   Yes, you read that correctly.   The Shadow Toll on the Sea to Sky Highway is counted / recorded from a downtown Vancouver Office of Kiewit.    And then the money is doled out on the sly to the Concessionaire.  And the value of that payout is NOT declared to the very last day..... 35 years down the road since the beginning of the construction of the Sea to Sky Highway.


By the embedded counters on every major highway in British Columbia that the BC Liberals installed....for  future "choking" off of "free" travel.  And coincidentally, the one counter that is not made public is the one just above HorseShoe Bay..... wouldn't want the public to have access in an OPEN DATABASE that has shackles on it.  Which leaves one wondering just how much more OPEN INFORMATION is being denied to the PUBLIC by the BC Liberals.

As to the Toll on the Port Mann Bridge II, the reason that the Government can forgo the full $3 per vehicle, and settle in for a $1.50 loss, it's because all the government is really giving up, in short pain gain, is that in essence they are missing out on their 75 cents cut which was never intended to stay in the collection pot which is administered by a Third Party to pay off the Bridge.   The BC Liberals have it written into their agreement that 75 cents on every motor vehicle that crosses the Port Mann Bridge will go directly from the Collector to the BC Liberal Government Coffers......... via another Shadow Tax.  Yes, you read that correctly, again.   The BC Liberal Government couldn't exactly show in an OPEN DATABASE, that one source of Revenue was directly related to the TOLLS on the Port Mann Bridge II.  Therefore it's coming back to them via another "method".

Just like our good old MSP where British Columbians are the ones who pay for a Medical Premium.....to live.  It's another one of those Shadow Tolls.


Choke points for collecting vehicle traffic

P-16-2EW is the official designation of the counter at which point the BC Government collects the data of traffic movement on the approaches to and from the Port Mann Bridge..... has been collecting all the data on all major choke points in the Lower Mainland since 2009.   Correction, all of British Columbia.

If you click on this link it will take you to the image below where you may do a selective look at the data, not true for the Sea to Sky Highway.... fact is... with the Port Mann Bridge II opening, even this data may be out of our reach, now.


Traffic Data Program

Traffic Data For: Port Mann - P-16-2EW - N
Please select options from the lists below. Once all options are selected, available reports will be displayed. A red asterisk indicates a required selection has not been made.
* Type
* Year
* Month
* Day

It hasn't been that long, August 10, 2012, when the BBC was the FIRST to publish that Enbridge took so much flak over its rendering of Douglas Channel in regards to how it's pipeline contents were going move out to the Open Ocean from Kitimat, with all those pesky islands blocking the way for 250 tankers per year.  Then of course there's the other NINE projects and their tankers too.    

How about this rendering, done by the BC Liberals?

The Mighty Fraser River ENDS at NewWestMinister!!!!   There is NO NEED for the PORT MANN BRIDGE II!!!! but the BC Liberals went ahead and built a bridge anyway just to put a toll on it.



In closing, for those using the Port Mann Bridge II, think about this, why are you paying for higher fuel when you never use the Sea to Sky Highway......and one question you might want to ask the BC Liberals is, are those who are benefiting from the Shadow Toll, belong to a BC Liberal Riding(s)

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