Thursday, June 14, 2012

GCPE Newsroom Delivery Account

Why go to the newspapers to try and track down what is about to be released from Premier Christy Clark, why not just go to the source like   GCPE Newsroom Delivery Account  (Check Against Delivery)  and it will be recorded in chronological order.  No monkeying around by the GCPE Government Website.  They have no control over that.  Why?..... because GCPE is sending all of their Press Releases to SendToNow for distribution.

It's sort of like a modified Liquor Distribution Branch having already been sold off to Private Enterprise.

Here's the thing.  On an earlier Post at  we included two search criterias in Google, even went so far as to provide the links, and what's so amazing, now, those two search criteria are part and parcel of Google BUT residing in Christy's  OPEN INFORMATION platform!

Does that mean that the GCPE are tracking everyone's searches?   Could be.

Is GCPE saving specific confirmed searches so that Google will only find them and not any others? Maybe.

Distribution:   Provincial/State News Outlets
British Columbia, BC

Here, let's try it again      "GCPE Newsroom Delivery Account"  same search criteria as above, only this time it's set to open on page 14 15 of the Google search because we know that the first 13 14 pages doesn't have the specific result until page 15, ninth from the bottom. (NOTE: with the POST being Published it shifted the result to the 15 page)(NOTE: the result below keeps shifting, like sand, moving from page 13, to 14 to 15 to now 16 but only because other Blogs are carrying this POST)

B.C. Home - Province of B.C.
44 Results
Which is exactly the same search as below....from an earlier POST on the BBC.

Type this into Open Information    china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage  you get this:

44 Results found for 'china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage'

Go ahead, click on "B.C. Home - Province of B.C." above and then click on
"china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage" directly above

china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage is the criteria in BOTH searches even though one was first written by the BBC and the Second is written by

Two can play this game.  It appears as though the GCPE aka Christy Clark, is flooding their/her Open Information database with completed searches, from the Public, making it even more difficult to find REAL information related to a Search involving the BC Liberals.  Using the GCPE and the BBC there's this link:    china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage
Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, have fun keeping track of Christy's re-announcements where the numbers are large but spread over the NEXT Three Years..... and her Premiership only goes on for another eleven months.

If Christy was an honest politician she would be telling the public just how much money is set to change hands from the Provincial BC Liberal Government NOW, to those who are on the receiving end up to and including May 12, 2013, because we all saw what happened after the last Provincial election in 2009, when MAGICALLY the hst showed up....... and soon afterwards Gordon Muir Campbell was roasted and toasted and left in a hurry to points EAST.

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Anonymous said...

Then, imagine the Klinaklini River hydro dam, that will destroy our Great Bear Rain Forests.

And, spiteful Stevie strikes BC again. He is not funding the education program, that is assisting the F.N. to work in BC mines. Especially when, there are nasty comments, about the F.N. being lazy, useless free loaders. The F.N. are pleading for this program to go on. The F.N. people, were so happy, they were even able to buy homes for their family's, by working in the mines. That will never do. Christy said, she would have to bring over foreign workers. What are the odds, those foreign workers will be Chinese?

But of course, everything that helps any BC people, is always done away with. After all, we are protesting the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers.