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Rich Coleman paid out $30 million to stop uranium production that are viewed as not economically feasible....Hmmmm Press Points earned, Golden, maybe

We were going over our data from SiteMeter this morning and found one visitor had spent close to 30 minutes on the Archived Postings for October 2011.  A lot was going on in that month, and surprise, surprise there was a comment on ...... Blizzard and ....... Enbridge being discussed by Minister(s), three all told, of Mines, in April of 2006.... and Kitimat.... and Douglas Channel.

First Blizzard, or rather Coleman as Minister of Energy, who obviously hadn't read this report, OPEN FILE 1990-32 from October 1990 and presented to Hon. Jack Davis, Minister of Mines:

.........The Blizzard, Cup Lake, Hydraulic Lake, Haynes Lake, Fuki and other stratabound, basal uranium occurrences lie in fossil stream-channel sandstones and conglomerates in the Okanagan Highland and are between 1 and 4 million years of age. Even younger deposits, which are still forming today, include the many surficial uranium-enriched post-glacial organic-rich basins located along the west side of Okanagan Lake. They include the Prairie Flats, Covert Basin, Sinking Pond and North Wow Flat occurrences. Of the 182 known uranium and thorium occurrences in British Columbia, only a few have the grade and tonnage to have economic potential. These include the Rexspar deposit, some of the stratabound, basal deposits and possibly the placer and surficial deposits. Total in situ uranium in British Columbia is estimated at over 7400 tomes of uranium. However, due to the availability of high-grade large-tonnage deposits elsewhere in the World and Canada, such as those in northern Saskatchewan, uranium production from deposits in British Columbia may not be economically feasible in the foreseeable future.    The main purpose of this report is to document the known uranium and thorium occurrences. The information may be useful to geological researchers and explorers, land use planners and environmental health planners.  - Page 3 of the PDF called OF1990-32 
Makes one wonder why Coleman made all the fuss in the Legislature that HE had to pay the higher of two estimates of the value of Blizzard, $30 million or $2 million.  Coleman, on the steps of the courthouse, chose $30 million.  Seems like the typical past time for the BC Liberals, when it comes to being anywhere near a Court House, is always shoot high with taxpayers monies.   eg.   $6 million for Basi and Virk? Wheres the report, done By either Coleman or Blizzard, on economically feasibility of mining for Uranium in BC, when there are HIGH-GRADE ... LARGE-TONNAGE deposits elsewhere. Enbridge has been snooping around our resource wonderland for years, and the BC Liberals have been selling our resources willy-nilly without keeping the public up to date.... or rather its because of Enbridge's recent track record on massive oil spills, that has the public starting to ask questions, pertinent questions, as just why they are being permitted to be involved in British Columbia, at all.
From the Archived Posts of October 2011 again, not even a year ago:
Here's the Hansard report from the search criteria above contained within the three pages.   Ministers come, Ministers go, but the topics remain the same.... so.... one needs not look for Rich Coleman (he Wasn't the Minister for Energy), but for LNG.  Searching Hansard for LNG or Douglas Channel, will give this:
Page 75 of 77


I know there are different views, as there are in the non-aboriginal community. There are different views about development of anything. But oil and gas…. I know that the Haisla are actively working with a company to have an LNG port. That's at Kitimat, where LNG tankers, some of the largest in the world, will travel the Douglas Channel also.  There are some things happening that I think are positive in the long run for everyone, but as I said earlier, we'll be ever vigilant in regards to issues regarding tanker traffic. I believe the Ministry of Environment estimates are up in the other House. As far as the cleanup and those kinds of things going from the ferry sinking, I would encourage the member to actually ask those questions of that minister. That's his responsibility, along with the Coast Guard........
Page 75 of 77

But really, the paragraph above is just the start of jousting between the Minister of energy and MLA Coon on Enbridge.    Read on.....

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