Thursday, May 24, 2012

42 years after BC Hydro boss, Dr. Gordon Shrum drank 2,4,5-T on TV Bill Bennett has this to say about pesticides.....

History is repeating itself:

2017-09-14 Updated link for  BC Hydro boss via WayBack Machine
July 16, 1970
BC Hydro boss .........Gordon Shrum says pesticides safe and drinks glass of diluted 2,4,5-T on TV. “ Our chemists told me the only problem I had was getting the taste out of my mouth. It was like dirty crankcase oil, but I found that vodka was good for rinsing out my mouth. In any case the exercise was good publicity for combating SPEC - that’s the Society for Promoting Environmental Crap- propaganda.

 42 Years later

May 17, 2012  
BC Liberal Government MLA Bill Bennett : ...... “Critics may say that myself as Chair and the majority members don’t care about human health, don’t care about children, don’t care about people that get cancer,” ..... adding that two of his grandparents, his mother, father and an uncle all succumbed to cancer.

Mr. Bennett suggested he was slightly pre-disposed to supporting a ban for health reasons, but wasn’t convinced it was needed after reviewing the evidence.   “If I was convinced that we needed to do this, I would definitely have been there,” he said. “From our perspective, the scientific evidence does not warrant preventing British Columbians from buying and using approved domestic-class pesticides.”   - Dirk Meissner  Globe and Mail

It appears as though Bill Bennett (not to be confused with Premier Bill Bennett who was the son of the Late W.A.C. Bennett) is using another "exercise for combating" the Opposition, only this time he's battling the polling numbers that have caught the BC Liberals in a downward slide  Going Down!!!!! Down, Down


Not to be outdone by Kevin Kreuger, Rich Coleman popped out with his "Socialist-communist" comment during Question Period........ line 1415 and he went so far as to say that the Late Premier, W.A.C. Bennett said it first.

Line 1415
"Snip.......I know the socialist-communist thinking is that everything should be nationalized and controlled.  ...... Snip"

The Globe and Mail's ROD MICKLEBURGH did his best to straighten out Rich Coleman by writing this:

"There are pinkos everywhere and Rich Coleman needs to broaden his attack on them"
"Snip  .....The Minister of Energy, Mines, Liquor Distribution, Housing, Horse Racing and Hula Hoops seemed to echo Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy by suggesting there were ‘Reds under the beds’ in British Columbia. ..... Snip".

It would appear that as much as Coleman sees himself as something quite different than the NDP, the Finance Minister, one Kevin Falcon, on the same day, said that he sees his Party, the BC liberals, as a "collective political.....interest...."

line 1445

"Snip .....That is just a brief overview and explanation of some of the critical steps that have to be required to get to this point and those that are still to come. But it is an important point, because as a government we have a responsibility — I would argue, a supreme responsibility — to act, not even in our collective political interest. Snip" - Kevin Falcon  May 16, 2012 on the Return of the PST


kootcoot said...

I always (well not back in the day, but now with 20/20 in retrospect) find the vast gap between W.A.C.'s rhetoric and his actions astounding. On the one hand he ranted and raved about the "socialists at the gate," while he spent two decades NATIONALIZING everything in sight, utilities, ferries, railroads and then if I'm not mistaken Bennett the Lesser (not Cranbrook Bennett the Least) kinda sorta pulled a stock fraud game with BRIC....I wonder how many people still have their worthless BRIC shares!

I am offended when Christy even mentions the idea that she wants to carry on the legacy of W.A.C., (who did at least have a vision that I could buy into today), that she and her evil predecessor, whose name she will not mention, have spent over a decade tearing down and destroying in the name of corporate and crony greed.

Any chance of having the current LIEberal caucus drinking pesticides on a regular basis nowadays? I'll buy the refreshments!

Force Of Nature -- The Whole Truth from an Independent Perspective said...

British Columbians DO NOT want their society to continue living in the 9|11 Era of Anti-Pesticide Enviro-Lunatic Profit-Hungry Terrorism !

This VICTORY signals a possible END OF THE CURRENT SIEGE OF ANTI-PESTICIDE TERRORISM Against the Professional Lawn Care Industry in British Columbia.

In jurisdictions outside of British Columbia, Anti-Pesticide Activists have already INFLICTED HORRENDOUS and CATASTROPHIC CARNAGE for businesses operating in the Professional Lawn Care Industry, in the form of IMMENSE LOSSES OF REVENUES, BUSINESS FAILURES, BANKRUPTCY, and UNEMPLOYMENT, and even HORRIFIC FINES.

Because of Anti-Pesticide Activists, the owners, employees, and families dependent on Professional Lawn Care businesses have faced TERROR, DESPAIR, and DESTITUTION.

Pest control products are SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE, and NO HARM WILL OCCUR when they are used according to label directions.

Not surprisingly, the BC Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides AGREED ― and deserves CONGRATULATION.

For more information, go to the following links ...


NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a Force of Nature Rebuttal

kootcoot said...

Wow, is Force of Nature for real? Or perhaps he/she/it is clear proof of the neurological effects of working with toxins.

At least they are clear about their motivation, even though the desire for an artificially achieved green space to satisfy some empty vanity is itself questionable when there are other healthier and more sustainable ways to live in harmony with nature rather than in a state of war with it! These cheerleaders for "green space" exhibit an empty space between the ears - and frankly they should be able to kill weeds and bugs with merely their hyperbole!

North Van's Grumps said...

Nicely said kootcoot.

What gets me is why they assume that to be heard, they have to capitalize almost every word no matter where they go on the internet.

kootcoot said...

I particularly liked (irony) their constant use of the terra word, you know the one we are at permanent war with as well as their CAPITALIZATION. We just have to wait for them to breath in and absorb a bit more herbicides and pesticides and then we won't be hearing from them, they'll be underground in a "green space."