Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blueberries, Blueberries, Blueberries harvested all summer long.

 UPDATE: July 28, 2017  Onnink's business    GONE

Yesterday we used the word "Organic" in our Post title........ which was wrong.....

From the BC Blueberry Council website here's a list of Farms covering Langley, Surrey, Richmond, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Lister, Duncan, Pitt Meadows, Prince George, Delta, Port Coquitlam, Powell River, ....

Our destination on Saturday was for Abbotsford's Cedar Berry Farm (Onnink).  We had purchased last years supplies from them as well...not only for ourselves, but for others in the Lower Mainland....two or three other families.   Its close to 130 kilometres round trip from the North Shore, so why not Save Mother Earth......some grief.

We had driven out to Onnink's at 30151 Downes Road, Abbotsford after having called them at 604-856-1465.  It was the first day of replenishing our year supply of beloved blueberries by purchasing them directly from a farm.   So far, we've had to contend with WholeFoods supply of Blueberries, and always seemed to miss the "boat" on the first day of
 B L U E B E R R I E S.....    .   WholeFoods is ORGANIC, or close as you may come to it.....except their Blueberries weren't Organic, and being the only game in town, we purchased them there anyway.

Along came yesterday, the first day of sales, directly from a Farm, and after we had hauled our blueberry-booty home, and to others, to the North Shore, and started the rinsing and freezer bag process, we realized that the boxes that the Blueberries came in were not stamped with "ORGANIC".

An email last night and a phone call early this morning, came back with the results we wanted to hear.

Their blueberries are:

NOT treated with herbicides,
NOT treated with pesticides,
NOT treated  with fungicides

AND they grow them under the same conditions as if they were ORGANIC.

That's good enough for we three at the BBC!

The scanned images from yesterday were not easily readable because ....well just because of the way we were trying to scan a multitude of images.   And we know, Dear Readers, you'd reverse the order of consumption of these Blueberry goodies ...... but each to their own TASTE, eh.

And if you are wondering just how this type of crop, and other berries, started in British Columbia......

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e.a.f. said...

Here in the Comox Valley, we would call these blue berries "traditionally raised". Foods is grown as it once was, before industrialization took over farming. About all that is different from Organic is the label, because its a 3 yr. process for that.

In the Comox Valley we have "traditionally raised" meat, veggies, wine, fruit, etc. It all tastes great.

Going to the source for your food is always a good idea. Both you & the farmer get a better deal. Its also a nice day out.