Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eleven months to go and already Christy is shovelling our cash off the back of the truck.

Christy Clark's St. Paul's hospital re-announcement of the BC Liberal's commitment to re-build, that which was first stated in 2010 by Gordon Campbell's regime, is nothing more than an 2013 Election ploy.

How can an outgoing, presumably outgoing based on the polls, government, continue to shovel taxpayers dollars off the back of the trucks with promises of good deeds to be done well into the future?

If anything, what the BC Liberals are doing is spending monies that will ham string any incoming government with any proposals they have in mind.

Premier designate Bill Bennett, long ago, when the Socreds won the election over the NDP, said:  "STOP SPENDING" and that's exactly what Christy should do now.

Stop spending our money Christy!  You may have won the hearts and the minds of a struggling BC Liberal Party who imposed the HST, without consulting with the voters, you have no RIGHT, no MANDATE to spend our tax dollars OR long term contracts with your buddies.

If you want to have a chance at having that MANDATE Christy, Call a SNAP election, RIGHT NOW!


Its all about Christy Clark and her make believe headlines

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    1. Christy Clark commits to redeveloping aging St. Paul's Hospital

      Vancouver Sun‎ - 22 hours ago
      Premier Christy Clark has revealed there is half a billion dollars in the 2012 budget to renovate and.
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    Christina Joan "Christy" Clark, MLA (born October 29, 1965) is a Canadian politician who currently serves as the 35th Premier of British Columbia, Canada.
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Anonymous said...

So too has Christy sucked up...she is permitting people on E.I. and Social Assistance to earn an extra, $200.00 per month, with no penalty.

Reversing the HST, would have been much better, for all BC family's. However, Harper owns the BC Liberals, and Harper is hanging on to the scammed HST money, that was cheated from BC family's.

Besides which, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are famous for their, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics, broken promises, and they most certainly lie and cheat to win.

I'm afraid, we all know what Christy says, isn't what she does. Talk is very, very cheap. AND, Christy is every bit, as big of a gasbag that Harper is. Remember that came from Wikileaks, Harper being a gasbag?