Monday, August 13, 2012

"Cheap Charts" has made it up the rungs to just below Bronze, in ONE day.

Of 513 Posts Published here at the BBC and 220 223 sitting on the back burner raring to go for May 2013, "Cheap Charts" has made it up the rungs to just below Bronze, in ONE day.  (UPDATED twice, in one day)

I remember when the visitor stats to the BBC in 2008 were almost flat lined, until I learned that I could turn the counter off from ... counting my own visits... then "no one" was visiting.   Started writing on bizarre topics like the old Astro Van's Air conditioner, wondering why it was set up to be used in the middle of winter..... then moved onto other topics, near and dear, like cats and dogs, then threw in POI (Points of Interests for a GPS), started to take a closer look at the BC Liberals S2S... Sea to Sky highway which the BC Libs claimed that they did it for $600 million... LOL.....what a lark.....when its all said and done in 25 years the Concessionaire will no longer be paid "royalties", a Shadow Toll, from our Southern BC gas tax.    BC Rail Trial finally pulled its way from being all about a Disclosure Hearing and blossomed finally into a full blown trial to the point that the First Judge... Bennett.... laid the law down and told the RCMP, and any other persons who would be testifying, to stay the hell out of Her Courtroom until Called for, because a Defense Counsel said this:

"....In the case of Mr. Collins, he has a lawyer here every day. As best I can read in the newspapers, he's speaking for Mr. Collins," McCullough told Justice Bennett in asking that any witnesses for the subsequent trial be banned from attending the disclosure hearing.

McCullough also noted the presence of an RCMP officer who will be called to testify in the trial as one of the investigators.

" There will be a ban from here on in -- any witness cannot be in the courtroom," Bennett ordered immediately." - Bill Tieleman  May 4, 2007

The Late BC Mary asked her readers, if they were within visiting distance of Courtroom #54, to do so, and report back to the public.    That's when I started to go to the Court Building in downtown Vancouver and where I met other like minded ...... citizens, who wanted to know more than what the News Media was offering, but kept our writings within the confines of the Publication Ban.

Along the way I met Laila, of  No Strings Attached : Laila Yuile on politics and life in B.C.  What a lady, what a superb writer, what an inspiration.   And now Laila writes for Huffington Post BC Edition

So too for RossK  at  The Gazetteer
    if only I wouldn't need to put on my reading glasses to see the bottom line of each Post

Laila was the first to write on Facebook on August 10th, 2012 to her Friends and then Rafe Mair liked what he saw written here at the BBC (Blog Borg Collective), but didn't like what was being portrayed by Enbridge's video when compared to a Google Map, which the BBC had included.

Enbridge produced a video where they removed five islands that were choking the route from Kitimat to the Pacific Ocean.  They created the appearance of safety in width, of the Channel that would allow their 320,000 DWT oil tankers in ,while in reality, the only ships that were allowed in, in the past, were 70,000 DWT.  The new vessels will be close to FIVE times larger in capacity.

Maybe that's why CIBC World Markets came looking, specifically, at "Cheap Charts" today.

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Laila said...

I happen to think you are a class act, a super writer and brilliant mind Mr.NVG. Funny how you can't go back to what you were before all this... once the door's been opened!

Keep them guessing.. and running to try futilely to stay ahead of you. Your talent is one in a million.

Bill said...

Always a delight to read your "perambulations" NVG. You have unique insights on many varied topics and your adept search skills always make for added interest and insight to your posts. Look forward to many more.


North Van's Grumps said...

Thanks Laila and Bill. Been a bit busy around here today having to do with the latest Post on the same topic....Illustrators Renderings.

Enbridge isn't alone

This latest one has a Tank Farm without a hint of anything on the horizon, from the far Left (Port) to the (Starboard) Right.