Monday, June 11, 2012

Christy Clark's "Open Information" has a "Cheating heart" Search Engine

Type this into Open Information    china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage  you get this:
44 Results found for 'china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage'

Each page has ten hits, and along the bottom of the first page of result it is stated that there is, are, exactly five pages all told to look at..... and yet, by the time you get to the SECOND PAGE  there are only three more results.... which means, to the BBC, that there should be 31...THIRTY-ONE MORE RESULTS...... and there are only a total of TWO pages!

Is Christy Clark's Open Information, a SCAM!... a Cheating Heart?

Is the bulk of the information that should be made available to the public, disappearing into thin air?

Or a more insidious thought,........Each time the public does a search on Open Information, is the Christy Clark's Government weeding out the more dangerous documents that could bring her government to her knees IF we were to read the other 31 results?

Is there a Rider, that says a search for CHINA, in combination with a bracketed (TRADE MISSION) in year 2011 authorized by a guy called KELLY where a BEVERAGE was served, will always 10 pages of results buy by the second page its admits in can only generate two pages and 13 results but initially tell us an outright lie that it will be 44?

Second example: for Open Information

 china (trade mission) 2011 James Shepard flight

Creates this, changing Capitalized words to lower case and a suggestion that we are looking for sheep

2 Results found for 'china (trade mission) 2011 james shepard flight'

Did you mean: china (trade mission) 2011 james shepherd flight
[application/pdf] TAKE COMMAND. GO ALL OUT.
... Fishing Regulations Synopsis, published February 2011 and the ... on the com-
mercial trade in certain ... James; Hwy 29 between the intersection of ...

[application/pdf] HUNTING&TRAPPING
... a ban on the com- mercial trade in certain ... hunting regulations for 2012/14
(Oct 2011) will have ... James; Hwy 29 between the intersection of Highway ...
Third Example:

1770 Results found for 'china (trade mission) november 2011'

With Ten pages of Results at ten hits per page ......100 all told, not 1770 Results, eh, but as you click along to the next page it turns out to go 21 pages  times 10 = 210 with two versions of the same hit per result = 420 Results, no where near 1770 Results.      CHEATING HEART

Fourth Example: (taken from a Result within the Third Example)

1050 Results found for 'november 2011 trade mission.'
The problem with Open Information is that it only recognizes each word and searches for each word.
The program doesn't search for "TRADE MISSION"

If you think you'll ever find what our $2 per year man travel Expenses were to go to China, and back, for FREE, its not here.  Its in FOI requests put forward by the General Public, Opposition Parties, and the Media.  Yes, Christy does provide the Travel Expenses for Ministers and Deputy Ministers, but that's chump change compared to the supporting staff of GCPE aka PAB Travel Expenses like a Senior Policy Advisor and/or the people who ask Hotels to provide a bottle of wine for the Premier to tide her over.

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