Monday, April 9, 2012

"I'm sure you can understand that we don't want comments made in front of a private audience made public," said Garfinkel, executive assistant to Premier Christy Clark.

We now know that Premier Christy Clark's Nina Chiarelli as a hand-me-down from the Conservative's 2011 War-room participant.   Whether the Conservatives were actively engaged in the Robo calling scandal, that decision lies with Elections Canada and the RCMP.   Did Canadians have a Fair and Just election on May 2nd last year or are we just another Banana Republic as the Late Councillor Ernie Crist often referred to the North Shore (the District in particular)?  The question now is what's the status of Clark's young Executive Assistant to the Premier of BC after his blunder last Tuesday evening?

Over at Paying Attention writings of Paul Willocks on the topic of:

'When the premier speaks, we would rather her comments not be reported'

It was he, Paul Willcocks, via The Gazetteer's BlogCrawl, who sent me over to see what the North Shore News Sunday edition had to offer up on Monday morning's coffee break at the BBC.

Garfinkel was an aide to federal Liberal MP Joyce Murray who came over to the provincial payroll when Clark won the leadership.)   Paul Willcocks, Paying Attention

In the meantime it took one INVITED journalist, Benjamin Alldritt, to the riding of MLA Advanced Education Minister Naomi Yamamoto Canada Starts in North Vancouver shindig promoting Premier Christy Clark as the star attraction, to get a notable quote from Clark's Executive Assistant to the Premier, one Gabe Garfunkl, Garfinkel.  As Journalist Alldritt was shown the door by Garfinkel, for not being the right kind of person to be in attendance at a private function put on by the Government........ paid for by the taxpayers of British Columbia, little did Garfinkel realize that the note pad/recording devise was running full tilt that captured the quotes!

I doubt Clark said a solitary thing that we haven't all heard before in ye olde campaign/ fundraising speech. Or maybe I'm completely wrong. I suggest you ask Mayor Richard Walton, or Coun. Don Bell, or any one of the literally hundreds of people who were entrusted with secrets that you and I must never hear. If you're feeling lucky, you could even ask your MLA directly: "What's with the secrecy?" - Clark's words for some ears only    By Benjamin Alldritt, North Shore News April 8, 2012

Just to give you the status of the elected municipal participants: Mayor Richard Walton, is the District of North Vancouver head honcho whereas Councillor Don Bell is a newbie, a first timer, to the Chambers at City of North Vancouver after having been a long time participant at the District of North Vancouver and served one term as an elected Federal Liberal.   

Who wasn't mentioned in dispatches by Journalist Alldritt was Mayor Darrell Mussatto, not?????? a BC Liberal, didn't get the invite?   I supposed Alldritt's report is slightly flawed in that he shouldn't have included the titles of Mayor and Councillor.  These gentlemen were at the gig just because they are strong BC Liberalites not strong municipalites!

I've tried to find the right words to describe the kind of person that Premier Christy Clark has hired, on taxpayers's dollars, to eject from hearing her speak to the selected masses:
1. A thug hired to intimidate or harm opponents.
2. A stupid or oafish person.

Pick up your pens, sit down at your typewriters or keyboards and write a letter to Mayor Richard Walton of the District of North Vancouver and/or Councillor Don Bell and ask for a report on what was said at the Evening meeting of April 3rd, 2012.

Or at the very least, those of us who have not been invited to places like the Pinnacle in North Vancouver make a sojourn to the respective Council chambers and rise during the "Public Question period" and ask for a report.

And just for clarification, this from the North Shore News too by the same Journalist (Alldritt):

Your loyal correspondent wasn't getting rowdy, and the unfailingly friendly Pinnacle staff had no part whatsoever in my ejection. The problem was that the B.C. Liberals can't even throw a little party these days without throwing in a collection of blunders.  - Benjamin Alldritt - North Shore News
As to who was actually picking up the tab for the shindig, would the Premier of the Province of Beautiful British Columbia lower herself to Partisan Politics on the Taxpayers Dollars during a time of two By-elections taking place nearby?

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