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A Northern Gateway Map please, not just a line drawn in the sands of Alberta and BC

Two weeks ago we went looking for the source, sources of the map routes that everyone seems to be able to hold up high to the sky and say..... "WE know where we are when it comes to Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline route!!!"   Got news for you folks, the "maps" that have been provided, are useless.  They're airy-fairy BS.  The marks, the lines, mean absolutely nothing.

Aunt Mildred, for example, is still waiting to hear if she has to get out of the way of the Pipeline that is supposedly coming near her house in Houston.  She's waiting for the Government of Canada to cut her a cheque because of the talks on expropriation.

Then there are all these reported,......vaguely......, meetings going on, you'd think someone would be able to hold up a map and say this is the longitude latitude of the centre of where the pipe is.... RIGHT friggin here!

One of the "sources" is the Government of Alberta, where they show Alberta with the eastern provinces marching away to the Right...... whereas British Columbia, the missing link to Enbridge's puzzle of getting Alberta's Oil sands down the tube via the Northern Gateway pipeline, well.......... BC doesn't exist on their maps.

Visitors are given the option on their website of "moving" the legend that is covering British Columbia to the LEFT, of Alberta, and then all of a sudden BC goes "poof", disappears right off the face of the Earth, and then the whole map of Alberta, and the Eastern Provinces, all move to the LEFT, as if BC has been pushed into the Pacific Ocean, just like Enbridge's depiction of the four islands that used to run parallel to Douglas Channel...POOF!!!!!...via an in house video.

Sort of reminds us of Oklahoma's free land run of 1893 where there wasn't an environmental review done..... except this time, its Northern BC that is up for grabs.

Taking another look at the Super-Sonic Fly-over, done by Enbridge in their video, presented in two of our past Posts here at the BBC... it happens so fast, its really difficult to tell exactly where the pipelines are going to.   Way out west, there is the appearance of the two pipelines going through two tunnels in two mountain ranges....... does anyone know where?  Exactly.  Yes, Enbridge has their web pages, but its all words, words of reassurance of just how good of a job they're GOING to do in the FUTURE because of what has happened in the past, and now.

Two tunnels will be constructed through the Coast Mountains, approximately 50 km northeast of Kitimat. The tunnels will be located between the Clore River valley on the east side of North Hope Peak and the Hoult Creek valley on the west side of Nimbus Mountain. The east tunnel is referred to as the Clore tunnel and the west tunnel is referred to as the Hoult tunnel.

No clear cut maps with technical information included, just somewhere between the Clore River valley on the east side of North Hope Peak and Hoult Creek valley on the west side of Nimbus Mountain..... don't forget to change your search from Web to Images... too.

It can be done, the experts say....

 Building to Kitimat meant Doering’s team could skirt the most hazardous portions of the Coastal Mountains. But even along the line of least natural resistance, Gateway must negotiate a 105-kilometer stretch of landscape flagged by the construction application to the NEB as “extreme” topography, “with sections of steep, high slopes, incised canyons and areas of exposed bedrock.”

  So too, more detailed map...a map produced by a company called MapCarta one of North Hope Mountain....... not to be confused with the City of Hope on the Fraser River.

Keywords is what we need here, and after spending some time at it .... here are the keywords for Google to sort out:

pearse ngp workshop smithers

Sort of leaves you shaking when you realize the title:

No photos, typical of Enbridge.

Enbrige Wkshop no photos
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Northern Gateway Project. Preparing for the Panel. Smithers Workshop. 27 June 2010 ... Smithers. Winfield. Mackenzie. Athabasca. Valemount. Ootsa Lake. Swan Hills. Alexandria ..... Legal. Allocating $. T.D. Pearse Resource Consulting. 27 ...

Page 6 of 28
Hartley Bay rescued the souls from the Queen of the North sinking.

Who's going to rescue the souls of Hartley Bay?  They will be having 250 oil tankers plying their waters day and night, till the oil sands run dry in Alberta.

Page 5 of 28
Page 11 of 28 lays out the procedure of when Harper's Cabinet .........says officially, Yes to the Enbridge.

There is this path, that concerned citizens have been going down, talking, but no MAPS.  One step at a time, one community at a time, one teleconferencing at a time...... but no discernible MAP.

eg.  The latest:
Comox, BC Comox Community Centre
1855 Noel Avenue
10 August 2012
Starting at 9:00 a.m.
10 August Transcript [Filing A44354]

Type   Order    Name   Functions   Size   Document Date   1  International Reporting Inc. - Vol.68-FriAug10.12 - A2W7D0 615 KB   08/10/2012  2  International Reporting Inc. - Receipt - A2W7D1 11 KB 

 THE CHAIRPERSON: Just as a reminder, oral statements are an opportunity for participants to provide their personal knowledge and views about the proposed project to us.
The timeframe for each oral statement is 10 minutes, and we do this to both be fair because we're in a variety of communities -- as you probably well know -- and also to make sure that we've got the time to hear everybody who is scheduled to speak in a certain session.
This morning, our first speaker is actually joining us by teleconference and so we will begin with that individual and, then, we'll come back to the room and come to you, Mr. Campbell, after that for the next statement.
So with that, we will get underway.
Ms. Schwalm, are you on the phone?

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Anonymous said...

Are we being naive to think, the dirty tar tankers from China, would be the only oil tankers in that sea? I know Japan and other country's were up at the tar sands looking around.

There certainly isn't any shortage, of the lies and dirty tactics, used by Enbridge and Harper, to force that atrocity of a pipeline onto BC.