Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Gazetteer is promoting Pedal Power; the BBC is speaking out on the Power of Flushing

 Over at the Gazatteer he's talking about trashed pedals on his bicycle, which means he's only reaching out to 1.7% of the population of Metro Vancouver, whereas I have a topic that concerns 100% of the population of British Columbia.   I'd even say, a 100% of Canadians.  Oh what the heck, the world!

In the Gazatteer's complaint today, he has focused on one specific component of his bike, TIMES 2, which has given up the ghost after only two months of his riding a total of 1,000 kilometres, BUT he doesn't mention what kind of bicycle it is.  It would help if he did, then we would all stay away from that manufacturer's product, or maybe he could narrowed it down to a particular model.   If he gave out that type of information, we could, the Friday Critical Mass riders included, could specify that a higher quality of pedals be provided that have a life-time guarantee.    Life being 25 years.

But I like the rest of my bike...I really do!...It's a Trek.   - The Gazatteer May 16, 2012

Our household buys bath tissue that is "Whitened without Chlorine bleach", is "Hypo-Allergenic and fragrance free" and its "100% Recycled"      ......it's called "365 Everyday Value" and we purchase it from Whole Foods.

We're doing our bit every single day to help our environment, one sheet at a time, but, I bet you, Christy Clark, while on her Second Trade Mission in less than six months hasn't signed any Memorandum of Understandings with countries on bath tissue aka toilet paper, products.  I'm not suggesting that she could sell a roll of toilet paper to everyone in Asia, but she should at least make an effort....  

Population of China1,347,350,000

Population of India:    1,210,193,422
Population of Japan:   127,650,000
Population of the Philippines:    92,337,852

While the BC Liberal Premier is away from her post, perhaps MLA Kevin Krueger, could find his feet and introduce a Private Member's Bill on the topic of Toilet paper.   Don't laugh, this is serious stuff.

For example did you know that there's a test, not yet legislated by the BC Liberals, to ensure that our precious water is not wasted by repeat offending flushers of toilets because by law, we are required to have Low Flow toilet bowls installed in all our new homes?  This is such a serious issue, even BC Hydro is getting into the act, even though one might suspect that Hydro's interest may be only in that they want the water to be used by IPP, and be paid for their electricity generation at four times the going rate we now pay BC Hydro just so the BC Liberals can open some more Deferral accounts ....... to better balance THEIR budget before the next election.

As it stands, there is no regulation on how consumers are to determine one toilet paper/bath tissue from another, except by word of ........ deed.   As I have stated above, you know our preference, there is another brand, however, that we have had dealings with, but only by a secondary avenue.    NOT IN MY HOUSE.

The product was manufactured by Charmin???? Double layered, now THAT should have been a dead give-away, but I suppose the selling point for the Charmin product was that it was manufactured from Mountain Pine, as in Pine Beetle type trees.

We didn't do a double blind study, it was a matter of urgency that inspired us to determine which product best served our interest.... the greater environment at large, and more so, the environment within the house from being damaged due to an excess amount of WATER.

The toilet, the low flow toilet, was suddenly over-flowing.   It had been fine for eleven years, through many tenants usage too.   What was the difference?   We, here at the BBC thought it was the Mountain Pine Beetle trees that created products such as bath tissue..... but lo and behold there was another reason.   We only discovered it because of a desperate search done on the Internet using these keywords     Clogged toilet     but all that did, was give us 580,000 results.

No, what we needed was advice from a MANUFACTURER ....... Low Flow Toilet Builders.... like Kholer.

I don't think you will ever find a super market, or a grocery store, or even Whole Foods, offering this little test... but who knows, maybe once YOU try this test, you'll demand it, just like when you buy that new bicycle with better designed pedals to last a life time, installed, like the Gazetteer did.... maybe... not.....for ....25 years.

Toilet tactics:     The clogged toilet.  

1. Put a single ply sheet of toilet paper in a quart mason jar with tap water.
2. Shake the jar moderately for 10 seconds; the duration of a typical toilet flush.
3. The paper that dissolves or shreds most will provide the best flushing performance and less opportunity for clogs to develop.

365 Everyday Value passed this test with flying colours!!!!!

Charmin, failed..... one layer dissolved/shredded, but the second layer remained as is, even after a DOUBLE  dose of shaking 10 seconds (20 seconds).

Needless to say, Charmin is not on our shopping list, it may be on yours, but not on ours!


RossK said...

But I like the rest of my bike...I really do!...It's a Trek.

Great post NVG.


North Van's Grumps said...

Vancouver Metro News came out with

"Man vs Toilet - The Eternal Struggle"

The author is John Mazerolle.

It looks like he may have solved the clogged toilet, but not realized what is really causing the problem..... bath tissue in most instances, although we were told that in one case it was a bobby pin that was acting like a "gate".