Sunday, July 15, 2012

"collections of tolls AT the Port Mann Bridge" is about to become $9

We can almost feel the BC Liberal Government squirming under the weight of so many questions being directed at them on the question of TOLLING the new Port Mann Bridge, whereas there hasn't been a TOLL on the old bridge, no sweat, for the politicians of old.

Somewhere during our research of the past two years, we came across a contract that said that the BC Government will in effect be collecting monies from the Port Mann Bridge TOLL.   In other words, if the Christy Clark government settles on a $3.00 charge per passenger vehicle, a part of that money will be kicked back to the government coffers....... which will be collected by a third party.

What the BBC has found in dealing with the BC Government, just like the Defense lawyers for Basi and Virk and Basi discovered, was the documents submitted during the Disclosure portion of the Pre-trial were scanned, in other words, images.  Which means, sure there are plenty of software programs out there that convert the images into a document, but, that doesn't mean that the "converted document" is suitable for presentation to a Court of Law.    It also meant that every document that was originally written in Microsoft Word has been shredded, which only left Hard Copies to be Scanned.

Its like this document here on Page 4/5 of 7 transportation_investment_corp_gle.pdf

The only tolling equipment will be AT the Port Mann Bridge, and we've all seen with our own eyes the scanners on the South side of the Fraser River.

The hue and cry from the public has been that those that are being forced to pay a toll where none existed before, shouldn't be bearing the brunt of the cost of one lousy bridge, over the next 35 years.

Going back to that research of over two years..... somewhere.... the BBC read about the original contract that was being offered by the BC Liberal Government.   It said something like this:   The "contract is for 37 kilometers from the South end of the Second Narrows Bridge to Langley" and it was in relation to an outfit called MacQuarie of Australia...... who participated, and recently sold "their" interest in the Sea to Sky Highway to another third party.  NOTE:  Found it, here   and its inside 2011/2012 on page 6 of 64!

Transportation Investment Corporation
Annual Report


From the document, on page 2 of 7, there is mention of an agreement between the Government and the Concessionaire in regards to the Tolling system and the Toll collections and Future modifications to the Toll........ one has to wonder if once the election is over in 2013, and whomever forms the next government, that British Columbians might find ourselves in DIRE financial consequences, so much so, that the whole of the Port Mann Bridge improvements, from the South end of the Second Narrows Bridge to BEYOND Langley will need TOLLING.

Which means of course, more tolling equipment at every access and egress points on the 37 kilometre stretch of the "port mann bridge".  You use it, you'll be tolled for the section that you drove on.

$3.00 for the Port Mann Bridge, another $3.00 from Langley to the Bridge, and another $3.00 from the Second Narrows Bridge, unless you off ramp at McGill or to access Hastings Street, to the Port Mann Bridge which means the tolling will be gone in ten years.


$1.00 for each one third section.

 Won't the municipalities on either side of that 37 kilometer stretch be happy with the added traffic, eh.

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e.a.f. said...

Oh, this will be delightful! $9 you say, a pity & only for those going to work?

So those going to Whistler to ski get a free pass, its a "shadow toll" but all those going to school, work, etc. will have to pay the toll.

This is going to cost any future government a bundle & thus us the taxpayers. its like the lieberals set out to ensure any other government which followed them for the next 35 yrs. would have a very difficult time making a go of it in B.C.

when the next government comes to power I am sure there will be an inquiry into the B.C. Rail sale, but I'd suggest they have an inquiry into the bridge & highway building done while the lieberals were in power.

As Harvey O. wrote in his column, about fiducary responsibility, maybe the lieberals can be called on that for the tolls. It certainly didn't meet its fiducary responsibilites with these bridges & highways.

I can just see the want ads now, seeking worker, salary, benefits, & toll pass.

I am so happy I moved out of the lowermainland, it will save me a bundle in my old age.