Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Japanese plastic Tsunami debris landing on our Coastline, is it recyclable?

Japanese is not the BBC's first language, unless we're talking about Sushi........  Can you read Japanese?

In a report by the CBC, an EXCLUSIVE report, tracked down NOAA  because that entity, NOAA, is tracking the Tsunami debris that may end up on the North American coastline of the United States of America.

Canada, well who the hell knows what Harper and Canada are doing about the debris from Japan.  The Environment Minister of BC, the Honourable Terry Lake continues to take the same stance that he presented to the House, back in April, when van Dongen was crossing the Floor over the BC Rail Trial debacle......meanwhile Terry, Lake, the Minister of Environment we'll just wait and see. (the CBC covered the BC Minister too if you want to know what he said, with arms folded.....BODY LANGUAGE is poor).

British Columbians are enthusiasts when it comes to beach combing. Remember that container that floated all the way from Japan, with a Harley Motorcycle inside........?   Just a motorcycle and golf clubs. Maybe.

We've seen, over our lifetimes, the glass blown balls that the Japanese use(d) for their nets, but, what's headed for our shores now, is something that is more immense in scope.

For example, we've all been educated on how to sort our household Recyclables... we flip the bottle, boxes, containers upside down and go looking for the Triangle with the number in side...  right there we have a problem with the flotsam and jetsam that is headed our way.

Can you read this:

(プラマーク pura māku)

It looks like a SQUARE???, two arrowed lines, with a .... bow ..... of .... ship....maybe a spotlight on the bow.... which has .... oh I don't know a fish and chips take-out bar.... Right, Wrong?

Try again:

If you haven't clicked on the link above, highlighted in BLUE and is BOLD, then do so.

What you and we (BBC) see is not quite the same as what people who can READ Japanese see and therefore they recognize something as being worthy of recycling, .........and then there is another small matter.....that overheating of a place called Fukushima and its energy rods with saltwater.

Last year the Federal government of Canada rushed monitoring equipment out to British Columbia from Ottawa to record if there has been any increase in RADIOACTIVITY... in the Air, Water, and Salmon and today the Conservative Government has been busy handing out those little pink slips to the SCIENTISTS who would be required to interpret that sort of information.....

Now, a year has taken place, the debris WAS in close proximity to where all the HOT radioactivity action was taking place, and we've all seen Anderson Cooper, live, on Japan's soil getting really concerned (Looking nervous) about his proximity to the Nuclear Reactor... remember...Melting down....... where he stops in his reporting and turns to look off camera to ask if maybe, just maybe they should call it a WRAP and get the hell out of here.....    We, here at the BBC, remembering that footage.....sort of reminded us of a movie where the REPORTER, standing on the deck of a ship, sees the MUSHROOM CLOUD going skyward, and he, or was it a she, knows HE/SHE Has COOKED their OWN GOOSE because they decided to hang around for the best shot.

Getting back to PET triangle with a 1 inside of it, maybe the question that British Columbians should be asking of Canadian and American scientists, is, although the Oregonians are concerned about the marine life, which is totally foreign to North America, and the fact that the Americans have started to annihilated the marine life from Japan, by using FIRE and BRIMSTONE..... will that same methodology work on material that is still Radioactive?.... with a life of .......

There was, once upon a time, a documentary (television) done, way back in the 1960's where some workers, Army folks, were subjected to an A-bomb blast......a couple of guys lived in a trailer.    The ARMY scientists showed up in WHITE suits and tore that trailer to pieces by following the BEEP... BEEP...BEEP...BEEP.     This next image is one of those little compact suckers that is For Sale or Rent!

Special GroundAire
The JEB Model Groundaire was introduced in 1955. It was advertised as “the most sensitive scintillation counter for its price in the world”. The JEB Special contained a 1" x 1" sodium iodide crystal. The JEB Groundaire Deluxe Model contained a 2-1/8” x 1-1/8” sodium iodide crystal scintillator detector. It could be used in aircraft or moving vehicles. It had two time constants, an external probe, and 3.5” meter. It was waterproof, tropicalized and shock mounted. It has 4 ranges from 0-20,000 cps and a indicator reading directly in percent uranium ore. It has controls for zero, calibration, time (fast and slow sample rate), and a multiplier switch for 1, x10, x100, x200, and zero. The unit was 8.75” x 4” x 6.75” and weighed 9.5 lbs. The smaller crystal unit sold for $249.50 and the larger crystal unit sold for $595, both complete with top grain cowhide carrying case.
Will Christy Clark, didn't think we were going to leave her name of this POST, the Photo Op Premier, never, ......commit to making a statement where her own Environment Minister fears to TREAD?

Three other minor details, if the debris is free of radioactivity after crossing the Pacific Ocean, then is the masses of salt water that has been contaminated in Japan from radiation, free, once it mixes in with all of the rest of the water, of the world?

Secondly.... those units of 50 workers who risked their lives inside the reactor buildings, ... did they survive to leave normal lives or .....not?

Third.... in Oregon, the debris is being buried, in the sandy beaches, short sighted in light of how erosion might say otherwise, but the radiation at Chernobyl, had to be encased in CONCRETE, THICK CONCRETE..... will ten feet of wet sand suffice.....?

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