Monday, July 23, 2012

I had my first experience of facing a Judge today.....

Often we hear through the writings of an Ian Mulgrew, or a Neal Hall, of those from our local communities who find themselves standing before a Supreme Court of BC Judge.  Its through their stories that the Public pieces together what a Judge does in and for, our towns and cities of British Columbia.

Monday, I had my first experience of facing a Judge, but between him and We, stood the Bride and Groom.  The ceremony was to have taken place at West Vancouver's Whytecliff Park, but what with a cold liquid sunshine pouring down for the past two summer days, and more promised till 8pm, Plan B became Plan A.

St. Francis-In-The-Wood Church, sits huddled high on the shores of Caulfeild Cove (couldn't be closer to the Late Len Norris' Tiddley Cove), was the more than perfect setting for a late afternoon wedding of a young couple, and their guests, keeping all, out of the rain.  Rain came again, but in tears of joy.

In past times, St. Francis-In-The-Wood Church, would hold memorials and weddings in the high 80s per year, but with changing times, changing values?? or is it that the few that are young enough to marry, know not of its existence......, its purpose.   This year, the Church use has dwindled down to the mid 20s.  Maybe we can "blame" it on doctors, maybe medical science has delayed our need to have so many memorials...... or....... admit that the data is right in BC census statistics, which show fewer couples are having fewer children, therefore fewer schools......fewer churches.....etc.

The Judge, We thought he was just another government bean counter, there to tabulate more data for the census forms..... but there he stood, facing the Bride and her Father who were exactly one half hour late, as they started to come down the aisle to join the patiently waiting Groom.

Judges are seen, and heard, when a major case is before the Courts..... Judges are seen, and heard when NEW Canadian citizens are being sworn in on Canada's birthday, with great fanfare....but here stood before us, a Judge, who attends three weddings a year, to PERFORM the ceremony, unheard of......, with humour, patience and grace.

What's that saying  "Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.

Maybe, what the public needs now, is to have more Judges, like ours this afternoon, in our midst, who are being seen, and heard.

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